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Elemental Champions are sent by the Elemental Planes to bring a leveled order of peace to Lore. It was later revealed that a Champion can also be in other forms than human such as The Beast Quetzal.

Elemental Champions

There are only several identified Elemental Champions:

Child Elemental Champions

These are the Champions of the known Child Elements:

  • The Champion of Nature, Aria
  • The Champion of Magic, TBA
  • The Champion of Void, TBA


  • It is not necessary to obtain a Champion's power just by killing them.
  • Their powers were given by the Elemental Avatars together with the Dragon Guardians.
  • Some champions were revealed to be precious to their respective Avatar like Kyanos, the Ice Avatar.


The Champion of Chaos, Drakath


Champion of Chaos and the main antagonist of Adventure Quest Worlds. He is the son of the former king, Slugwrath. In DragonFable, it is said that he and Sepulchure had a deal that Drakath would receive the Necrotic Blade of Doom to get his kingdom back. In exchange for the Doom weapon, Sepulchure wanted the white and black dragon boxes. Because Drakath couldn't get both boxes, (thanks to the hero from Dragon Fable), he didn't get the sword (Not yet, anyway.) He seems to have acquired chaos powers and seeks to end all good and evil and bring about an age of chaos.


  • Drakath is an Undead Dragon in AdventureQuest.
  • Drakath is Sepulchure's "helper" in DragonFable until he betrays Sepulchure and Merge with Fluffy to become a Dragon. Drakath was defeated by Sepulchure who believed that he had killed Drakath which is the reason why both Sepulchure and Alteon were surprised to see him return.
  • He has another version of him that resides in the Mirror Realm, known as Mirror Drakath
  • When having to choose between two evils, he prefers to choose the one he hasn't done before, as he said in the Twins cutscenes.
  • He needs Chaos Beasts to activate an archway as seen after the hydra was summoned. Every time a Chaos Beast has summoned, a mark on the archway starts to glow.
  • He appears to not care of the Chaos Lords or the Chaos Beasts, but of the Stonegate he brings with him. Its purpose is unknown, but he seems to be pleased as long as he brings chaos to the land. He says that once it is activated, terrible things will happen.
  • According to the design notes, a part was taken out of the Book of Lore that was about how Dragons sealed away the Queen of All Monsters. Drakath may be planning to have the Chaos Beasts unlocked to break the seals holding the Queen of All Monsters.
  • Drakath has helped the Hero two times in natatorium where he helped you escape from Nessie and at the para-elemental magic plane where he focused his chaos energy to replace the shattered gem to the Supreme Arcane Staff to destroy Ledgermayne.
  • Has so far been betrayed by four of the Chaos Lords, Kimberly, Ledgermayne, Khasaanda, and Iadoa, showing he is not in control of all his minions.
  • After he reanimated Desoloth Into Desolich he says he is moving closer to his destiny and is fulfilling an unknown prophecy
  • At The End... and Beginning cutscene of Doomwood Part II it's revealed that he surrender what remains of his selfish human will to chaos
  • Confirmed by Sepulchure's twitter to be stronger than Dage and Nulgath.
  • Doomwood Part 2 and The Span Saga revealed that he has a master
  • In The Span Saga it's revealed that he does not exist in the original timeline and that he existed when Galanoth slain The Dragon of Time which merges the three timelines with the original timeline
  • Interestingly his outfit before becoming Chaos Champion is Blue and Red while his Chaos Champion Armor is Purple mainly Purple is The Combination of Blue and Red
  • Before almost killing the Hero (in 13th Chaos Beast form), he reveals that all 13th Lords of Chaos must be defeated before the Mother of All Monsters is summoned.
The Champion of Order



Champion of Order


In the Mirror Realm, Drakath (Mirror Drakath to be exact) is the Champion of Order who stands for everything righteous and good. His father was the good King Slugwrath who was the good Mirror-Realm counterpart of the evil Slugwrath in Battleon's reality. The Evil King Alteon the Imbalanced seized the throne from the good King Slugwrath when Drakath was a boy, and ever since then he and his friends, the Lords of Order, had been fighting to free the land from his rule. When Alteon the Imbalanced kidnapped and imprisoned the Lords of Order, Mirror Drakath sent the inter-dimensional bards Paul & Storm to find a hero that could help combat Alteon's undead army, rescue the Lords of Order, and save the Mirror Realm.

