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This is the NPC type of Iadoa, for the new year monster, click here, for the Time Space monster click here
Iadoa in his old time sage form.
Chaorrupted Iadoa

The tenth Lord of Chaos. Professor Iadoa was a renowned Chronomancer who disappeared for some unknown reason. When he returned, he turned out to have been Chaorrupted by Drakath, and was plotting to destroy the new year's celebration. He was defeated by the hero and Lim, who afterwards used his armblade to return things to the way they were before his return.

However, he is later revealed to have survived and has become the 10th Lord of Chaos. He takes on the appearance of an old time sage, now living in the Library of Time. He is willing to serve as the hero's guide throughout The Span and the three timelines that combined to create AdventureQuest Worlds (AQ Classic, DragonFable, and MechQuest) before he becomes fully corrupted himself - which he knows will happen to him eventually.

Iadoa instructed Golem Warlic to take the players to the Time Void to meet Vaxt Ahas the Unending who tells the players about the day when Galanoth slew The Dragon of Time. After the players defeated the Unending Avatar, Iadoa arrives and shows the players the day when Galanoth slew the Dragon of Time which resulted in the realities of AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest to merge into the player's reality. Iadoa states that the combination of the three realities caused everyone to be reborn including Drakath and his Master. Iadoa then proceeds to lead the players into the details of their destiny.


Important Text

Professor/Chaos Lord Iadoa

At AQ Lesson

Before completing all quests

Partially-Chaorrupted Chronomancer

Your first lesson begins now. Remember, nothing is ever what it seems, and sweet words may conceal bitter promises. No matter how strange your allies, so ling as you are all united, victory against any foe is possible! The Blue Portal will take you to the Temple of Hope, a place where despair cannot survive.


My constructs draw from the adventures of your Otherself, who lived in the timeline you are about to explore. In each classroom, you will meet a golem who gives your lesson. When you are done, they will answer some of your questions about everything that is happening to you.

Your Otherself has done much in the short time they have worked to save their home: battling a World-Devourer, working to keep harmony between the elements in Paxia, battling through the Dragonspine Mts to rescue an innocent, fighting as the world is torn by fire and ice, and taking on mysterious creatures. You have much to learn from them.

After completing all quests

You did well with your first lesson. We must still address those things your other Otherselves can teach you. But I fear those lessons may go harder on you. I am… *shudder* losing control. But I WILL stay strong until we are through. And please, my... friend... remember me to explain about Proto-Chaos Beasts when we next meet. *gasp* I cannot speak anymore now.

At DF Lesson

Before AQ Lesson quests

You do not know enough yet to begin this lesson. Steady progress is important; without the proper foundation, you will not have the strength to possess the knowledge. Return to /thespan.

After AQ Lesson quests

The Chaos inside me grows stronger. I can feel it stealing my mind. It has already changed what I had planned for your lesson today. I do not know what you will find inside this place, or whom. Be careful; I cannot tell which way the paths turn. But learn as much as you can... IF you can. When you are done, take the right-hand path up the mountain.


I hope you never know what it feels like to have your body and mind invaded by the grasping, poisonous touch of Chaorruption. It steals your breath, controls your thoughts. Every moment is a fight to regain control of your plans, hopes, and dreams. I have lost control of this classroom, but you MUST learn the lessons there anyways.

After completing Find the Time to Travel

If I had the time, I would explain to you so much more about the nature of life, the universe, and everything. Your travels in the future depend upon your mastery of them. I know an orb made from the mind of a man who knows a few things that could help. Find Cysero's workshop, and he will explain about time travel, phonebooths, and excellent adventures.

After completing Dragon Egg... or Junk?

Sneevils, you are familiar with, and their love of boxes. But the boxes they steal are not always empty. Discover the Sneevil Dumpsite. Inside the junkyard is an egg - the key to your OtherSelf's draconic destiny. Experience his search to understand the persistence and dedication it takes to challenge fate!

During [[Dracolich Fortress Detected

Both the Sepulchure of this Lore and his counterpart in the DragonFable timestream traveled using a Flying Dracolich fortress. Find it in the maze to learn more about his most prized possession - a dracolich destined to save the world… or destroy it. Learn what you can of this beast; you will need the knowledge soon.

