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This is the NPC type of Kezeroth. For the monsters, click here or here.
Kezeroth The World Ender


Kezeroth is an incredibly powerful entity who is feared for being known as the "World Ender". He plans to live up to his name by freeing the ancient beast Quetzal from its prison in a frozen comet passing by Lore every 26,000 years. His first attempt to do so failed at the hands of the legendary hero Elim, who redirected the beam of energy that would've brought Quetzal itself down to Lore to end it away from it, so the ChronoCorruptors froze him in time for another 26,000 years so they could take the liberty of fixing the temple for him and give him another chance to free the beast Quetzal. Athon, a Chronomancer who was watching Elim stop Kezeroth's plans, saw the ChronoCorruptors do their job, and went to the players for help in defeating Kezeroth again and preventing the end of all things.

The ChronoCorruptors unsealed Kezeroth anyway and he was then able to free Quetzal from its prison. Luckily, the players and Athon retrieved the Sword of Hope from the bottom of the FrostDeep Dungeon below the temple and teleported out before the comet hit the temple. After the players defeated Quetzal, Kezeroth, having seen the outcome of the battle, angrily finished off Quetzal himself as punishment for failing to bring about the end of all things before breaking the sword, and he departed for Ice Rise Keep telling the players to stay out of his way.

The players decided not to heed his words anyway and they stormed the keep to confront Kezeroth. As the players dealt as much damage to him as possible, it became apparent that Kezeroth was proving to be unstoppable until Athon got an idea. The Chronomancer gave his life to save Lore from Kezeroth by using up all of his energy to freeze Kezeroth in time for another 26,000 years or even longer.

It is revealed during the events of the Frostspawn invasion that Karok the Fallen is, in fact, Kezeroth's brother.

Two years later after that revelation, Karok, having realized over those years that he wasn't able to use the Queen of Monsters to get what he wanted, decided to revive Kezeroth from his imprisonment. He arrived at Ice Rise Keep on IceWind Pass where Kezeroth's icy prison was currently resting and succeeded in freeing him, hoping to convince him to work with him in his quest for world domination. Unfortunately, Kezeroth, who had somehow lost his memory of what happened four years prior to his re-freedom, was furious when his brother told him that it had only been that exact amount of years. He again believed that Quetzal's comet would only come 26,000 years later and that his brother had robbed him of his chance to finish his work. Karok attempted to remind him that Quetzal was already dead and that he destroyed the beast himself when it failed to bring about the end of the world for him, but due to his lack of memory, Kezeroth would have none of it, saying that he wasn't interested in conquering Lore and instead was destined to destroy it. Kezeroth vowed to kill his own brother before allowing him to control him, and from there, a fierce battle between the brothers started. Abel, Syrrus, and the players, who had been watching this recent argument between the brothers when they arrived, decided to use this falling-out between them as a chance to use one brother to take down the other.

Kezeroth destroyed many of Karok's Frostspawn minions and overpowered his own brother. Before he could finish him off, though, Karok binded him to chains bending him further to his will, to the shock of their spectators. They summoned the Soricomorpha, which they referred to as the Seismole, to attack the heroes as they made their getaway.

Later, the players and Syrrus were able to retrieve the Crystal of Glacera, an artifact that would have enough power to defeat Karok and Kezeroth, just as the Frostspawn arrived to attack them. After the players refused to give the crystal to Karok, Kezeroth appeared and fought them, but thanks to the Crystal's power, they managed to defeat him and freeze him in place. It is possible that when Karok convinced them to form a truce with him, they most likely would have allied with Kezeroth as well as a result of this newfound truce.

Important Text


The World Ender

Cutscene opens as Elim and his foe, a massive giant with a pair of warhammers named Kezeroth the World Ender, are face to face, within an ancient temple found in Snowy Vale.

  • Elim: So, Kezeroth, it comes down to you and me.
  • Kezeroth: No, Elim, It just comes down to me.
  • Elim: We'll see about that.

Elim leaps forward, preparing to bring his sword down on Kezeroth. Kezeroth grabs him and then hurls him against the wall, critically injuring him.

  • Kezeroth: Elim, do you know how often the stars align themselves like this? It only happens once every 26,000 years. The last time this happened heroes like you were trying to save the world with wooden clubs.

Kezeroth stands up as the obelisk behind him flashes.

  • Kezeroth: I have waited my whole life for this night.

Scene shifts to outer space, where we see the Beast Quetzal's comet passing by.

  • Soon, a beam of energy will fire out of this temple. It will strike Quetzal's comet and pull it down onto Lore.

Scene shifts to Quetzal's eye as it opens.

