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This is the NPC type of Vath, for the monster, click here
Vath, the Third Lord of Chaos


The Third Lord of Chaos is Vath, The Drow Kingdom was ruled by King Vath, who, even before he was Chaorrupted, was a ruthless ruler. But when Vath foolishly consumed the powers of Chaos, he forced his entire kingdom to be Chaorrupted as well. The Dwarves fled from their homes while Drow kin accepted their fate due to their loyalty to King Vath. however, Roroth refused to be Chaorrupted and decided to confront King Vath, but King Vath proves to be stronger and King Vath defeated Roroth and give him a Chaorrupted Scar and cut his arm off but Roroth pretended to be Chaorrupted and left with some of the unchaorrupted Drows.

Important Text

Chaos Dragonlord Vath

Spying on Vath Cutscene

Hero enters, invisible.

Drow appears

  • Drow: Dragonlor..

Column gets cut down

  • Vath: I'm not done yet.
  • Drow: *cough cough*
  • Vath: Speak.
  • Drow: Dragonlord Vath, we have completed using the dwarven forge to create the next shipment of chaos infused weapons for Drakrath, and the slaves have found another Chaos Gemerald today.

Vath raises eyebrow

  • Vath: Only one Chaos Gemerald? Tell them no food until they produce at least three more.
  • Drow: ...My lord, they are already so weak that they can barely move.How can you expect...?
  • Vath: Dwarves are a hearty breed.That is why I allowed them to live as my slaves.If a few die then we are just pruning the weak branches from the strong tree.
  • Drow: ...But

Vath jumps up and points his sword at the Drow.

  • Vath: Soldier. That sounded like a question. Are you questioning the drow that took over Dwarfhold by himself? The Drow that has mastered the Legendary Sword of Dragon Control?The drow who controls the mighty dragon, Stalagbite?
  • Drow: No Dragonlord Vath, would never think to...
  • Vath: Get OUT, fool. If there is one more thing I hate more than being questioned it's a coward! I no longer have need of you. Return home in shame, and tell your friends and family that you have failed me.
  • Drow: Y...Yes,Vath.

Hero Leaves

Trap! Cutscene

The hero is "confronting" Vath.

  • Hero: Dragonlord Vath, you're finished.

The Hero pulls off the cape only to find out it's not really Vath at all but a fake head on a stick.

  • Hero: ?!

A golden cage falls on the hero and the real Vath shows up.

  • Vath: Did you really think that it would be that easy? I have known for weeks that you would be coming for me.
  • Hero: Drakath warned you?
  • Vath: Yes and no. Drakath warned me that a powerful hero might come to stop me from summoning the great chaos beast...the Rock Roc!
  • Hero: ...Rock Roc?
  • Vath: ...But as for who warned me that YOU were coming...Didn't you know?

Are you really that naive?

Jorxlol appears.

  • Hero: I should have never...
  • Jorxlol: Master, I have brought the traitor, as you have commanded.
  • Snowbeard appears
  • Hero: Snowbeard...but your people are enslaved. Why would you do this?
  • Vath: The same reason that his kind do everything, hero.

Vath drops a small bag full of gold on the floor.

  • Snowbeard: Ah, my gold! Thank you, great Chaos Dragonlord Vath. I am your humble servant.
  • Vath: Of course you are. You dwarves are such simple creatures. The flash of gold is all it takes to buy your loyalty. As for you, hero...
  • Vath: You have earned the same fate as the traitor's pathetic race. Remove this pest's weapons and items!
  • Vath: Enjoy the rest of your life in chains! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The hero is taken to prison.

  • Hero: Great. Stuck in an underground prison for the rest of my life. Who's going to feed my cat?

Jorxlol appears behind the bars.

  • Jorxlol: Sorry that I could not help you...I know that you feel betrayed, but Vath isn't as smart as he would like you to think.
  • Jorxlol: You're going to need these if you're going to help the dwarves escape.

Jorxlol tosses a bag.

  • Hero: My items!
  • Jorxlol: Look for a guy named Mick Guyver. Try not to get yourself killed in there.

Jorxlol disappears.

Stealing Stalagbite Cutscene

  • Hero: Vath won't be expecting me this time!

The hero rises to the top of the mountain where Vath is seen holding a few Chaos Gemeralds and his Chaos Dragonlord Amulet is on a rock.

  • Vath: Everything is going according to plan. As soon as I use these Chaos Gemeralds, the Roc will hatch and the Second Chaos Beast will be released! NO ONE can stop me now...and everyone will finally recognize my true supremancy!

