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Robina in Swordhaven
Marvel at the cunning disguise
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Princess Victoria or Robina the Hood is a ranger and bounty hunter who loves adventure, gold, and fighting monsters. She is often quoted as saying something along the lines of: "Steal from the Rich and give to the Monsters, How else do you think they have so much gold when you defeat them?" She was captured by Lionfang during the Golden Onslaught fight, along with Artix, Cysero and others (She is also King Alteon's middle daughter, Princess Victoria. Sshh! Don't tell the Pactagonal Knights!).



As in DF, she turned out to be Robina. She's the middle daughter of King Alteon.

Victoria is the middle daughter. Sickly and unable to get out of bed often, she spends most of her time reading fantasy books wishing she was the great hero in the story. One night, she was visited by a fairy who offered to grant her ONE wish. Then, Victoria accidentally caught the fairy on fire with a candle, dropped a base case on 'em, and then when the guards came to see what all of the trouble was about she was forced to hide the fairy in her mouth. To her credit she only chewed twice... by accident! The rest of this story is yet unknown.

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  • Notice her skin is more paler then it is in Frostvale (images below).
  • Notice that her right leg is before her left except in Frostvale.
  • She is the Daughter of King Alteon.
  • Her Real Name Is Princess Victoria.
  • Was Captured By Lionfang.
  • Has Two Sibling's Princess Tera (Youngest) and Princess Brittany (Oldest).