  • When the comet strikes this planet, The Beast Quetzal will be freed from its prison.

Scene shifts back to Elim and Kezeroth.

  • Kezeroth: With the beast's power, I will bring on a new ice age and swallow this world.

Elim barely and weakly manages to stand back up.

  • Elim: As long as Lore has heroes, they will always rise to defend it.
  • Kezeroth: Very true... ...And, like you, they will always fall.

Elim throws his sword past Kezeroth.

  • Kezeroth: Your aim is a little off.
  • Elim: No, yours is.

Scene shifts over to the obelisk, which has just been knocked over by Elim's sword, just as the beam of energy is about to fire out of the temple, but not towards Quetzal's comet like Kezeroth expected.

  • Kezeroth: NO!

The beam of energy fires out of the temple, directly away from Quetzal's comet. Quetzal's eyes close again. Scene shifts back to Elim and Kezeroth.

  • Kezeroth: You... insignificant WORM!

Kezeroth grabs Elim.

  • Kezeroth: My whole life is WASTED!

Kezeroth slams Elim into the ground and then starts to beat Elim to death in a murderous fit of rage.


After Kezeroth takes the time to calm himself down following his beating of Elim to death once he is sure that Elim is dead, a Chronocorruptor appears.

  • Chronocorruptor: Kezeroth the World Ender.
  • Kezeroth: Leave this place, hero. Elim finished your job for you.
  • Chronocorruptor: I am no hero, Kezeroth. I am an agent of Chaos come to deliver good news.
  • Kezeroth: I said leave before I...
  • Chronocorruptor: I am a Chronocorruptor, with power to travel and control time. If you wish, we can lock you in time for thousands of years until the next celestial alignment. We can give you another chance to complete your great work.
  • Kezeroth: ...
  • Chronocorruptor: When we awaken you, you will again have a chance to unleash The Beast Quetzal on Lore.
  • Kezeroth: Do it.
  • Chronocorruptor: So eager. Don't you wish to know why we would do this?
  • Kezeroth: I don't care. If you can do as you say then do it.
  • Chronocorruptor: Very well.

The Chronocorruptor freezes Kezeroth over. Scene shifts over to Athon, the Chronomancer.

  • Athon: I'm sorry, Elim. This was not supposed to be your destiny. Now, (character name) is Lore's only hope.

Athon disappears.

Kezeroth Freed

The hero and Athon have arrived at the Snowy Vale temple, witnessing the Chronocorruptor freeing Kezeroth from the ice he was encased in.

  • Chronocorruptor: The time has come.
  • Kezeroth: What foolishness is this? No time has passed.
  • Athon: We're too late.
  • Hero: Pretty funny, coming from a time traveler. Come on, we have the element of surprise!
  • Athon: No, WAIT! (character name)...
  • Chronocorruptor: Check your star charts, World Ender.
  • Kezeroth: 26,000 years has truly passed.
  • Chronocorruptor: I have taken the liberty of repairing the temple for you. All you need to do is activate it.
  • Kezeroth: I have been given a second chance to finish my work. The world ends tonight!
  • Hero: That's all that I needed to hear! Kezeroth, I've faced a thousand villains just like you. You're all talk and no...

Before the hero can finish what he/she has to say, Kezeroth hammers him/her into the same wall he threw Elim against 26,000 years ago. He then uses his hammers to create a field of ice, trapping the hero.

  • Hero: ...action.
  • Kezeroth: I see that not much has changed during my slumber. Mighty “heroes” still play at being powerful. Who is this?
  • Chronocorruptor: If I'm not mistaken, this is (character name). The mightiest hero of this age who is destined to...
  • Kezeroth: This hero has a new destiny now.

The Chronocorruptor nods in a positive fashion. Kezeroth places his hand on the obelisk to make sure that it is pointed in the correct direction, then watches another beam of energy fire out of it. This time, the beam successfully hits Quetzal's comet and begins to pull it down towards Lore. Quetzal's eyes open once again. Scene shifts back to Kezeroth in the temple.

  • Kezeroth: When the comet lands on THIS SPOT and The Beast Quetzal's mighty form is freed, you will be crushed into nothingness. Your grave will only be marked by the comet's crater. You should be honored. The end of all things begins here, with your doom.
  • Hero: But... why? You don't even know this world anymore. It's almost Frostval! A time to of giving celebrate joy and the warmth of friendship. It's a time of hope!
  • Kezeroth: Little hero, Hope is a lie. Joy is the mask that all life wears to hide from the truth.
  • Hero: What truth is that?
  • Kezeroth: That EVERYTHING ends. The universe's true nature is decay and rot. The universe's ultimate form after all is played out is cold, empty nothingness. I am an agent of that ultimate nothingness, and The Beast Quetzal is the tool I will use to speed all life on Lore to it's end. Your world dies, not in flames, but in ice.
  • Hero: I know an insane pyromancer who will be sad to hear that.
  • Kezeroth: Goodbye, Chronocorruptor. I thank you for my second chance.

