BattleOff (Old)

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BattleOff (Old)
The Mirror Universe of Battleon! Everything here is the opposite of our world!
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: /Join Battleoff
Exits To:

Quests and Monsters

Monsters: None
NPCs and Shops

Shops: 10/10/10 AC Rare Shop

  • For the Cutscenes on the Buttons - 10/10/10 Birthday Event Cutscenes
  • There is also a Mirror Cysero, who is very sane, serious, and wears red, and a Mirror Warlic, who runs a science shop, and is very laid-back. There is also an uninteractable Mirror Zorbak. The Mirror Aria runs a butcher shop that is going out of business, while the normal Aria runs a pet shop that is just starting up.
  • In the pre-event part, Mirror Drakath mentioned that the Mirror Realm's Galanoth is an evil dragon and the Mirror Realm's Xan is an Ice Mage.
  • Part of AQWorld's Birthday Live, Musical Event Weekend (10/10/10).
  • There once was a BattleOff that was the exact counter-part to Battleon, and it was used for the AdventureQuest Worlds advertisment.
  • This area is now Tag-rare.png.

Warlic's Science Shoppe
Aria's Butcher Shoppe