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This is the NPC type of Drakath, for the monster, click here or here, for different versions of the boss monster, click here, here, here, or here.
Drakath in the twin's cutscene.
Drakath showing his face
Drakath hiding his face in the shadows
Drakath interrupts battle between evil and good.
Drakath destroying Sepulchure's essence.
At the Rune circle.
Drakath in The Span
Drakath smiles in the Twin's cutscene.
Drakath before becoming Chaos Champion
Drakath as a child
Drakath in DragonFable.
AQ Drakath

Cutscene Appearances

Chapter 1 - Final Cutscene

Chapter 2 - Meeting Escherion

Chapter 2 - The Twins Cutscene

Chapter 2 - Bring It On Cutscene


Champion of Chaos and the main antagonist of Adventure Quest Worlds. He is the son of the former king, Dethrix Drakath. In DragonFable it is said that he and Sepulchure had a deal that Drakath would receive the Necrotic Blade of Doom to get his kingdom back. In exchange for the Doom weapon, Sepulchure wanted the white and black dragon boxes. Because Drakath couldn't get both boxes, (thanks to the hero from Dragon Fable), he didn't get the sword (Not yet, anyway.) He seems to have acquired chaos powers, and seeks to end all good and evil and bring about an age of chaos.


Drakath was offered to be a Champion of Chaos during the end of "The Sinister 7" quest in AdventureQuest.

Important Text

The Span

During War

Champion of Chaos

The golems in The Span would make excellent additions to any Chaos army I would gather together, but the havoc you are causing by battling the creatures the Chaos Lord made to teach you is enough… for now. The Twins have callel do not wish to see the battle end yet. Your efforts to save this city are… amusing. Battle On, Hero, for Chaos!

You Cannot Attack Me Here

Your wish to attack me now, here, is predictable. But the Chronomancer I have Chaorrupted is not the only one able to create illusions and constructs, Hero. I am not really standing in front of you, I just appear to be. The sight of me alone is enough to inspire Chaos, wouldn't you agree? I'd say the creatures here do.

After War


I may not have won the war, but you were occupied while I set… other… plans in motion. Learn what you will, Hero, it will not change your fate. Or mine.


During Friday the 13th event

Former Champion of Chaos

I suppose it couldn't hurt to pretty the place up a bit. A change of scenery probably WOULD put me in a better mood. A mood for revenge, and destruction! You may want to make sure you've cleared out of here by then. I still haven't forgotten our history, and I won't hesitate to crush you if you get in my way.

Work Together?

Are you serious? You want me to join forces? To work with you? Feh. It will take a lot more than a home makeover to get me to forgive everything you did to me.

Second Visit

Former Champion of Chaos

The aftermath of our final battle was devastating. But it wasn't enough to stop me. I see now that the Queen of Monsters was never my ally - was never truly a servant of Chaos. She is a greater enemy to our cause than you, or the Alliance, ever were. And I WILL defeat her.


You have gone from my most hated enemy to my most valuable ally. We must continue to look forward - the past no longer matters. Together, the enemies of Chaos don't stand a chance. Not even the Queen of Monsters can prevail.


Drakath's Arrival Cutscene

As King Alteon and Sepulchure are dueling, Drakath crashes down and interrupts their duel.

  • Sepulchure: DRAKATH!?
  • King Alteon: Drakath!?

Drakath destroys Chuckles and then brutally attacks both King Alteon and Sepulchure.

  • King Alteon: What...!?
  • Drakath: My mistake...

Drakath lunges at Sepulchure and rips his essence of darkness out of his body.


Drakath crushes Sepulchure's essence in his hand and Sepulchure falls apart. What is left of Sepulchure then erupts into the sky.

  • Drakath: Sepulchure has a daughter? Amusing...

Drakath blasts down the undead flying dragon castle and sends it crashing into a mountain range.

  • Drakath: The battle between Good and Evil is over. Now begins, the AGE OF CHAOS!
  • King Alteon: What is happening to me!? Drakath... What have you done?
  • Drakath: Heh. Not feeling like yourself, King? You and this pathetic hero can't stop what I'm about to do to your world. Watch as my 13 Lords of Chaos destroy everything that you love. I will save you two for last. Enjoy the show. HAHA!

Drakath flies away and the title "AdventureQuest Worlds: The 13 Lords of Chaos" is shown.

Runix Cutscene

After ejecting the player from his tower with his staff, Escherion places the Runix Cube in the pedestal where it fits, and one of the seals on the Chaos Gate that Drakath is at lights up.

