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This is the NPC type of Kimberly, for the monster, click here
Kimberly, the Sixth Lord of Chaos (in Palooza)



  • Kimberly is the lead singer of One-Eyed Doll & the the Sixth Chaos Lord.

Important Text

Kimberly/Chaos Lord Kimberly

In Palooza

Before Completion

Hi Hero! I'm Kimberly of One-Eyed Doll. The Chaos Lord Discordia has kidnapped all of the bands in the world and taken control of Lorestockapaloosa! This is terrible. But don't worry! We are going to assualt his fortress together and save the day. When the event starts, join us by walking up the hill.

After Completion

WOW! That was so much fun! I really hope you liked the event. I can't wait to do it again! <whispers> Melt... faces.....

In Mogloween War

At Start

Hi there, Hero! I'm Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll! Have we met? Anyway... A vampire lord named Incubus has decided to attack Battleon and Mystcroft. I have no idea why he would go for both towns at the same time but figuring out vampires has never been my strong suit.


Safiria tells me that Incubus is a bestial vampire lord who has spent years gathering an army of bloodthirsty creatures to do his bidding. He has deserted Vampire Queen Safiria and is looking for a land he can claim for himself... and he has his eyes on Mystcroft and Battleon!

At 25%

All right, hero! You've defeated about a quarter of Incubus' vampire army! From what I can tell Icubus is not just attacking both towns, It's trying to carve a direct path between the two towns. I'll keep asking around, you keep fighting back those bloodsuckers!

At 50%

Great job, hero! Half of the vampire army has been defeated! Junior talked to Cysero who talked to Artix who talked to Warlic and HE says Incubus is trying to forge a myst-link between the two towns so Battleon will be pulled into the mists when Mystcroft vanishes for another year!

At 75%

You've got Incubus on the run but you can't quit now! The myst-link is nearly complete! You HAVE to get to vampire lord Incubus before it's too late or else Battleon will be trapped in the mists for a whole year! If that happens you'll just log in to an empty field. Boooooring.

At 100%

YOU DID IT! You reached vampire lord Incubus just in time. He wasn't able to complete the myst-link between Battleon and Mystcroft, so when Mystcroft disappears for another year Battleon will stay in this world. Great job hero!

In Asylum

Hi Everyone! Thank you for watching our new video! Because we are using another company to stream the video, we do not have any control over the TV ads they show. So, we must ask you that your over 13, or get your parents permission before the starting of the video stream. Hope you enjoy the show.



  • Committed Event Rares
  • Committed Merge
  • Mogloween Committed



Hero of Balance Kimberly

Hero of Balance Kimberly

Sixth Hero of Balance

Saved the best for last, didn't you, (character name)! Good to have ya! Quetzal really made a mess of the place, didn't he? Unfortunately for us, he's the thing standing, or I guess slithering, in our way of getting that last Orb! Think you could lend us a hand?


Believe it or not, that massive flying snake up ahead is the Champion of Ice! Too bad the Queen and Kolyaban messed around with his mind, causing him to go nuts! He would have made a great ally! Just another friend the Queen took from us...


My best friend, Discordia, saved me from being captured by the Queen's forces. He pretended to be one of the Heroes of Balance and was taken, allowing me to escape. I know in my heart that he is gone... But I have to keep going! He wouldn't want me to be sad! He would want me to keep fighting for the future that we both wanted!

After completing the Bones for Stones quest

With the bones you collected, we were able to lure Krellenos's Naga Baas out of hiding to help us. I hope that with it, and my Dragosaurus, we'll have enough firepower to take on Quetzal. It has to be... We need that final Orb!

After obtaining the Ice Orb

Never thought we'd send a giant snake to space! And now we have all the Elemental Orbs! Although things seemed grim at first, it feels like we finally have a chance against the Queen! Discordia would be so happy right now! Let's do this!


  • She is the true Sixth Lord of Chaos.
  • She is the second (third if you count Xing and Xang separately) female Chaos Lord, the first being the Twins, and the third being Khasaanda.
  • She is also the lead singer of One-Eyed Doll in real life.
  • Her Lords of Order counterpart in the Mirror Realm is the same as her in appearance. As of the Shadows of Chaos saga, the red parts of said counterpart's shirt were recolored light yellow.
  • Her Hero of Balance ancestor wears an outfit similar to the one she wore during the Blood Moon event.