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Ice Avatar

The Ice Avatar, also referred to as the Ice Lord by the Cryostorm residents and according to Abel, the residents say that he created the so-called "Ice Guardian(as-yet-unnamed Ice Titan)" to watch over Cryostorm and keep them safe. He created and sent three champions to Lore: Glace and The Beast Quetzal who both suffered a tragic ending, the first died for reasons unknown and the latter being manipulated by the Queen to do her bidding ending up getting slain by Kezeroth and after having waited for 20,000 years, his new champion Abel, will be his instrument of vengeance against the Queen after what she had done to his Champions or so-called "children".


  • Appeared in the Karok the Fallen: Cryostorm Assault event for Frostval 2015.
  • The only Avatar to have sent three champions to Lore.
  • He values his Champions so much that he treats them as his "children".
  • All former Ice Champions' spirit reside with him in the Plane of Ice.
  • His "fog" is animated.