  • Drakath: Good, Escherion... ...The Hydra has awoken. Your job is done.
  • Escherion: Arise... Lake Hydra!
  • Hero: Great! I snuck into the villains stronghold and gave him the item of power. What else could go wrong?

A shadow rises from the lake..

Escherion's Defeat Cutscene

At the realm of Chaos after it has shown Escherion's defeat...

  • Drakath: What an.... entertaining.... turn of events. Escherion has been defeated and Chiral Valley has been freed. But that is the nature of Chaos: unpredictable. Escherion served my purpose well. The Lake Hydra was freed, destroying one of the seals. It's only a matter of time. But Escherion couldn't have done it alone. That hero found him the cube. I hope you had fun Hero.... The next LORD of CHAOS has ALREADY been chosen! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chaos Twins Cutscene

  • Drakath: Whom shall I choose for my next Lord of Chaos? So many willing candidates.

The Twins appear around Drakath, taking him by surprise.

  • Xing & Xang: We came help you decide! ...to decide the next Lord of Chaos!
  • Xing: Choose someone wicked! Someone who will burn and destroy the land!
  • Xang : No. No. Choose someone good who will shower the world with random acts of kindness!
  • Xing: Pfft. Choose someone who will shower the world with plagues!
  • Xang : No! You should ...

Drakath grins evilly.

  • Drakath : Do ALL the people of this land find certainty and order through your well balanced arguments? HAHAHA.... THEN I HAVE MADE MY CHOICE!

Some time later...

  • Drakath: HAHAHAHA! Twins, I shall accept your counseling on the following matter... Should I flood Battleon of burn it to the ground?
  • Xing: Burning is too slow! You should hurl a meteorite at it!
  • Xang: No! You should hurl... Two meteorites at it!
  • Drakath: HAHAHAHA!
  • Xang & Xing: HAHAHAHA!

Meeting of the Mages Cutscene

After the mages of Battleon have had their discussion over teleporting Battleon, Drakath is shown sitting in his throne.

  • Drakath: Hmmm... How interesting.

The Twins appear.

  • Xing: *giggles* Speed up the asteroids! Crash it into them in the middle of their spell!
  • Xang: NO! *giggles* Speed up the asteroids and give them a bonus surprise!
  • Drakath: When forced to choose between two evils... I prefer the one I have not done before.

Drakath speeds up the asteroids and causes one to change course.

Cutscene After Defeating the Rock Roc

Drakath is seen in the Realm of Chaos, where another seal lights up on one of the archways of his Chaos Gate.

  • Drakath: Ah, DragonLord Vath has awoken the next Chaos Beast. What a pity that it fell to the hero so easily... a monster like that could have spread so much chaos. Dwarfhold is still yours to control, Dragonlord... until the hero stops you, that is. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Scene switches to the hero, shown beheading the Rock Roc. Stalagbite and Vath then fly over the hero.

  • Vath: Heh. Well done, hero... but you never would have defeated the Roc without MY dragon.
  • Hero: I finished the Rock Roc by myself, Vath, and I won't need anyone else's help finishing you off. Bring it on!
  • Vath: Prepare yourself!

Stalagbite roars.

"The Dracowerepyre" Cutscene

Drakath in The Dracowerepyre Cutscene.PNG

  • Wolfwing: You're too late, hero. The hatred that the Vampires and Werewolves have for each other bought me all the time I needed. The Mystic Wolf Moon is here. My Werepyres cannot be stopped now.

The Mystic Wolf Moon shines through the hole in the ceiling on the dragon. Wolfwing bites the dragon, turning it into a Dracowerepyre. The seal to the right of the first seal on Drakath's throne lights up.

  • Drakath: ...Well done, Wolfwing.

Ledgermayne's Plot Cutscene

  • Ledgermayne: The portal has been repaired. The hero was able to reconnect the power source, designated: The Cloister
  • Drakath: Well done, Ledgermayne.
  • Ledgermayne: Thank you, Master.
  • Drakath: This distraction was more than enough time for us to prepare the Golem. When the hero enters your plane of existence, there will be a nasty surprise waiting.
  • Ledgermayne: This one does not want the hero to enter the realm.

Drakath's eyes narrow.

  • Drakath: What you want or do not want is of no concern to me, Chaos Lord. When that hero tries to enter the para-elemental plane of magic where you are strongest, you will allow it.
  • Ledgermayne: ...
  • Drakath: Ledgermayne, before my chaos magic rather unexpectedly gave you life, you were just a mass of mana floating in the ether. Would you like to be returned to that state?
  • Ledgermayne: This form prefers its current incarnation, Master.
  • Drakath: Then you will do as your creator commands.
  • Ledgermayne: This form complies with the Master's wishes.

