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This is the NPC type of Desolich, for the monster, click here.
Desolich the Final

Description and History

Desolich the Final once Desoloth the Final, - is an undead incarnation of the Prime Elemental Dragon of the 4 main elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind.

The Hero managed to slay him in battle as when he tried to conquer Etherstorm Wastes before. After being slain in battle and having his remains sealed away in the Cor Draconis, Drakath arrives and chaorrupts Desoloth the Final's skeleton into Desolich to serve as his secret agent. The next time he appeared was when he was reanimated by Drakath to be his "pet" and to help him against us during the Chaos War. Post-war, he was sent to the Chaos Realm together with Drakath and was never seen since.

Only then, he is BACK from the Chaos Realm and hungry for revenge! He plans to unleash his wrath upon Battleon. Together with his armada of elemental dracoliches, they are planning to prove that only he is of greater power than the Hero.

The war ended with the forces of Lore the winner but as Galanoth had stated, they won it too easily. Artix added, if anything, Desolich's spirit is ...STRONGER. He senses the darkness inside him churning, mixing with the elements. Galanoth quickly added that there's a taint to Desolich that wasn't there before:

  • The first time the Hero fought Desoloth, his ambition was to control the Elemental Dragons.
  • Desoloth underestimated the Hero's skill and strength and was defeated.
  • But Desoloth, too, was underestimated,... by the Lord of Chaos, who used him in the Chaos War.
  • And yet, even being trapped inside the Chaos Realm, his ambition could not be contained... and now...

Desolich and the Hero are ready to battle each other once again, with Desolich taunting the Hero as every dracolich brought to Lore that he/she has slain whether it was the Hero's blade or not... The Hero WILL answer for their deaths. The next scene shows Drakath once more as he gives praise to Desolich even if he was just a sorry excuse for being a mount that whether or not he wins, Drakath will enjoy watching Desolich burn the world down trying to defeat the Hero. Because rest assured, he wards HIS stronghold against his kind. Desolich will NEVER gain entrance.

In continuation, Desolich told the Hero that all the Hero's efforts on the war have served a purpose. The hero questioned his real motive as the Hero tries to know why all his kin must be slain even if they looked to Desolich for protection, for guidance, and so their deaths were all for NOTHING... but Desolich distressed that their sacrifice gives him EVERYTHING.

X'Dir, the Faithful Undead Servant of Desolich, which had also been brought with Desolich, stated that Desolich's army of dracoliches is unstoppable... and now, more than that, it is... infinite. He told that the Heart of the Dragon Plane has been - ??? hinting that the battle between Desolich and the Hero is still not over and may be continued sometime later on the storyline.


  • The self-proclaimed "God" of the dragonkin.
  • He recently corrupted Cor Draconis, the Heart of the Dragon Plane to have an infinite army of dracoliches.