Queen of Monsters

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The Queen of All Monsters
The Queen of All Monsters on her throne
Drakath's Master

The Queen of Monsters, also known as the Mother of Monsters, is the true antagonist of AdventureQuest Worlds. She is Drakath's master, who is not mentioned until Doomwood: Part II. It is later revealed that she was once a woman and the creator of the Tears of the Mother, which were shed by her when she was still human. The Tears of the Mother could be used as a cure for Chaorruption.

According to Drakath, the Chaos Eye amulet was owned by his father, Dethrix Drakath (also known as King Slugwrath), before being passed down to him. The amulet serves as a link between its owner and the Mother. It is revealed that in order for her to be free, not only do all 13 Chaos Beasts have to be unlocked, but all 13 Chaos Lords have to be defeated as well. Legend has it that, before Galanoth slew The Eternal Dragon of Time, she was faced by 13 heroes who defeated her and allowed the dragons to seal her away through the use of the Elemental Orbs.

After being freed by Drakath, she decides she no longer has any need for him and strips him of his Chaos power, and she becomes the new main antagonist of AQWorlds from that moment onward, beginning the second main saga of the game, titled Queen of Monsters: Ancient Evils.

In the beginning of the finale of the Queen of Monsters: Ancient Evils saga, the Queen of Monsters was beheaded sometime during the attack of Malgor and his ShadowFlame Army, setting Malgor up as the final antagonist of the saga.


  • She is first mentioned in the January 2009 Design Notes by Artix.
  • She is also mentioned in several Calendars sold by HeroMart.