Drakath smiles evilly.

Uncontrollable Chaos Cutscene

  • Drakath: The Rod of Defiance is a weak weapon at best. It is no threat to my plans.
  • Drakath: Even with Rayst's help, the hero will never be able to assemble all of the pieces.
  • Ledgermayne: The hero has proven to be resourceful. The master is overconfident. It will be your downfall.

Drakath's eyes narrow.

  • Drakath: What did you just say to me, Ledgermayne?
  • Ledgermayne: The plan will fail. This form will take matters into it's own hands. This form no longer has any use for the master.
  • Drakath: I never should have allowed you to have free will.

Drakath stands up as a purple orb appears in his hand.

Ledgermayne causes the orb to shatter.

Drakath looks at his hand.

  • Drakath: WHAT?!
  • Ledgermayne: You will not be allowed to harm this form. This form was a mass of mana in the para-elemental plane of magic when your chaotic influence accidentally caused this form to be self-aware. This form is grateful for that gift, but this form is NOT one of the Master's Chaos Lord puppets whom you have gifted with Chaos Magic. This form is LIVING MAGIC. Even your powerful CHAOS magic... is still just magic, which this form can control. This form has no desire to destroy you. Stay out of our way.

Ledgermayne Leaves via teleportation.

Ledgermayne's Defeat Cutscene

  • Hero: Things are a little different on this plane. I can fight you.
  • Ledgermayne: You can fight us, yes... but you cannot defeat us. At least, not without the completed Supreme Arcane Staff.

The hero holds out the Supreme Arcane Staff.

  • Hero: You should have made sure there were no shards left from the Chaos Focus Gem, Ledgermayne! Prepare to meet your maker!

The Supreme Arcane Staff begins to glow, only for the glow to fade shortly after.

  • Ledgermayne: We have no maker. We are pure magic, and magic is eternal. This form has wasted enough time on you, lesser being. Goodbye.

Ledgermayne prepares for a magic attack when Drakath appears.

  • Hero: Drakath?!
  • Drakath: Stand still, hero.

Drakath gives power to the Supreme Arcane Staff, allowing it to blast Ledgermayne.

  • Ledgermayne: NOOOOoooooo!

Ledgermayne disappears.

  • Hero: Oooooooookay. What just happened here?
  • Drakath: I focused my own Chaos energy through the staff, replacing the shattered gem. Ledgermayne was converted back into the raw mana from which he was made.
  • Hero: You really couldn't stand that there was someone stronger than you, could you?
  • Drakath: If Ledgermayne were truly stronger than me would I still be standing here? Ledgermayne simply needed to learn a lesson: Nobody disobeys me. Thanks, hero.
  • Hero: Thanks? I don't... Oh. If you had tried to put the staff together, Ledgermayne would have seen through you and stopped you early on. It only let me get as far as I did because it saw me as no real threat. That's a little depressing, actually.

The hero attacks Drakath but Drakath blocks the hero's attack.

  • Hero: Heh... Thought I had the element of surprise here.
  • Drakath: We're done for now, but you still have roles to play in my plans.
  • Hero: I'll never help you, Drakath!

Drakath smiles.

  • Drakath: You already have. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Drakath leaves.

  • Rayst: I don't believe it. Drakath helped you defeat Ledgermayne!
  • Hero: Don't remind me.
  • Rayst: The para-elemental plane of magic will stay connected to Lore. I can already feel the flow of magical energies beginning to equalize. Arcangrove... all magic, really... is safe once again. There is no way to thank you for that.
  • Hero: There is one way. I don't know what Drakath's plans are but I know they're not good. I might one day call on you and the other Magi of Arcangrove to help me stop those plans.
  • Rayst: Hero, just say the word and we will be by your side.
  • Hero: Good. A storm is brewing. I have a feeling I'm going to need all the help I can get.

Doomwood Finale Daimyo Ending Cutscene

Scene shifts over to Sally alone in the Necropolis.

  • Sally: ...I'm so alone. WHY!? ...why do I keep ending up alone? I lose all the friends I make... (literally) I HATE BEING ALONE!!!!!!

Sally begins to cry. Drakath appears and surprises Sally.

  • Sally: What the... You're Drakath, right? Hmph. What are you gonna do? Make me into one of your Chaos Lords or something?
  • Drakath: No.