Important Text

Both of our worlds are in great trouble, hero! If this world is destroyed, your reality will soon start to unravel. And there is NO respawn option for the multiverse. So please, great hero, won't you help save our worlds?

After completing Skullcrusher Mountain quests

I really don't know how to thank you. Evil King Alteon is on the run, but with the Lords of Order free again, nothing can stop us!

At BattleOff

Welcome back to the Mirror Realm. I can still sense the imbalance that your existence has caused between our two realities. We must act quickly before it reaches a critical mass and the multiverse begins to remove you from existence.


This world is a reflection of yours. It's not a perfect reversal but you will find many things here are the opposite of what they are in your world in some ways. For example, in your world, the town of Battleoff is called BattleON for some reason.


Quest BattleOff (Old)

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Quests at BattleOff

Quests at Dark Dungeon


  • The Order version of Drakath.
  • Has a chaotic version - Drakath
  • Wears the Mirror Drakath Armor and also seems to wear a white version of the Doom Cloak
  • It is hinted that both he and his Chaotic counterpart have some special power that we have yet to see, although he would not elaborate what this power is.
The Champion of Balance


The Hero, the Champion of Balance, destined to balance every element of the world. Also known as the Eternal Dragon of Time, the 13th Lord of Chaos, or Death, they have stopped many things from corrupting lore.

The Eternal Dragon of Time is the dragon who maintains time and is The Hero's true form and the 13th and Final Chaos Beast


Early Life

The Original form of the Eternal Dragon of Time

Living in the Void, the Eternal Dragon of Time maintains time and order throughout the universe. Its heart, an hourglass filled with the sands of time. eventually, the Dragon sacrificed itself to Galanoth in order to reset the timeline creating AdventureQuest Worlds.

The 13th Beast of Chaos

Eventually, the Dragon is reborn as The Hero's Chaos Beast and that The Hero plans on using the Dragon to defeat Drakath.

The Hero

It is revealed to the Hero that they were the Eternal Dragon of Time, and after they sacrificed themselves they were reborn as The Hero. As the Hero is shocked and stunned, Drakath takes his chance and attacks The Dragon, sending it flying through a mountain. Drakath then removed their Golden Orb, much similar to how he removes Sepulchure's Heart of Darkness. Because the Dragon doesn't die right away, Drakath begins to explain how he became the Champion of Chaos.


  • Considering that the Eternal Dragon of Time is also The Hero the Eternal Dragon of Time is the first Chaos Beast who is also a Chaos Lord.
    • If playing as a Female Hero the Eternal Dragon of Time is also considered as the 3rd female Chaos Beast.
  • The Eternal Dragon of Time is the second Chaos Beast who can speak with the first being Kathool Atchoo.

The Champion of Darkness


Artix is revealed to be the Champion of Darkness. Artix's foster parents were killed by Sepulchure's undead army. After he escaped, Lady Celestia found him and he became a Member of The Paladin Order however he can not cast a single Paladin Spell so he became an Undead Slayer. Later in The Doomwood Saga, Vordred reveals during the final battle that Artix is The Champion of Darkness and that he wants to take his place by killing him and it's later revealed that The undead invasion that claimed his foster family long ago were trying to reclaim him. In the 2011 Harvest Festival, it is revealed that Artix's parents are zombies.


