Lords of Order

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There are a total of 7 Lords of Order (Currently) and they all serve Mirror Drakath, the Champion of Order. They are the Mirror concepts of the Lords of Chaos.

Players can also become Lords of Order themselves by taking training quests from Mirror Drakath in Battleoff. The class could also be purchased from rare shops during the 11th birthday event. For said class itself, see the Lord of Order class.

Order Lords

  • The First Lord of Order, Mirror Escherion.
  • The Second Lords of Order, Xang and Mirror Xing (The Twins.).
  • The Third Lord of Order, Mirror Vath.
  • The Fourth Lord of Order, Mirror Kitsune.
  • The Fifth Lord of Order, Mirror Wolfwing.
  • The Sixth Lord of Order, Mirror Kimberly.
  • The Seventh Lord of Order, Mirror Ledgermayne.


  • The Original Xang was trapped in the Mirror Realm by Drakath, he took the Mirror version of Xang to the real Lore.
  • The Lords of Order are completely loyal to Mirror Drakath, who they help fight against the spreading Chaos.
  • It is unknown if the Mirror Realm version of Maximillian Lionfang would be serving the Lords of Order or not. The same can be said about the Celestial Dragon Egg (being the mirror counterpart to the hero).
  • Due to the Mirror Twin Effect, the Order Lords are most likely dead, since Drakath killed their counterpart. The only possible exception is the Celestial Dragon Egg.
    • King Alteon the Imbalanced is also alive, but he was confirmed to not be a Lord of Order. He was protected from the Mirror Twin Effect by the Queen of Monsters.
  • There are some missing Lords of Order members such as the mirror versions of Chaos Lords Tibicenas, Khasaanda or Krellenos and Iadoa.