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Chuckles in his New Body (Noxus's Body)
Chuckles - Icon


AQWorlds Design Notes and Chapter 1 Cutscene. And in Death cutscene (Can be accessed after completing Chuckle's quest.)


A named, but disposable, skeletal minion of Sepulchure. Uhhh... Pretty funny (and noisy) for a dead guy he may come back as said by Artix on the design notes and the forums.

Important text

GrandMaster Lunch Lady

Sepulchure: My patience wears thin. Why have the castle walls of Swordhaven not yet been breached?
Chuckles: Haha... our minions... haha... cannot breach the walls... haha.... because they are breached on the moat... heeeeehoohahaha!
Sepulchure: Unacceptable! Send... wait... what is this?
Chuckles: Ooooooooooohehehehe.... this invitation letter.. hahaha... was sent to everyone hehe! <Sepulchure Reads>

Dear Citizens of Swordhaven,

Hear ye, Hear ye... you are hereby invited to the first ever annual Harvest Festival Feast!

I, GrandMaster Lunch Lady Oishii, will be preparing the greatest feast lore has ever seen. The main dish is the most complicated and dangerous culinary challenge in history.

Join us on Wednesday for a special dinner in your honor. Prepare for the meal of your life!

Cordially yours, Oishii

P.S. If there is anything special you would like me to make for you, please let me know on the forums.

Sepulchure: Noooo!
Chuckles: Hahahaha... erm... huh?
Sepulchure: <Sepulchure swallows hard>They are letting her cook? Start pulling the forces out of Swordhaven immediately!

Surprise attack

Sepulchure: While that goody two shoes Paladin is on a plane to Thailand... it is time to attack! All forces march on the Capital City of Swordhaven!
Chuckles: Ahahahahahaha ... ahem ... hands note
Sepulchure: <reads>
Sepulchure: ...
Sepulchure: Are you serious?
Chuckles: Heh.
Sepulchure: What do you mean "Beta" has not started yet? Are you seriously telling me that we have to wait?
Chuckles: <nod> <nod>
Sepulchure: ...
Chuckles: Ahahahahahahahahaha ...
Sound FX: Crushhhhh! As he crushes chuckles under the pommel of his Doom Weapon
Sepulchure: This was a test. A test of the Emergency Doom broadcast system. In the event of real Doom... Your pathetic city would be reduced to a burning pile of rubble crumbling under the feet of my unstoppable army of evil monsters! Tremble in fear, knowing the terrible fate awaits you and your friends... coughs I ... um ... will check in again soon. Have a nice day.

Stomps off in a passive aggressive rage

Chuckles: Hehehehe ...


  • None


  • Chuckles along with Sepulchure was killed by Drakath in the new quest.
  • There is now a T-Shirt with "Save Chuckles" on it, with holds a code which will unlock the in-game pet Chuckles Skull which can start a quest chain with Death So far, there is only one quest and that is, to get Chuckle's head back.
  • He most likely is inspired by The Laughing Dead from the Eragon series, due to his frequent cackling and his death by his entire body being destroyed.
  • He saves Gravelyn and has Noxus's body as a promotion.