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This is the NPC type of Nulgath, for the monster, click here.

The Abyss General (Fiend of the Underworld)
Text: Tercessuinotlim

Welcome minion... err... hero. The prices? Oh boohoo! Leave if you think they're unreasonable! I've watched you from the begining. You've had it easy, hero. Everything has been handed to you. Haha! Do you even know what a challenge is? Earning my wares will cost you... and it'll cost you a lot. Keep whining and I'll decorate this room with your entrails.

Battleon Tag-rare.png

You think you have what it takes to fight for the Fiend of the Underworld? I give you chance after chance to prove yourself, and at this time is no different. Become a Blood Fiend and show your loyalty; when the pulling pretender, Dage the Evil, is crushed, my followers will know what true power tastes like. IF you show yourself worthy.

Citadel Tag-rare.png

The cave area hasn't been completed yet. But you can still take a look around.
Location: Tercessuinotlim
Battleon Tag-rare.png
Citadel Tag-rare.png
Services: Nulgath's Shop
Nulgath's Painting Shop
Quests: Juggernaut Items of Nulgath
Demanding Items of Nulgath
Totem of Nulgath (Quest)
Void Knight Deal (Removed from game)
Nulgath is Kind
The Leery Contract
Bone Dust Reagent
Cube Reagent
Essence of Defeat Reagent
Impossible, Empowered Items of Nulgath
Arcane Orb (Removed from game)
Blood Orb (Removed from game)
Primal Orb (Removed from game)
Shadow Orb (Removed from game)
Purchase Sword of Nulgath
BloodBlade of Nulgath
''Kindness'' of Nulgath
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (Quest) (Removed from game)
Twisted Items of Nulgath (Only available from Sword of Nulgath (Pet))
DragonBlade of Nulgath (Quest) (Changed to Demanding Items of Nulgath)
Combat Style: Soulreaper of Nulgath
Combat Style: Taro's Manslayer
Combat Style: Champion Blade of Nulgath
Combat Style: Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
Combat Style: Dragonbone Axe
Combat Style: Tainted Claymore
Combat Style: Purified Claymore of Destiny
Purchase Drudgen The Assistant
Assistance of Nulgath
Fire and Rehire
  • Miltonius (Nulgath) is also a Moderator.
  • He is the lead designer of Oversoul
  • Changed his name from "Miltonius" to "Nulgath". Click here to see the reason why.
  • Artist/Designer in AQW, but has been busy working on Oversoul.
  • Nulgath was once the master of Dage the Evil.
  • You can read the origin of the war between Nulgath and Dage The Evil here.
  • There is a glitch that when you click on him, he wears his old waist piece for the duration of his "Do not move... or I will strike you down!" speech.