Lord Brentan (NPC)

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Lord Brentan



Guardian of the Neverglades

Important text

At Battle Coliseum

None of these warriors knows the land of people of Swordhaven as well as I. It will be a pleasure to show them what skill a son of the Neverglades has!

At Breakstone

You look like a Hero, and boy do we need one right now! Everything is falling to pieces… the princess has been kidnapped by a vicious dragon, and we cannot get close enough to rescue her! Every time we try, he blasts the area with fire and we have to fall back! If you are willing to help us, walk down this path and speak to Cleric Joy!

(What Happened?)

Didn't you read the news scroll? Princess Tara was kidnapped by the deadliest dragon we've seen in years! And to make matters worse, we have heard rumors that a massive army of undead is marching towards the area!

(Where Am I?)

We are in Greenguard Forest, not too far from the town of Battleon. You'll want to stop there and gear up before heading off to adventure. You can stock up on gear, potions, and get the latest news.