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This is the NPC type of Khasaanda, for the monster, click here
Khassandra, the Ninth Lord of Chaos


Bloodtusk Ravine Prophetess


Originally Prophetess of Bloodtusk Ravine.

  • Later steals Krellenos' powers and absorbs them to replace him as the ninth Lord of Chaos.

Important text

Khasaanda/Chaos Lord Khasaanda

Khassandra prior to her chaos infection

Troll Prophetess

Oh. It's YOU. I told them, but no one listened. You bring an end to peace, HERO. But perhaps you being here will make them all believe I speak the truth at last. Hah! I am deluded, but they are blind. No one sees what I see. Even my brother sees but half of what I do... and yet... they believe HIM.


What would you know? Do you want to know how you'll defeat your worst enemy and best friend? Or perhaps your worst enemy IS your best friend? Who can tell? I lie, they say, and you shouldn't trust me. Hah. But no, they are right. You shouldn't trust me. I have grown bitter, and will say things just to shock you. You'll never know which are the lies... and which... which is the Truth.


Dreams? Oh yes, I dream. I walk the Land of Dreams and Nightmares; my visions originate there. There is a way for the uninitiated to get there but… you haven't been initiated, have you? No, I didn't think so. The ground is sharp and the sky will scream as the crescent moon spirals into the abyss. And then you will blink, and it will all be different. It does not like intruders, so stay out, and don't try to find your way in.


Ah, my beloved Troll-kin. Yes, they are full of stories about each other... and me.


Bachius demanded I read his future. I did. A path lined with daggers, a knife made of his dreams... the aura around him is hazy and tinged with violet, then crimson, then darkness. I know not what to make of it, but he believes nothing I say, so may he succumb to whatever ill fate awaits him!

More (2)

Dregas offered to teach me to paint my dreams, and I did. He was full of praise for them, but do you see them diaplayed? No! I... I was sweet for him. But he only looks and talks about Oishii. What is food for the body when my dreams are nourished by the future? I would- I would share with him what I know... but- he doesn’t listen.

At Ravine Temple

Troll Prophet

I see you, Hero, but not clearly. Never clearly! Your face is streaked by ghostly tears and smears of amaranthine blood. You friends are your foes, your foes friends. Who can you trust? Who can I trust? I see you in my dreams: searching, fighting, living, dying, over and over. Do you want to share my visions, and my pain? So much pain, coming so soon. Bring me something from each of the creatures here and I will share their future.

At Ore Caverns


I sense the world is about to shift, Hero. I feel that I MUST be near, or Krellenos will triumph. Let me help you in your quest to salvage Troll honor, Hero! You will not, I think, regret my aid.

Lord of Order Khasaanda

Mirror Khasaanda

Lord of Order

I knew you would come here, and I know why it is you have come. You need our help. But you have damaged our world by coming here, and we cannot leave yet. Help us, and perhaps we can also help you.

Hero of Balance Khasaanda

Hero of Balance Khasaanda

Ninth Hero of Balance

Hero! You made it! Thank the Prophets! As you can see, we are in a pretty dire situation! Mythsong isn't usually like this! And to make matters worse, we are up against an Elemental Champion! This is one heck of a first mission!

First Mission?

Yeah... My brother, Krellenos, was captured by the Queen and killed... I felt it was my duty to take his place. I watched him help so many people as a Hero of Balance and now, it's my turn! The Heroes were so welcoming but now I have to prove myself! I can't let nerves get the best of me!

After completing the Bones for Stones quest

Naga Baas is here! Krellenos went through great lengths to summon it. It is known as a guardian for my people, as well as the Horcs. I only hope that it will act as a guardian for us today.

After obtaining the Ice Orb

With all the Orbs collected, I know my brother didn't sacrifice himself in vain. Thank you, Hero. Now let us finish avenging him when we beat the Queen!


  • Khasaanda is a homage to the mythical Cassandra, a Trojan girl with the gift of prophecy but was cursed by Apollo for her predictions to not be believed.
  • She later betrays Krellenos, absorbs his Chaos powers and replaces him as the ninth Lord of Chaos, afterwards having one of the Chaorrupted alliance soldiers kill him. Then she leaves to have a talk with Drakath.
  • She is the third female Chaos Lord (fourth if you count the twins separately), the first being Xing & Xang and the second being Kimberly.
  • She isn't loyal to Drakath at all as she plans to have her revenge on Drakath for what he did to her family once she finds his lair.