Drakath gives Vordred's helmet to Sally.

  • Sally: What's this?

Sally picks up Vordred's helmet and smiles.

  • Sally: Ooooooh...

Drakath flies away.

  • Sally: YAY!!!! This is the BEST DAY EVARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally hugs Vordred's helmet evilly.

  • Sally: Vordred... I'm gonna remake you... bigger... stronger... Now, to do this... we will need to reopen the full, original NECROPOLIS!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chaotic Meeting Cutscene

  • Master: He's after me, lord, don't you see? I know it, I can FEEL him getting closer. He'll find me, he'll bind me. He'll bleed me. I NEED him to die. Stratos, little Stratos, happy Stratos! Small boy, eager boy; young man, deadly man! Searching flying hunting planning plotting killing, and it will be the end of ME! But I have a plan, too! A GRAND plan, and it will take care of him, and EVERYONE!
  • Drakath: I know. You've mentioned. But please, keep sharing. I find your enthusiasm refreshing.
  • Master: Stratos... I'll start with him. Once he's gone, I can assume his position as a SkyGuard Captain. My DreamWeaver will ensure no one notices any slight differences. Then, with the SkyGuard infiltrated, the havoc will begin! I will do you proud, so proud! You will smile, you will grin, and you will laugh with glee! You will see, oh you will see, how all your Chaos starts with ME! My DreamWeaver... she will help. She is already helping. As we speak, Stratos is down, a victim of his nightmares. He is weakened, and I will strike soon.
  • Drakath: Yes... I can see how a corrupted DreamWeaver could prove useful. Very useful. I know what your desire is. If you hope to achieve it... then succeed. Bring Alteon's society to its knees!
  • Master: Then- after that... you will let me join with Chaos? I can become one with the madness and the glory, revel in the maelstrom of - of -
  • Drakath: You will know Chaos. That is enough.

Twin-terference Cutscene

Cutscene once again opens with the Twins with their mirror. This time the mirror shows Sokrakiis, Krellenos and Khasaanda mourning Antiphuus.

  • Xing: Aaaah, such sorrow! So sad, for the young one!
  • Xang: And his brother and sister! They look almost insane with grief.
  • Xing: That wretched girl looked insane even BEFORE it happened, hehehe! They rely on family so much, those trolls! I wonder if they will ever again be the same.
  • Xang: Teeheehee! Oh, so rich, how the Chaos Lord has exploited the Trolls -
  • Xing: Using their familial devotion... against them!

Scene zooms in on the mirror and switches to the same scene the mirror showed.

  • Khasaanda: Little brother, he never knew what was in store for him! The life he could have lived... destroyed! He will never learn to hunt, to dance, to sing!
  • Sokrakiis: I will never teach him the rich History of his people. He will never hear of the noble warriors who sacrificed their lives to keep us safe. Never know of the inventors who made life better for ALL in the Ravine.

Khasaanda puts her hands to her eyes and starts sobbing more.

  • Khasaanda: My heart... it HURTS! I don't know how... *sob*
  • Sokrakiis: We all hurt, my child. Every troll feels your loss, your pain. All Trolls will sing of his life and his sacrifice. I promise you, he will never be forgotten.

Scene fades back to the mirror, which then shows the dead Antiphuus in Druuz's arms. Scene zooms back out to inclued Xing and Xang.

  • Xing: Little Troll, corrupted whole.
  • Xang: Completely used, savage abuse.
  • Xing: Brought down by those who -
  • Xang: He didn't know but knew.
  • Xing: Shouldn't have believed their words of peace!
  • Xang: And now the war will never cease!

The mirror switches views to Swordhaven Castle.

  • Xang: Teeheehee! We should perform on stage!
  • Xing: We could tour Lore spreading songs of Chaos and Chaorruption! We'd be famous!
  • Xang: Silly Xing. We already ARE! You can be sure that little King is aware of us. Oh yes!
  • Xing: Hehehe, and the cocky little Shadow-Queen! It would reassure them to know -
  • Xang: That their minions are doing EXACTLY what they should to stop the Horcs and Trolls -
  • Xing: From ever making peace!
  • Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

The mirror shows Cynari and Tibias.

