Kathool (NPC)

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This is the NPC type of Kathool, for the monster, click here
Kathool The Ninth Beast of Chaos


The Ninth Chaos Beast

Important Text

You Cannot Resist Kathool Cutscene

  • Kathook:I have slept for so long. The world changes too quickly, and this one... not what it was.
  • Kathool: There is so much more now. And with such a... delicious way of twisting creatures dreams.
  • Kathool: The Chronomancer's growing insanity was sweet; it called to me. And I began to feed.
  • Kathool: In doing so, the Chaos that was infecting him wove its way into My power.
  • Kathool: It thinks to bind me, use my strength to fuel its plan. I will allow this... for now.
  • Kathool: The seas of Time are MY home, and such little Chaotic fish cannot kill one of MY strength.
  • Kathool: Chaos will pass, fading out of existence while Kathool 'Achoo remains.
  • Xing: Hmmph. For a Chaos Beast, you sure are VERY wordy. I thinkI like the dumb ones better.
  • Xing: I hope <Hero Name> wins, or this oversized squid will drive ME insane!
  • Kathool: Agreed.

To Infinity and Beyond Cutscene

  • Kathool:Await... my... return -
  • Kathool:...Chosen One. We shall meet again.

Your Destiny Revealed (Sort of)

  • Kathool:Until I rise again, Chosen One...
  • Kathool:When their Loremansters finally unlock the secrets of the Beast...
  • Kathool:The Chaos that follows will shatter everything they assume about their history.
  • Kathool:Their resemblance to the legendary creatures of story and song are hard to miss.

Sa-Laatan's Fall

The hero, Iadoa, and Escherion as well as the Lake Hydra are facing off against Sa-Laatan, the Salt Sower, in the Hydra Lake.

  • Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!
  • Escherion: Incoming!

Sa-Laatan fires a beam at the heroes, but they defend themselves against the attack.

  • Hero: I don't know how much longer we can hold out!
  • Escherion: Iadoa! Why isn't Kathool here yet?!
  • Iadoa: I am trying to commune with it! It's being difficult!

Sa-Laatan prepares another beam blast.

  • Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!

Sa-Laatan's beam hits one of the Lake Hydra's heads, knocking it out.

  • Escherion: Well you better make it work! I don't know how much longer my Hydra is going to hold out!

Iadoa powers up as Sa-Laatan prepares another beam blast, the latter not noticing bubbles appearing out of the lake.

  • Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!

Kathool appears out of the Hydra Lake just in time to confront Sa-Laatan and help out the heroes.

  • Kathool: Silence, you insignificant beast.

Sa-Laatan prepares an attempt to use a beam blast on Kathool.

  • Sa-Laatan: Bwuu--
  • Kathool: You think yourself powerful? It is true, your Queen is something to be feared by mere mortals...

Kathool grabs Sa-Laatan with his tentacles and pulls it towards him with them wrapped around it.

  • Kathool: But beings as old as I know her for what she truly is. You, humans. I hold to kinship to any of you. I am not your friend. I am not your enemy. I simply answered to Iadoa's call because I will need him for... future connections. The Queen wishes to see Lore destroyed... But without Lore, there are no mortals. Without mortals, there is nothing to keep me entertained. See to it that she is dealt with, and I will help you this once...

Kathool dives back into the Hydra Lake, dragging Sa-Lataan down with him to its demise, afterwards providing the heroes with the Water Orb.

  • Kathool: Do not disappoint me.

With Sa-Laatan defeated, Escherion claims the Water Orb.

  • Hero: Well that was... concerning...
  • Iadoa: No use worrying about it now.
  • Escherion: The Water Orb is ours and that's what matters.
  • Iadoa: Yes, and now half of the Elemental Orbs are in our possession. But we must not get complacent! There are still four more to go!
  • Hero: Right! Where to next, Iadoa?

A portal to Arcangrove is opened up by Iadoa.

  • Iadoa: I'm sending you to Arcangrove to help Ledgermayne locate the Fire Orb.
  • Hero: On it! Let's go!

The hero runs into the portal to head to Arcangrove to help Ledgermayne find the Fire Orb. Meanwhile, at the Queen of Monsters' castle...

  • Queen of Monsters: So they want to play then? Very well then... Let's play.