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This is the NPC type of Khasaanda, for the monster, click here
Khassandra, the Ninth Lord of Chaos


Bloodtusk Ravine Prophetess


Originally Prophetess of Bloodtusk Ravine.

  • Later steals Krellenos' powers and absorbs them to replace him as the ninth Lord of Chaos.

Important text

Khassandra prior to her chaos infection

Oh. It's YOU. I told them, but no one listened. You bring an end to peace, HERO. But perhaps you being here will make them all believe I speak the truth at last. Hah! I am deluded, but they are blind. No one sees what I see. Even my brother sees but half of what I do... and yet... they believe HIM.


Talk, Dreams, Gossip


  • Khasaanda is a homage to the mythical Cassandra, a Trojan girl with the gift of prophecy but was cursed by Apollo for her predictions to not be believed.
  • She later betrays Krellenos, absorbs his Chaos powers and replaces him as the ninth Lord of Chaos, afterwards having one of the Chaorrupted alliance soldiers kill him. Then she leaves to have a talk with Drakath.
  • She is the third female Chaos Lord (fourth if you count the twins separately), the first being Xing & Xang and the second being Kimberly.
  • She isn't loyal to Drakath at all as she plans to have her revenge on Drakath for what he did to her family once she finds his lair.