Dage the Evil

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Dage the Evil


Shadowfall (/join shadowfall)

  • When you have joined Shadowfall, go in to the mouth of the dracolich and go to the left chamber then you will see Dage the Evil


Dark Lord of the Undead Legion

Important Text

Ah, Hero, you finally made it to Shadowfall. The Undead Legion has heard countless stories of your great power. On behalf of the Legion, we would like to propose our greatest minion with the distinguished Undead Warrior Armor upgrade.

After Completing Quests

The Undead Legion knows of your dedicated deeds. You would make a formidable Undead Champion. The Dark Lord of the Undead Legion welcomes you.


  • 2011

It's my birthday, mortal! The Undead Legion showers me with so many awesome gifts every year… and they're all MINE! Ahahaha! But I thought it would be… nice… to regift a few of them for less fortunate. Either buy something now or buy something now because I won't be here in sunshiny Battleon forever. If you are interested in joining my Undead Legion or acquiring any of my other extremely rare items, come and visit me in Shadowfall. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR ME!

  • 2012

Guess what. It's my birthday. And out of the kindness of my heart, I am offering you my legendary Birthday Rare items. No need to thank me. Your servitude to the Undead Legion is the greatest birthday present of all. Oh yeah, that, and all those AdventureCoins you're giving me. Mwahaahaa!

  • 2013

Happy Deathday to me, Hero! You should celebrate, because it means gear for YOU! But I would not be Dage the Evil if I didn't make you work for some of them! Purchase my gear for AdventureCoins or Legion Tokens, and remember… the Undead Legion will conquer all!

  • 2014

Greetings Hero. It is my birthday again and this year I have something special in store for you. I created a brand new CLASS for the occasion. If you think that you have the speed and skill to become a BladeMaster then you are welcome to purchase the class from me. My loyal Legionairres may complete the Legion Quest to obtain the BladeMaster class. I will be adding items to the shop later so check back and see what's new.



Dage the Evil's Quests

Champion Quests

Ravenscar Quests

Dage's birthday 2014 quests

Underworld Void quests


Old Version of Dage the Evil
  • NPC version of the moderator and game designer, Dage the Evil.
  • The armor Dage used to wear was a beefed-up version of Undead Champion (Armor). He now wears the Paragon Plate and it was released after a few hours when his legion raised the war meter of "Dage vs Nulgath" to 100%.
  • The Frozen/Undead Legion is an homage to "The Burning Legion" and the "Undead Scourge" from World of Warcraft.
  • All of Dage's champion quests have weapons that only drop at one percent with the exception of the Corrupted Dragon Slayer which drops at 5%.
  • The requirements for the Soul quests were raised to 50 after some players complained they were too easy, with the exception of Mercutio's Soul.
  • Dage is to be known as a lich.
  • He was once an apprentice of Nulgath
  • His personal weapon is Caladbolg.