After completing Bone up on the Boss

A Hero's home, wherever they choose to make it, becomes the center of their life. Their friends, loved ones, and future are all found here. But it is also a weak spot; enemies know that you care for those who live there. Find Falconreach, your OtherSelf's home-base. Defend it as you would Battleon in this Lore!

After completing Defend the Town!

... Something about chaos chickens? Zeuster? Sorry, so sorry… My mind burns. The Chaos wrestles with my very words as I try to teach you. Find the temple of Zeuster, god of the ChikenCows. The golem Zeuster will explain about the nature of elements... IF Chaos hasn't stolen control of my creations from me, as well!

After completing The 2nd Proto-Chaos Beast

HELP! Please... Go... *whimper* The Chaos - feel my will... slipping, slimy purple tendrils grasping. Mind fading, shattered gemeralds, shining eyes. Chaos eyes. Go, before I cannot stop myself. The attack cannot come yet. You are not ready. *gasp* I am not ready! I. Do. Not. Accept. CHAOS!

At Battleon

Chaorrupted Chronomancer

Hero, you do not have the time to spend standing here, talking. If you are to defeat Chaos and fulfill your true Destiny, you must hurry to /join thespan. There, I will teach you the lessons you need to know to defeat Drakath. The items in this shop have been designed to assist you.

What is going on?!

Helping you defeat Drakath. The Chaorrupted do not automatically bow to the Chaos Champion. If you have not learned that yet, you will soon enough. You are late for class. I cannot teach you what you need to know to save Lore if you do not learn the skills a Hero requires!


Iadoa as he appears in the 2012 New Year's event.

New Year's Lab 1st Cutscene

The clock inside the lab starts to go haywire, followed by the hourglass. The dropping ball stops working as a shadowy figure watches. Screen flashes.

  • ???: Ahahaha! All will feel my power, and none shall deny it!

The shadowy figure reveals himself as Professor Iadoa.

  • Iadoa: I - Professor Iadoa - am the Master of Time, the Temporal Tyrant! History is so... rich with disaster and happiness, filled with death and life! It is rife with Chaos!

Lim looks at his clock and sees, to his surprise, that it has stopped.

  • Lim: Iadoa! You've been missing for DECADES! The academy thought you'd squinched yourself!
  • Iadoa: BAH! As if *I* could be torn apart by the streams of time! Your grandfather never DID have a clear vision of what COULD be, you little button-pusher, you gear-golem. In the Timestream, I saw... wonders, marvels... and - and Him!

Iadoa reveals that he met Drakath and became Chaorrupted by him.

  • Lim: You don't mean -
  • Iadoa: I DO! And oh, the phenomenal paradoxes I shall create at his behest! Imagine Dinkleheim Slugwrath forced to endure the machinations of Zorbak XIII's prodigious offspring! Beautious!

Lightning flashes behind Iadoa.

  • Iadoa: And it will ALL begin with... THIS! Halting the progress of time! There will be NO New Year THIS year! Merged Timestreams will be as nothing - or EVERYTHING - to the Chaos I shall create after this!

Lightning flashes behind him again as the cutscene ends.

Time for Truth Cutscene

The Warlic Golem greets an old man as he enters. The hero enters a fighting stance as though he/she knows the man is a Chaos Lord. The man is, of course, Iadoa. Iadoa orders the Warlic Golem to leave, and he does so.

  • Iadoa: So, (character name), we meet again! You remain just as I left you - valiant, committed to your purpose, and so skilled! Excellent.
  • Hero: ...Do I know you? Because I'm pretty sure we've never met. I'd remember that outfit.

Iadoa reveals himself to be the same Iadoa from the 2012 New Year's event.

  • Iadoa: We surely have. You will remember me. I think, as the over-loud, caricature of a Chaos Lord you met as the new year began?
  • Hero: YOU! You're - but you - you ATTACKED me! You tried to stop time itself!

Iadoa reverts back to his old man self.

  • Iadoa: Did my Golems not tell you? To understand the nature of a thing, you must interact with it. I needed to observe you. See what you would do, how you would react, to a perceived threat.
  • Hero: Perceived?! You're a Chaos Lord! You ARE a threat!

Iadoa nods his head, then flashes his eyes white and blue as the hero attacks him only to be stopped by his magical time shield.

  • Hero: What the -

Iadoa pushes the hero back with his shield.

