Release Log/2009

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December 30

December 23

December 21

  • Necromancer Class released on PTR (Skills on PTR, no skills on regular servers)

December 18

December 15

December 14

  • Beleen's birthday and her pet's (Chongo the Chinchilla) birthday
  • Chongo the Chinchilla available only today for members

December 11

December 10

December 9

  • 100% War meter at MountFrost
  • Meeting with Tinsel and receiving the Helmet-shaped present!

December 4

December 3

  • Master Account System Alpha Phase opens (along with the opening of EpicDuel)

November 27

  • Beleen's Half-Off Shop is released!
  • Cole, the non-member pet is released to players who have used an upgrade card on this Black Friday!

November 25

November 20

November 19

November 17

November 13

  • Friday the 13th returns with all NEW items. (note Friday the 13th will be in separated mini events)
  • Autograph (Friday the 13th badge at the Book of Lore) from Voltaire's concert.
  • Return of Galanoth server and Truffle server (Moglin-safe) is added.
  • Deady Area has been released!

November 11

November 6

November 5

November 1

October 30

  • Voltabolt area released early, type /join voltabolt. Dr. Voltabolt in Mogloween Finale.

October 27

October 24

October 14

  • Deady House Shop and Deady pets (for those who bought Deady toy)

October 17

October 12

October 11

  • Second area in the warlionfang Area unlocked (war at 50%)

October 10

October 2

October 1

September 30

September 29

September 25

September 20

September 18

September 11

September 4

September 1

August 27th

  • Rock roc mini game for all players
  • Rock roc boss battle for all players non members can only go there by typing /join roc
  • Battle with Vath the 3rd Lord of Chaos and Stalagbite members only
  • New items in suggestion shop
  • AC item bank for free unlimited AC items

August 21st

  • The Dwarf War!
  • Rock roc Minigame (currently members only)
  • A new monster (Rock roc)
  • New cutscenes
  • A new shop
  • 2 new areas (/join dwarfwar, /join roc)

August 14th

  • A new cutscene
  • A new monster (Warden Elfis)
  • Vath's Keep and Dwarf Prison (/join vath, /join dwarfprison)
  • A new house type, a cave
  • New house items
  • Glowsticks, which now drop from Glow Worm's
  • A new NPC

August 7th

July 31st

July 24th

July 21st

July 18th

July 13th

July 10th

  • An awesomely huge sprawling expanse map, Greenguard Forest surrounds Battleon, leading to many "undiscovered" areas.
  • The MechQuest Art Book with a special code that unlocks the Skull Crusher Armor in AQWorlds, and a special mecha in MechQuest!
  • Event to teleport Battleon to Greenguard Forest at 3:00 PM EST. Live event with music, voice acting, and Cysero's help.
  • Keep, an expensive 2-story members' house design, released.

July 3rd

  • New look of map of lore
  • 4th of July shop
  • Sneeviltron is back (was sneevil war machine) - type /join boxes
  • New house items
  • House items slots

July 1st

June 28th

  • Special Daimyo pet for members!

June 26th

June 24th

  • A new scene of the meeting of all the good and evil mages in Lore to discuss a way to save Battleon from the 2 asteroids that are set to destroy the town.

June 19th

June 18th

  • Safiria's Birthday
  • Exclusive One-Day-Only Phaedra Pet for Safiria's Birthday at the New Shop.

June 12th

June 9th

June 5th

May 29th

May 22nd

May 20

May 15th

New items in:

Good Shop

Evil Shop

The Tower of Relativity is open to all players

  • New game engine- 0.71 1st lord of chaos
  • Shiny new login screen
  • Shift-click on names in the chat area to send tells,

(This allows you to click in the area to walk there)

  • New moglin safe chat server, Twig.(Replaced From Galanoth Server)
  • Hydra area is open to all players with a new quest
  • Renn and Zio second quest chain is for all players now
  • Runix Cube area for all players

May 11th

May 8th

May 5th

May 1st

April 24th

April 23rd

April 22nd

April 17th

April 10th

April 8th

  • Mobius available to all players
  • War at Mobius
  • First war event

April 5th

April 3rd

April 1st

March 28th

March 20th

  • St. Patrick's Day quest updated (to get Sneevilchaun pet)
  • Forest of Chaos (for all players)

March 17th

March 13th

March 11th

March 6th

February 27th

February 25th

February 24th

February 20th

February 13th

February 6th

February 5th

  • New Server: Zorbak (Moglin Safe Server)
  • Players of all ages can now create accounts!

February 1st

January 30th

January 23rd

January 17th

January 10th

January 1st