The Beast Quetzal

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The Beast Quetzal

The second Champion of Ice sent by Kyanos from the Plane of Ice. It was encased in an "ice prison" in a form of a comet by Escherion, one of the Heroes of Balance, through the use of his inversion powers, and afterwards sent to space by Iadoa as they and the rest of the heroes fought to save a snow-covered Mythsong Canyon and secure the Ice Orb. In a form of a serpent with feathers and wings, it was as long as a mountain range and it could destroy whole towns with one breath.

When it was unleashed on Lore, the world had burst into panic as it froze to death. The only one thing that could destroy The Beast Quetzal, a weapon of legendary power crafted from its own scales, is the Sword of Hope.

It was later revealed that the Queen had twisted its mind all those years ago - corrupting it and filling it with lies which then led to the event when Kezeroth used its power to destroy Lore.


26,000 years ago, Kezeroth the World Ender tried to free the Beast Quetzal from its prison in a giant ice comet but failed. After a Chronocorruptor helped him by freezing him in time for another 26,000 years, Quetzal's comet is finally close enough once more for Kezeroth to sense it, and to end what he began so long ago. If he succeeds, he will use Quetzal's power to encase the world in ice... ending all life on Lore for good!


  • The combined effort of the Hero together with his/her friends weakened the Beast.
  • Kezeroth, who unleashed it on Lore, having seen the outcome of the battle, angrily finished off Quetzal himself using the sword of hope as punishment for failing to bring about the end of all things.
  • Its origins are to be known later on in the Ice Saga.
  • So far, it is the only unique Elemental Champion among the others since it was in a form of a beast rather than the usual "human form".