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The new Champion of Ice as revealed in the Karok: Cryostorm Assault from Frostval 2015. He was the third to be sent from the Plane of Ice by Kyanos after Quetzal has been slain three years ago. He will be Kyanos' instrument of vengeance against the Queen to make her pay for what she had done to the two former champions: Glace and The Beast Quetzal.

Important Text

Before completing the 'Defeat the FrostSpawn Invaders' quest

Cryostorm Spellsword

In order to be of help to us, begin your journey in the /frozentower.

After completing the 'Defeat the FrostSpawn Invaders' quest

Cryostorm Spellsword

Continue your journey in the /frozenruins so that you can return to help us!

After completing the 'FrostSpawn General Takedown' quest

Cryostorm Spellsword

I think you should speak to Syrrus over at /northstar, first! They need more help than we do, at the moment! Don't worry! We will wait for you until you get back!

After completing the 'Defeat Karok!' quest

Cryostorm Spellsword

Hello, (character name)! Welcome to Cryostorm Tundra! It's so nice celebrating... what was it called again? Oh, that's right! Frostval! It's a lot nicer than what we normally do. Normally we just work and train. I've never seen the residents so happy!


We are a small, isolated people. We mostly train and hunt around here. The other tribes around here are pretty hostile so we need to be strong! Don't worry though! We may live in the cold but we are warm-hearted! You are welcome to stay as long as you like! It's awesome having a Hero as famous as you visit us!

After completing the 'Decorate the Tree' quest

Cryostorm Spellsword

The Behemoths that live around here are terrifying! Sometimes, at night, you can hear them howl from miles away. For the most part, the local wildlife co-exists peacefully with us. The Behemoths... not so much... It's one of the reasons we put so much emphasis on training. We must protect our town from monsters like them!

After completing the 'Find the Ice StarStone' quest

Cryostorm Spellsword

Karok and his Frostspawn Army are here! Most of our city's defenders were injured in the initial attack. It is up to us to stop Karok from destroying my home! He's holding up in the Temple of the Ice Guardian, but to get there we have to take out his troops first!

After getting 100% in the Cryostorm War

Cryostorm Spellsword

It’s time to take on Karok. His army has been defeated... well as much as it can while he is still leading them. He is inside the temple of the Ice Guardian. He mustn't disturb the shrine! The Ice Guardian keeps our town safe, watches over us. They say the Guardian was created by the Ice Lord. Let’s hope that it protects us in this final battle! Let’s show Karok what happens when you mess with Cryostorm!

After completing the 'Defeat Ultra Karok Quest'

Cryostorm Spellsword

We did it! Karok has been defeated... somehow... I don't know what happened back there. He just vanished! And Thermax... Karok will pay for what he has done! He must be stopped!


  • He has been shown to be proficient in the use of the power of ice as a spellsword.
  • If you look at Abel's title in /cryostorm, it says "Cryostorm Spellsword", which means he's a student of Inanitas.
  • Inanitas initially trained him in the art of Spellswords and saw how Abel mastered the element of Ice, so he told him to stick with it.
  • More will be seen and known from him in the Ice Saga this 2016.