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This is the NPC type of Queen of Monsters, for the monster, click here
The Queen of All Monsters
The Queen of All Monsters on her throne
Drakath's Master

The Queen of Monsters, also known as the Mother of Monsters, is the true, and second overall, main antagonist of AdventureQuest Worlds. She is Drakath's master, who is not mentioned until Doomwood: Part II. It is later revealed that she was once a human woman and the creator of the Tears of the Mother, which were shed by her when she was still human. The Tears of the Mother could be used as a cure for Chaorruption.

Long ago, during her days as a human, she had a husband, and that husband was a despot that ruled Crownsreach back then who wanted to build an empire. He could afford no sign of weakness; he viewed the Queen as too gentle and kind, so he brought her to a nearby forest where he smothered her and left her to lie on the ground, thinking her dead. The Queen, feeling anguished by the unfairness of the world due to the tragedy she was faced with, ripped out her own heart, but this did not kill her; instead, it changed her. The Queen was swallowed by the earth, which was wet from her tears, and, after the one hundredth day, stood again, still carrying her own heart as she made her way underground. The area around her slowly changed, making it as if she was no longer in Lore but in another dimension. The last of her despair soon turned into an anger at the very unfairness of the world and that she was hurt for no purpose. Her anger created a doorway that would lead her to a world that wouldn't hurt her where she would be free to rule. Thus, the Plane of Monsters, also known as the Chaos Realm, was born. As the Queen continued her journey, she soon shed her old body, which calcified and became part of the tunnels beneath Crownsreach, and emerged from it changed into the monstrous entity we know today, and she returned to Crownsreach with an army of monsters to exact revenge on her former husband.

Legend has it - and the legend is true - that, before Galanoth slew The Eternal Dragon of Time, she was faced by the 13 Heroes of Balance who defeated her and sealed her away in her very own Plane of Monsters through the use of the Elemental Orbs that they fought to retrieve and secure from her Elder Monsters and other allies of hers, as well as a brainwashed former ally of theirs that they sealed away in its comet known as The Beast Quetzal. The thirteenth Hero of Balance, the Hero, also known as the Eternal Dragon of Time, showed her the eventual death that would befall her should she remain on Lore, much to her shock. Before she was completely sealed away, the Queen placed a curse on the heroes that, many aeons later into the present day, would lead to their descendants being chosen as the 13 Lords of Chaos. This came to become how the Chaos Portal currently found on Mount DoomSkull was created.

According to Drakath, the Chaos Eye amulet was owned by his father, Dethrix Drakath (also known as King Slugwrath), before being passed down to him. The amulet serves as a link between its owner and the Mother. The Queen of Monsters' whispers also helped Dethrix build his own empire and take control of Swordhaven (which was known as Dreadhaven during the time of Dethrix's rule. It is revealed that in order for her to be free, not only do all 13 Chaos Beasts have to be unlocked, but all 13 Chaos Lords have to be defeated as well. After being freed by Drakath, she decides she no longer has any need for him and strips him of his Chaos power, and she becomes the second main antagonist of AQWorlds from that moment onward, beginning the second main saga of the game, titled Queen of Monsters: Ancient Evils.

In the beginning of the finale of the Queen of Monsters: Ancient Evils saga, the Queen of Monsters was revealed to have been beheaded sometime before the attack of Malgor and his ShadowFlame Army, setting Malgor up as the final antagonist of the second saga, the main antagonist of the third saga, titled Shadows of War, and the overall third main antagonist of AdventureQuest Worlds. Malgor also accused the hero of being the one to kill the Queen. This was also the vision that the Dragon of Time showed her after the Heroes of Balance defeated her with the Elemental Orbs before sealing her away.

Later, Loremaster Anka sought to find an artifact that would reveal the truth about what really happened to the Queen of Monsters. What the players didn't know was what the Queen's heart would also do to her; grant her the last of her power and the last piece of her soul at the cost of her sanity, horribly mutating her to look almost similar to the Queen herself. After Drakath and the players cornered Anka and ripped out the Queen's heart from her body, they confirmed the much-debated truth when the heart revealed to them that the Queen stood outside her castle demanding to face them in battle. According to the players, they could feel her dying and themselves slaying her, concluding that Malgor wasn't lying when he accused them of killing her. After Anka's death, Drakath suggested destroying the Queen's heart right away, but the players had a better idea, and suggested that they do it after Malgor's defeat and leave it safely within the most heavily guarded areas of the Chaos Librarium's Back Room until then, and Drakath agreed.

When the Mana Crisis began as a result of Malgor's attempt to corrupt the Mana Core, he headed to Crownsreach and stole the Queen's heart, afterwards fleeing back to her former castle with the intent of restarting the world. During the players' search for him in the timestream alongside Gravelyn and Drakath, they learned how they managed to kill her; a form taken by the Eternal Dragon of Time used the voice of the Queen's former husband to lure her out, and she was angry at them for daring to do so. The Eternal Dragon tore into her and separated her head from the rest of her body, holding it by their mouth as proof of their victory, but was unable to transform back into their regular humanoid forms and was forced to retreat into the timestream when their allies from the alliance turned against them after having seen how much power they possessed. Years later afterwards, the Eternal Dragon found terrible things happening while they were away, such as Gravelyn's death in Swordhaven where her father Sepulchure was killed by Drakath, and Victoria being sentenced to execution by her own brother-in-law Lord Brentan. Unable to prevent any of it from happening, and unable to get over it, the players in that timeline succumbed to despair with Drakath finding them there and stating that he'll go back to being a pawn again, and a Mumbler made from their negative emotions pleaded for them not to go, to no avail - the same Mumbler that would later evolve and become Malgor himself, build the Shadowflame Army, and arrive at the moment of the Queen's death to kill her for the players. Malgor later attempted to poison and kill Einsof in the Plane of Mana using both the heart and his Shadowflame magic, but the attempt was ultimately thwarted by the players, who, alongside Princess Tara, now christened as the Champion of Mana, arrived just in time to stop him and send him back in time to the moment of her death.


  • She is first mentioned in the January 2009 Design Notes by Artix.
  • She is also mentioned in several Calendars sold by HeroMart.
  • Two variations of her head as a helmet, both as separate hair and as a complete morph can be obtained from the Eternal Dragon in Deadlines. Her armors still have yet to be released.