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Artix, the Paladin Trainer


Artix's foster parents were killed by Sepulchure's undead army. After he escaped, Lady Celestia found him and he became a Member of The Paladin Order however he can not cast a single Paladin Spell so he became an Undead Slayer.

Later in The Doomwood Saga, Vordred reveals during the final battle that Artix is The Champion of Darkness, and that he wants to take his place by killing him and its later revealed that The undead invasion that claimed his foster family long ago were trying to reclaim him.

In the 2011 Harvest Festival, it is revealed that Artix's parents are zombies.

Important text

Chapter One

  • Sepulchure's army of the undead and Drakath have overrun the city! They are dropping these bone heads down from his flying castle. It is up to us to stop them! We must protect the people of this city!
  • After Quests: They must be throwing every undead soldier they have at us. (It feels like my Birthday!) I will take care of the ones out here (big smile). You must go inside the castle and protect the King! All of the King's guards are in there -- there is NO WAY the undead could have gotten to their defenses yet. Battle on friend!!

Artix at Swordhaven

  • Greetings and salutations! I see you would like to train as a Paladin? Paladins are knights who defend all that is good in the world, while at the same time defeating evil, dark and undead forces wherever they may be found. As a Paladin you will fight, defend and heal. Although to pass you on my knowledge as a Paladin you will need to be a Warrior Rank 10 and a Healer Rank 10.
    • Enhancements:Becoming a Paladin requires a powerful body, mind and spirit. If you want to make the most of your skills you will need Enhancements that improve your Strength, Intellect, Dexterity and Endurance stats… like these Enhancements I have right here!

Undead War

  • A Lich is summoning an army of the undead to attack Battleon! We must defend the town by stopping them here. Battle the forces of the undead and turn in Defender's Medals to increase the war meter. Turn in Battle Prizes for special items. The Lich will reveal itself once we reach 100%. Battle on!

Artix at Ebil Dread

  • Hero! This Paladin desperately calls upon your assistance to stop the ultimate source of EVIL! I know you are scared; we are all scared. But that does not mean we are cowards! Can you…lend…a…hand?
  • After Quests:We can take these Pink-ites, we can take 'em! Battle on!
  • Talk
    • This knightmare is the handiwork of the Pink-o-mancer Beleen. According to legend, the only thing in Lore that can reverse this Hex is the George Lowe-anomicon. If we can find all the missing pages, then maybe we can reverse this horrid spell before anymore extremities are lost in battle…



Storyline Quests



Artix while fighting Sepulchure in one of Gravelyn's visions.
  • His full name is Artix Von Krieger, a.k.a. Adam Bohn in real life, the creator of Adventure Quest Worlds and other AE games.
  • Artix's Char Page
  • Artix's Twitter Link
  • He tends to attack undead and ghosts, since he is one of many paladins who view them as truly evil beings. In the Doomwood saga, it is revealed that he does this in order to free their Spirit Orbs.
  • Even though his NPC is a paladin, his AQW character has rank 10 doomknight.
  • He is also THE GAME OWNER.
  • He might have feelings for Robina (the character Artix only) because he told Maximillian he would do something terrible to him if he harmed her. This may be true, but the fact that Robina is also Princess Victoria, one of the three Princesses of Lore, could also mean that he may have been defending her in a more professional capacity.
  • Many people do not know, but staff members like Artix can't 1-hit anything, they only do -9999 damage which is just healing you. Proven and confirmed.
  • In the Mirror Realm, he has a evil Doom-Paladin counterpart named Undead Artix.
  • Artix's signature weapon is the Blinding Light of Destiny. Since the Doomwood part II started, it has been anounced that the Blinding Light of Destiny will be reforged. The quest chain will be, as said on the Design notes, the longest quest chain in the game, and, as promised few years ago, it will be a non-member quest chain.
  • Artix's Axe "Blinding Light of Destiny" was a regular axe. The reason it is gold is because of the undead he has killed, the spirits orbs of the undead make his axe gold and glow.
  • In HeroSmash, his name is Martial Artix (It sounds like Martial Arts...geddit?).
  • Artix changes his armor to Ebil Dread Paladin in every Mogloween event.
  • In the DoomWood saga it is revealed that he isn't a Paladin but an UndeadSlayer, and that his holy spells are derived from Spirit Orbs.
  • In the final battle of the Doomwood saga, Artix is revealed to be the Champion of Darkness.
  • You can choose to kill him in the final battle with Vordred in Doomwood, but doing so will give you the Bad Ending of the storyline and open up the Bad Ending Shop.
  • He is the most famous moderator in the game.
  • In Gravelyn's Dream there is a black version of Artix.
    • Interestingly enough the black version of Artix looks similar to Xitra (without the goatee) from the original AdventureQuest as well as a Death Knight.
    • For some strange reason his cape did not turn black.
  • Artix has a helmet but is not shown wearing it