  • Xing: Little do they know that it was OUR whispers -
  • Xang: Which caused their masters to send them to the Ravine!
  • Xing: They will try to do Good -
  • Xang: And Evil -
  • Xing: To stop the rise of a Chaos Lord.
  • Xang: But they are too late too late! Teeheeheehee!
  • Xing: Even now our new best friend sits and watches and waits -
  • Xang: And plots and plans. The Hero did what they said.
  • Xing: And the Trolls reacted as anticipated. Heeheehee!
  • Xang: And now they are ALL worried about that silly Ore!
  • Xing: Forgetting what is really important! The CHAOS!
  • Xang: Foolish Hero. If only they knew what WE do!
  • Xing: They will find out soon. But perhaps not soon enough for -

Lightning crashes down as the mirror then shows Drakath.

  • Drakath: Come. Bring the Chosen One. We must all... talk.

Drakath is Pleased Cutscene

  • Drakath: All I can say after your detailed explanation is - your plan is... intriguiging.
  • Xing: Teehee! Oh, we will have such FUN!
  • Xang: I cannot wait! Let's get started NOW!

Scene zooms out to show Krellenos' shadowed arm holding an ore from the Accord of the Dark Sun.

  • Xing & Xang: Ooooooh! Is that -
  • Drakath: ...MOST interesting. I have a feeling the Accord of the Dark Sun is irrevocably broken. The "living" ore... Chaorrupted. Neither the Trolls nor the Horcs will be happy about THIS. You surprise me, and I do not like surprises. But this once, I think, I approve.

Krellenos starts tossing the ore up and down.

  • Drakath: You have done well... Chaos Lord. I am pleased. Especially with your scheme of hiding in plain sight. It is proving most Chaotic. Continue. For now.

Natatorium Cutscene

In the Natatorium cutscene, where Nessie was going to eat the player when you get the Runes of Riparian, Drakath holds it back by its tail and pulls it back with purple orb in his hand, his eyes glow purple, and he possibly killed or injured Nessie while the player swims to the top. He likely saved the player because, if the player completes the Supreme Arcane Staff, they will be able to defeat Ledgermayne, who rebelled against Drakath its also possible that he knew what Ledgermayne is doing so he may have bean trying to prevent Ledgermayne from trying to cut the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic off from the rest of Lore Since magic is the life-force of Lore, this means that all life in Lore will die if Ledgermayne succeeds. . Drakath either killed Nessie, weakened Nessie, or chaorrupted Nessie.


  • Drakath is an Undead Dragon in AdventureQuest.
  • Drakath is Sepulchure's "helper" in DragonFable until he betrays Sepulchure and Merge with Fluffy to become a Dragon. Drakath was defeaten by Sepulchure who believed that he had killed Drakath which is the reason why both Sepulchure and Alteon were suprised to see him return.
  • He has another version of him that resides in the Mirror Realm, known as as Mirror Drakath
  • When having to choose between two evils, he prefers to choose the one he hasn't done before, as he said in the Twins cutscenes.
  • He needs Chaos Beasts to activate an archway as seen after the hydra was summoned. Every time a Chaos Beast is summoned a mark on the archway starts to glow.
  • He appears to not care of the Chaos Lords or the Chaos Beasts, but of the Stonegate he brings with him. Its purpose is unknown, but he seems to be pleased as long as he brings chaos to the land. He says that once it is activated, terrible things will happen.
  • According to the design notes, a part was taken out of the Book of Lore that was about how Dragons sealed away the Queen of All Monsters. Drakath may be planning to have the Chaos Beasts unlocked to break the seals holding the Queen of All Monsters.
  • Drakath has helped the Hero two times-in natatorium where he helped you escape from Nessie and at the para-elemental magic plane where he focused his chaos energy to replace the shattered gem to the Supreme Arcane Staff to destroy Ledgermayne.
  • Has so far been betrayed by four of the Chaos Lords, Kimberly, Ledgermayne, Khasaanda, and Iadoa, showing he is not in control of all his minions.
  • After he reanimated Desoloth Into Desolich he says he is moving closer to his destiny and is fulfilling an unknown prophecy
  • At The End... and Beginning cutscene of Doomwood Part II its revealed that he surrender what remains of his selfish human will to chaos
  • Confirmed by Sepulchure's twitter to be stronger than Dage and Nulgath.
  • Doomwood Part 2 and The Span Saga revealed that he has a master
  • In The Span Saga its revealed that he does not exist in the original timeline and that he existed when Galanoth slayed The Dragon of Time which merges the three timelines with the original timeline
  • Interestingly his outfit before becoming Chaos Champion is Blue and Red while his Chaos Champion Armor is Purple mainly Purple is The Combination of Blue and Red
  • Before almost killing the Hero (in 13th Chaos Beast form), he reveals that all 13th Lords of Chaos must be defeated before the Mother of All Monsters is summoned.