Artix, the Champion of Darkness sent by the Plane of Darkness to eliminate and replace,

The Champion of Light


She is now the Empress of the undead, also revealed to be the Champion of Light. Daughter of Sepulchure. She was Sepulchure's big secret. It can be that Gravelyn has been adopted. Since in Sepulchure's whole life's book in page it says: missing page*... brought Lynaria safely back to King Alt... *page ripped*...within Castle Swordhaven.... *page ripped*.... ... and therefore they adopted... *ink stain*... betrayed... *acid burned area of the page*...

Personality and traits

Like many AdventureQuest Worlds characters, she appears overconfident but is not blinded by arrogance. She will admit when beaten such as after her Dracolich fortress was thrown into a mountain. She is sad and angry about her father's death and does not seem to be as evil as him.


The Champion of Ice


The new Champion of Ice as revealed in the Karok: Cryostorm Assault from Frostval 2015. He was the third to be sent from the Plane of Ice by Kyanos after Quetzal has been slain three years ago. He will be Kyanos' instrument of vengeance against the Queen to make her pay for what she had done to the two former champions: Glace and The Beast Quetzal.

It later turns out that Abel is not actually the Champion of Ice but rather the Avatar of Kyanos. The latter had chosen him to protect the Plane of Ice in their quest to protect it and Lore from future threats.


There were two former champions before him namely,

    • Glace, the first Champion of Ice who was treated as a daughter by Kyanos himself and died for unknown reasons.
      • The Beast Quetzal, the second Champion of Ice after Glace died. The Queen twisted its mind all those years ago - corrupting it and filling it with lies which then led to the event when Kezeroth almost destroyed Lore.


The Champion of Nature. Aria always believed that she herself was just an average human girl and caretaker of the pets in her pet shop in Battleon. Little did she know that there was more to her than meets the eye. Aria came to the Darkblood Pilgrimage, bringing her wolf Lucky with her the moment she sensed that something was going wrong with the animals living near where said Pilgrimage was set up. As the hero was running around fighting the monsters attacking the Pilgrimage, Lucky mysteriously vanished, and Aria, the hero, and the Pilgrimage went to look for it - only to find it twisted by Kolyaban, first daughter of the Queen of Monsters. During a battle with the mutated Lucky, both it and Aria mysteriously vanished into the fog, as Aria was kidnapped by Kolyaban's forces and later turned into a monster by the time the hero and Eremon found her again, after which she summoned the Lore Golem to attack them and disappeared again afterwards.

The hero was determined to cure Aria of Kolyaban's influence and, together with Madra and the Sisterhood of Dishpan Hands, created a potion that would cure Aria's body and purge the darkness that Kolyaban had infected her with from her. Unknown to them, Eremon and several Darkblood loyal to him attempted to stop them from nearing her, eventually leading to a civil war between the Darkblood race. The hero fought his/her way through Kolyaban's loyalists and finally reached Aria, learning the reason why Kolyaban made her like that; Aria was none other than the Champion of Nature. After a battle, the her managed to subdue her and then use the potion to free her from the Reshaper's influence, afterwards telling her of what Kolyaban did to her. Enraged, Aria went with the hero as they both fought against the Reshaper to make her pay for what she did to her. After defeating Kolyaban, Aria was about to deal the finishing blow when Eremon jumped in the way of the attack, taking the hit and dying in the process, giving the first Darkblood a chance to escape.

The Champion of Fire


Despite his hatred for fire ever since Akriloth destroyed his hometown and murdered his parents, Galanoth is later revealed to be the Champion of Fire. During the Shadowflame Army's invasion of the Plane of Fire, the heroes and Galanoth arrived to try to stop Malgor from slaughtering Fiamme. After he had drained her of her powers as the Fire Avatar and Tyndarius had absorbed her avatar powers, he was about to deliver the killing blow, but Fiamme awakened Galanoth's power as the Champion of Fire and he reacted and fought Malgor off just in time to save her and get her to safety. Later, Galanoth was training at the Justitica der Beli alongside the players and Varga and finally came to understand the meaning of his status as the Champion of Fire, and during their battle with Avatar Tyndarius after their training, was encouraged to assume the form of a dragon and strike Malgor with his fire powers, enabling the Fire Avatar powers to be separated from Tyndarius and returned to their rightful owner Fiamme.