  • Iadoa: I am afraid we do not have time for such actions, as understandable as they are. I am nothing like you have ancountered before. An unfinished - uncommitted - Chaos Lord.
  • Hero: Un... finished? WHAT does "uncommitted" mean?!
  • Iadoa: I am here to lead you to your Destiny. To achieve your full potential, you must understand how you - and your world - came to be.
  • Hero: I have two problems with what you just said. 1) You didn't answer me. 2) This is ridiculous. YOU Chaos Lord, ME Hero. You wreck, I rebuild. That's how this goes.
  • Iadoa: ...*sigh* Students. Always the same, no matter the century.

Iadoa transports himself and the hero to an astral plane of floating islands, glowing spheres, and clocks.

  • Hero: Where the - WHERE in Zeuster's left tailfeather did you TAKE us?!
  • Iadoa: Peace, (character name). THIS is the true interior of the Library. The space between lives, worlds, and times. What you saw before is nothing more than another construct. One more... comfortable than this.
  • Hero: As comfortable as my WEAPON in your CHEST?

The hero throws his/her weapon at Iadoa, who stops it with his shield and returns it to him/her.

  • Iadoa: You view me as an enemy. THE enemy... There is an element of truth in that. But not the whole truth. Things are not always what they appear to be. That is the first lesson you must learn.
  • Hero: You are a Chaos Lord! Lim and I fought you. I won. You ARE the enemy!
  • Iadoa: ...Yes and no. Lim did as I asked; he understood. You fought who I appeared to be. In doing so, I gained much knowledge of your... you-ness. And I am pleased. But we must move on.

Iadoa creates a clock and shows the hero's reflection inside it.

  • Iadoa: I have seen your future...

Drakath's reflection replaces the hero's in the clock.

  • Iadoa: And Drakath's.

Drakath's reflection fades from the clock. The hero lies down.

  • Hero: Please, keep talking. I'll just be over here, stranded in the middle of no-when, resting. Got to save my strength for the coming battle. Against YOU. Whatever you are.
  • Iadoa: That is an excellent idea. But for now, listen. You asked what I meant by "unfinished" and "uncommitted." You desire to know what I am.

The hero sits back up.

  • Iadoa: Whatever you may think you know about Chaos and Chaorruption pales compared to the reality. Those who welcome Chaorruption are unimaginably enhanced. For those who do not... unimaginable pain forces them to bow.

Iadoa does a flashback to when he was attacked and unwillingly Chaorrupted by Drakath.

  • Iadoa: To feel your body succumb - the blood in your veins changing to acid as it runs under skin - that is pain enough. To feel YOU - your will, your sense of self - irrevocably altered, your thoughts and decisions not your own...

Iadoa nods and then flashes his eyes blue and white again as he transports himself and the hero back to the Time Library again.

  • Iadoa: I do not know how long I have until I become the Chaos Lord I am destined to be. Before that happens, you must become the Hero you were meant to be. That Lore MUST have. And though you may not have known, Drakath's fate is tied to yours, as well.

Scene switches to Drakath within the realm of Chaos.

  • Iadoa: That which lies beyond his Gate requires much to enter our world. Your actions will determine when - or if - he succeeds.

Scene switches back to the Time Library.

  • Iadoa: Come, we have much to do. Journey to the northern-most portal.
  • Hero: Got it. But... after you. You understand.

Iadoa leaves. The hero follows him outside the library.

  • Hero: ...Is this dangerous, what I'm going to learn?
  • Iadoa: Yes.
  • Hero: Will you try to kill me?
  • Iadoa: At some point in the future? Yes.
  • Hero: Do I have a choice in this?
  • Iadoa: We all have a choice. Mine is to teach you while I am still... me.
  • Hero: Then we'd better begin. It sounds like we're both running out of time.

Lord of Order Iadoa

Mirror Iadoa

Before completing the 'Oooommm' quest

Lord of Order

You cannot help me. Return to your time.

After completing the 'Oooommm' quest

This is not your world... and it is not your time. You are disturbing the balance, the Order, by being here. I understand the severity of your situation, and why Drakath has summoned us. Repair the damage your arrival has caused, and I will think on the best course of action.

After completing the 'Find Khasaanda' quest

Speak to Khasaanda. With her guidance, I will be able to make a decision on where we go from here.

During the 'Return to Iadoa' quest

So, you've returned.

