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King Alteon as the Twelfth lord of chaos
King Alteon the Good, before chaorruption

King Alteon the Good is the king of one of the largest city in Lore, Swordhaven. And he wields the Mighty Dragonblade.

He has three daughters, from youngest to oldest, they are:



Look at: Lynaria

Important Text

King Alteon the Balanced/Chaos Lord Alteon

If you haven't chosen your alignment yet:

  • King Alteon: Until you have made your choice, there can be no way of telling how you can help. Search your inner feelings, and choose who will be your liege. Only then you should return to me

The Battle of Good and Evil

  • King Alteon: You never cease to amaze me hero! First you saved my youngest daughter from a Dragon. Now, you have battled countless undead to reach my throne room.
  • King Alteon: Alas, the final moments of this war draw near. You will be forced to make a most important decision.... will you use your great power and skill for Good or Evil?
  • King Alteon: No matter what decision you make, there is something I must tell you of great importance...

<Cutscene Starts>

  • King Alteon: Sepulchure! Your reign of terror ends with my next strike... I shall unleash the full power of the Golden Dragon Sword and destroy you!

<Choose your destiny and Drakath's Arrival cutscene>

<Drakath Destroys Chuckles and Attacks King Alteon and Sepulchure>


<Drakath gets the "Soul Energy" of Sepulchure>



<Drakath Crushes Sepulchure's Heart and Sepulchure falls apart>

  • Drakath: Sepulchure has a Daughter? Amusing...

<Drakath blasts down the Flying Castle>

  • Drakath: The battle between Good and Evil is over. Now begins, the AGE OF CHAOS!
  • King Alteon: What is happening to me!? Drakath... What have you done!?
  • Drakath: Heh. Not feeling like yourself, King? You and this pathetic Hero can't stop what I am about to do to your world.Watch as my 13 Lords of Chaos destroy everything that you love. I will save you two for last. Enjoy the show. HAHA!

Hero of Balance Alteon

Hero of Balance King Alteon

Twelfth Hero of Balance

Ah! (character name)! I heard Iadoa was able to successfully bring you to our time! It is an honor! I wish we were meeting under less grim circumstances, but we must get to work. We must retrieve the Earth Orb and free Dwarfhold from the Queen's reign!

King Alteon!

You must know one of my descendants in your time, perhaps? I am happy to hear that my line continues! I can tell by your expression that you care deeply for your King Alteon... and that he is also no longer with you... I am sorry for your loss, but know that wherever your King is now, he is proud of you.

After completing the Lair Located quest

Well done, (character name)! You have made short work of Grou'luu's forces. The path to the creature is clear and we must strike at once! I have my Dragon standing by in case we need a speedy retreat, but something tells me that with you by our side, we will not lose today!

After obtaining the Earth Orb

HAHAHA! What a glorious battle! The Earth Orb is ours! I have heard countless legends regarding the Elemental Orbs but I never thought I would be holding one in my own hands! The power is immense! I have faith that with all eight of these, we will put an end to the Queen! Go forward through the portal to Mobius. Escherion and Iadoa are waiting for you.


He is immensely capable in combat as his speed alone, when seen at the beginning of a cut scene was impressive. He mainly uses melee combat, but he has powerful magical abilities. For defense he can create a shield around him strong enough to withstand blasts of Sepulchure's pure necromantic energy. He can give as good as he gets though and can channel a bolt of lightning through his sword to blast his enemies at long range. He and Sepulchure are seemingly equally matched.



  • King Alteon wields the the Golden Dragon Blade also known as "King Alteon's Dragonblade" as written on a couple mod. pages, it is a lot like the King's Blade you can buy from the Battleon Upgrade Shop, yet the sword is different and appears to be a cheap imitation. It is also available in the Chaos Shop for 500 gold as a corrupted version. This is basically a purple version of the King's Blade.
King Alteon the Imbalanced, the Mirror-Realm counterpart of King Alteon.
  • He has an Evil Mirror Realm counterpart named 'King Alteon the Imbalanced' who is an exact opposite of the good King Alteon the Balanced himself - unlike the Alteon in the players' reality, who is a kind and wise ruler, Alteon the Imbalanced in the Mirror Realm is an insane tyrant who imprisoned Gravelyn the Good, kidnapped the Lords of Order, and threatens to destroy the world by using the Order Lords' combined power to blow a hole in the fabric of reality and let Chaos chaorrupt the Mirror Realm. One very interesting thing that distinguishes Alteon the Imbalanced from Alteon the Balanced is the Shadowscythe Emblem on his gauntlets as well as the red-and-black clothing and armor, purple gems, blood red eyes, and white hair like any elder. Just like the good King Alteon, the evil Alteon also has a staff that looks like the Mace of the Grand Inquisitor, but this staff is gold and black which differs from the good King Alteon's silver and gold staff.
  • Was named after the brand of balancer that AE used for their servers. They used an Alteon brand server balencer for all of their games years ago, so as an inside joke, he was aptly named King Alteon "The Balanced".
    An Alteon brand balencer
  • He looks exactly like the concept art for King Arthas of Menethil from World of Warcraft

History: King Alteon.


From book: Many years ago, Alteon fought to bring peace to the realm around Swordhaven. Many undead had to re-die before peace was won. Once the battle for Swordhaven was over, Alteon's reign was filled with a happy land and the frenzy of raising an family. His Queen, Lynaria, remembers... But peace does not last forever... nor do Queens. 8 years later, Alteon and his family are left to mourn.

From else: Before Alteon, a corrupted man named Slugwrath ruled the land. Most people were not happy with him ruling. Alteon, one of the king's knights, planned in secret to raise an army to overthrow the tyrant. And after many years of war, Alteon managed at last to defeat him. The citizens of Lore decided they wanted Alteon as their new king. Alteon was happy as an normal peasant, but the people wanted him, and him alone as their king, so he was crowned. But there was ONE small problem. Slugwrath had a son, named Drakath, and he was not happy with Alteon as the king.

  • Speculation about his origins: In Bladehaven the protagonist is Alden, a strong young man with good morals. After he slew the Dragon Lord Valoth, he was dubbed "Sir Alteon" by the old King Timascus. Whether or not this Alteon is the same one as in the other games is mere speculation.
  • In Dragonfable, it is also said that Robina was the daughter of King Alteon (from the bags of the fire and water elemental caves in Warlic's area), and thus may have significance since Sepulcher's daughter too was starred. Also Robina in Swordhaven War said "Amazing! I'm sure glad you are on our side. I will hold the rest off while you get to the throne room... please protect my... erm... protect the King!", notice how she tried to hide that King Alteon is her father? Lastly, in Banquet Robina finally revealed that she, Princess Victoria is the daughter of King Alteon.
  • Some rumors say that King Alteon's class was a protostartorium/rustbucket or enforcer because of his blue lightning that wiped Sepulcher from him and the force field that prevented him from being crushed, was also the skill of the rustbucket/enforcer/protosartorium classes.
  • Eventually becomes the Twelfth Lord of Chaos