The Chronocorruptor nods again as if to say "You're welcome," and then disappears, knowing that his promise to Kezeroth has been fulfilled.

  • Kezeroth: Goodbye to you as well, (character name).

Kezeroth leaves as the scene fades to black.

The Beast Falls

Just as the hero is about to use the Sword of Hope to finish Quetzal off, Kezeroth suddenly appears and interrupts. The hero runs over to attack Kezeroth, who grabs the Sword of Hope by the blade. He then kicks the hero off, and the hero lands flat on his/her back in front of Athon.

  • Kezeroth: The Beast Quetzal... A creature with the power to destroy a world. Ages and ages passed while you slept in your frozen prison among the stars. But finally I managed to bring you down and unleash you again... ...and you're brought down by a handful of pitiful “heroes”. YOU USELESS ANIMAL!!!

Kezeroth stabs the Sword of Hope right down onto Quetzal's head, destroying it. Quetzal lays there again, now deceased from Kezeroth's finishing blow with the Sword of Hope.

  • Athon: He.... he destroyed Quetzal himself!
  • Kezeroth: You see, (character name)? Even a creature as powerful as The Beast Quetzal will meet its end, eventually. This world you protect WILL fall. I'm going to tear it down with my own two hands.

Kezeroth breaks the Sword of Hope and then throws it back to the hero.

  • Kezeroth: I'm done with your toy.

Kezeroth begins to leave.

  • Kezeroth: Stay out of my way and maybe you'll live to see the end of your world.

Kezeroth leaves.


Kezeroth is standing on the balcony of Ice Rise Keep. The hero and Athon enter.

  • Kezeroth: You were warned, (character name). You have come to meet an early death.
  • Hero: As long as one hero still stands against you, Lore has hope!
  • Kezeroth: Hope. Again. Hope is wasted energy, hero. You can hope all you like. It will never stop things from crumbling to dust. Everything ends.
  • Hero: Even you?
  • Kezeroth: In time, when my work is complete. Did you bring more than hope to fight me?
  • Hero: Yeah... ... I also brought some friends. They'll be here soon. I promised that I wouldn't beat you before they got here.
  • Kezeroth: I'm done wasting time.

Kezeroth brings his hammer down, but the hero leaps and flips out of the way. He/she then proceeds to cut off Kezeroth's horn. Kezeroth reels from the loss of part of his horn.

  • Kezeroth: Hmmm. This might be more interesting than I thought.

Kezeroth charges at the hero.

The Sacrifice

The fight against Kezeroth continues, as Kezeroth uses his hammers to launch several pieces of the pillars at the hero, who dodges all of them. He also tries to crush him/her with his hammers, which he/she dodges.

  • Hero: I've never faced anything like this. He's never going down!

The hero once again leaps out of the way as Kezeroth brings his hammers down again.

  • Athon: It's like he can't be stopped., stopped.
  • Hero: What is it, Athon?
  • Athon: Defeating him may be impossible but we can still STOP him!
  • Hero: You mean... freeze him in time like the Chronocorruptors did? Can you do that by yourself?

Athon begins charging up some magical energy.

  • Athon: It will take ALL of my power but... yeah, I think so.
  • Hero: You can do it, Athon! I'll try and...
  • Athon: NO! LOOK OUT!!!

Athon pushes the hero out of the way as Kezeroth brings his hammers down again. Kezeroth smacks Athon with his hammers, sending him flying and smashing through several pillars.

  • Hero: ATHON!!!!

The hero rushes over to the unconscious Athon.

  • Hero: You've got to pull yourself up!
  • Athon: *cough* I don't think... I can. That hammer... I can't even breathe...
  • Kezeroth: So now you've learned a valuable lesson about hope. It's a shame that you won't live to benefit from it.

Athon immediately stands back up and resumes charging some magical energy.

  • Hero: No! ATHON, NO!

Athon blasts Kezeroth with all his might, freezing him over for the second time, for another 26,000 years. As the hero takes some breaths, he/she looks on to see Athon lying on the ground, dead. The hero lowers his/her head in sorrow.


  • He is much more powerful than any other villain, including such previous Frostval villains as Lionfang and Dead Morice.