After completing the 'Return to Iadoa' quest

I have seen what has happened... and what is coming. Yes, hero - we will help you. Let me know when you are ready to return to your own time.

Hero of Balance Iadoa

Hero of Balance Iadoa

Tenth Hero of Balance

At Queen's Reign

I am happy to see you have made it, (character name)! You have already been able to obtain three of the Elemental Orbs we need to seal away the Queen! I'm afraid this fourth Orb will be just as hard to retrieve as the rest. Sa-Laatan, the Salt Sower, stands between us and the Water Orb. Its assault on this town and its people must be stopped and the Orb retrieved!

This Town?

Mobius is a small farming village that has seen great prosperity thanks to the faeries that live nearby. They bless the town with their Nature magic, allowing for bountiful harvests. I fear that this has angered the Queen, however. She has sent her Child to salt the earth, killing all the crops, and starving the people of this town. Sa-Laatan must be stopped.

After completing the Path to Sa-Laatan quest

The town is protected for now. I have communed with Kathool and it should aid us in our fight against Sa-Laatan. All we can do now is fight and pray to the Avatars that we are able to take Sa-Laatan down! If not, all is lost...

After obtaining the Water Orb

Four down, four to go. It is amusing to think that we are already halfway done. We have been making so much headway with you here with us, (character name). Thank you. You have truly given me and the other Heroes hope. Hope for a better future. One free of the Queen's rule. I swear, we will make it happen!

At Elemental Orb Hunt (After obtaining the Ice Orb)

That was a great victory today. And it was all thanks to you, (character name). Thank you, for everything. Before you arrived, the Elemental Orbs were outside our grasp. You were that secret weapon we needed. Now, let's bring the fight to the Queen of Monsters and end her hold on this world for good!

At Queen's Battle

Before obtaining the Ice Orb

We don't have the Elemental Orbs yet! If we face the Queen now, we will surely lose! Go back so that we collect the Orbs and then we will return here!

After obtaining the Ice Orb

The final battle is here. While we have all eight Elemental Orbs, the Queen doesn’t seem afraid. If anything, her and her forces seem excited for the challenge. There is no telling what tricks the Queen has up her sleeve. We must stay alert at all times. To the very last second.


The Queen will try to attack us in all forms. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally. She will find our weaknesses and use them against us. We mustn’t let her stop us though. Not when we are so close. Just remember, if things become too tough to bear, you have your fellow Heroes to help you bear that weight.

After completing the completing the Portal of Chaos & Portal of Chaos II quests

The portal is now open! You will have to use it if we are to get closer to the Queen. I am afraid I can’t follow you though. The Chaotic forces of the Plane would easily overcome my mind. But you, you have faced Chaorruption before, and you’ve survived traversing the Plane as well. Once you are on the other side, I will be able to lock on your position and teleport to you. Good luck, and I’ll see you on the other side!

After completing the Slain Children quest

You made it! Thank the Avatars! What was it like in there? You heard the Queen?! Do not listen to her, (character name)! She is trying to get in your head! Don’t let her! We must push forward! We will beat her!

After completing the "A Giant of Chaos" quest

This is bad! The amount of Chaorruption coming off of that... “thing” is suffocating. I have never sensed anything like it. I can’t even tell what species that thing was before... If I had to guess, that thing is stronger than the first Twelve Heroes of Balance, but not the Thirteenth! You’ve said you faced a Champion of Chaos before. We need you to face one again! I have faith in you, (character name)!

After completing the "The First Champion of Chaos" quest

With her Champion defeated, there is nothing standing in the way between us and the Queen! All of the Heroes of Balance are at your side, Hero! It is time to end this!

After completing the "The Queen of Monsters" quest

We did it! The Queen is gone! What you did, it was amazing! Though the curse the Queen placed on us is troublesome, and the Elemental Orbs are scattered, we can worry about it after we celebrate. Then the Heroes and I will see to the restoration of this world, after getting you back to your time, of course! Thank you, Hero. For everything. For the Hope you have given us, and for everything to come.


  • Iadoa first appeared in the 2012 new year's event at the New Year's Lab as a standard boss.
  • His armor that he wore at the New Year's Lab, both during the cutscenes played there and in-battle against him in said area, resembles a ChronoCorruptor.
  • He is The First Good Male Chaos Lord.