The Champion of Water


The players and Captain Rhubarb had returned to the Dragon Capital after having witnessed the reawakening of the Water Titan, Leviathanius, just in time to help King Zelgarius against Captain Scalebeard and his mind-controlled Titan. The Leviathanius was about to unleash its most powerful attack on all three when Rhubarb's eyes suddenly glowed as he stepped in to absorb the attack and throw it right back at it. With the Leviathanius greatly damaged by its own attack, this gave Zelgarius the opportunity to punish Scalebeard with an attack that not only badly damaged him as well, but also freed the Leviathanius from his mind-control. Enraged that Scalebeard was controlling it for his nefarious plans to finish what Desoloth started, the Leviathanius ate him and dragged him down to the sea to finish his punishment for all three. This event interested the players so much that they later asked Neso during the Mana Crisis if she had a champion or not, having had a feeling that Rhubarb would be the one. Despite her claiming not to have a champion and accusing them of calling her a liar, she later confirmed that Rhubarb was indeed her champion during the conversation she and Temblor had following the events where the players, Rhubarb, and Victoria freed Beryl from the Alutea Nursery only for her to melt away into seawater shortly after the defeat of the Last Alutian.

The Champion of Earth


Beryl is Captain Rhubarb's ancestor, referred by him as his auntie, and the Exiled Champion of Earth. She was trapped in the Alutea Nursery until the players, Victoria, and Rhubarb discovered the entrance and fell in there. After hearing how they found her in the Nursery, Beryl decided to travel with them back to the surface. After the players defeat the Last Alutian, however, Beryl started to melt away into seawater, but before she could disappear completely, she took the time to thank all three for freeing her and let Rhubarb know that she loves him very much. Rhubarb was furious at Neso for what happened to Beryl but recomposed himself and vowed to deliver what remained of her to the town of Rheum in her memory.


During the Infernal Invasion, the players were able to successfully evacuate the residents of Swordhaven, but somehow missed Tara and were unable to save her as the Infernal Army, having sensed huge amounts of mana potential within her tore into her and murdered her in a truly horrible way. Both Victoria and Brentan were wracked with grief as Warlic wasn't able to sense her anymore after that. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, Tara survived her death and was reborn as the Champion of Mana, taking up residence in the Plane of Mana where she befriended the Old Worlds' Order. Malgor's attempt to corrupt the Mana Core ended up attracting their attention, and they called the players, Gravelyn, and Drakath to the plane where they had Malgor imprisoned. When the masks of the Order questioned all three and attempted to silence them, Tara realized that they weren't behaving like the friends she saw them as and helped all three against them. When Malgor escaped imprisonment and used Gravelyn's Doomblade to attack the Mask of Infamy, Tara volunteered to go with the players and they arrived where Einsof, Avatar of Mana, was sleeping, just in time to stop him from corrupting and killing him through the use of the Queen of Monsters' heart and his Shadowflame magic after a long and grueling two-phase battle culminating in the players transforming into the Eternal Dragon of Time and sending him back in time to the moment of the Queen's death. After the Old Worlds' Order tasked the players with seeking out and dealing with the threats of the Voice in the Sea, the Rumbling of Cold Thunder and the Flame of the Beyond following that battle's aftermath, Tara volunteered to travel with them to remind them of their duties as the Dragon and help them with them, even getting to spend a brief reunion with Brentan and Victoria. Tara currently takes up residence in Termina Temple, the hub from where the players and their allies would set out to take on the three slumbering threats the Old Worlds' Order was talking about.

The Champion of Energy


The Champion of Energy.

The Champion of Wind


The Champion of Wind.