Vath drops the Chaos Gemeralds on the ground and the Roc Roc hatches from its stone egg.

  • Hero: Oh no! I've got to find a way to stop that thing! IT'S HERO-ING TIME!

The hero steals Vath's Dragonlord Amulet and jumps off a cliff onto Stalagbite's back, and then flies off.

Vath's Sword Cutscene

  • Vath: That fool thinks that I control my dragon with my Dragon Amulet alone?

Vath holds out his sword.'

Stalagbite forces the hero off his back. The hero falls and drops the Dragonlord Amulet.

  • Vath: I'd like to finish you myself, but I think I'll see what Drakath's new pet will do to you! Rock Roc...Finish the hero!

Bring it On! Cutscene

Drakath is seen, whereabouts unknown

Symbol lights up on an archway

  • Drakath: Ah, DragonLord Vath has awoken the next Chaos Beast. What a pity that it fell to the hero so easily... a monster like that could have spread so much chaos.
  • Drakath: Dwarfhold is still yours to control, Dragonlord... until the hero stops you, that is. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Scene switches to the hero, shown beheading the Rock Roc.

Stalagbite and Vath fly over the hero

  • Vath: Heh. Well done, hero... but you never would have defeated the Roc without MY dragon.
  • Hero: I finished the Rock Roc by myself, Vath, and I won't need anyone else's help finishing you off. Bring it on!
  • Vath: Prepare yourself!

Stalagbite roars.

Showdown Cutscene

Hero is shown running to the top of a mountain.

  • Hero: *huff puff* Did you... *gasp*.... have to fly... *pant pant*... To the very TOP... *wheeze*... of the mountain?
  • Vath:(raises eye brow) Do you want me to let you catch your breath before I destroy you?
  • Hero: Yeah, that would be great. Thanks.
  • Hero: Ok... ready.
  • Vath: Are you sure? I wouldn't want to inconvenience you.
  • Hero: Yep, I'm good. Let's go.

Vath rolls his eyes.

  • Vath: You know, you do not stand a chance of defeating Stalagbite and me. Even alone, I would be too strong for you...
  • Vath: But combined, you have no hope.
  • Hero: Oh, sure... Bring a dragon to a sword fight. That's fair.

Vath gets up from where he's sitting.

  • Vath: That is a good way to view it. So many weak Dragonlords consider their dragon a pet, or worse... their partner.
  • Vath: Stalagbite is just another weapon that I use. With the power of the chaos Dragon Amulet and the Legendary Sword of Dragon Control that Drakath gave me, I enslaved him...
  • Vath: ...just as I enslaved the dwarves... just as I will soon enslave all of these lands.
  • Hero: Vath, I have already freed the dwarves. They are fighting against your army as we speak... and they're winning.
  • Vath: What?! Impossible. Those useless, filthy... I don't believe you.
  • Hero: You don't have to, just look down and see for yourself.

Vath looks down and sees the the dwarves are indeed winning. His eyes turn red.

  • Vath: No matter! You are their beacon of hope, hero.
  • Vath: Once I finish with you, I will throw your body down to them and they will SEE what happens to those who oppose my might!

Vath leaps at the hero, with his sword raised above his head.

Freeing Stalagbite Cutscene

Vath's Sword is shown burying itself into the ground

  • Vath: I... I see why the dwarves chose you as their champion.
  • Hero: My winning personality? Or was it how hard I just beat you into the ground?
  • Vath: I think you're a little overconfident, hero...
  • Hero: I'M overconfident? Check the mirror, Vath. Which one of us is kneeling, defeated with no weapon?
  • Vath: I told you before... My sword wasn't my only weapon...

Vath pulls out his glowing Chaorrupted Dragon Amulet.

  • Vath: Stalagbite, you stupid beast... Get to your feet and DESTROY this fool!

Stalagbite is unresponsive, his eyes also half-closed.

  • Vath: NOW!

Stalagbite pulls himself up half-heartedly.

Hero runs to the sword, pulls it out of the ground and throws it at Vath, destroying the amulet.

  • Vath: No. NO! You fool! You have no idea what you've done!

Stalagbite's eyes fully open.

  • Stalagbite: You...
  • Vath: NO! WAIT! This wasn't supposed to happen!

Stalagbite roars, and pins down Vath.

  • Stalagbite: You have freed me from Vath's control, as you have freed the dwarves. I am in your debt.
  • Hero: Oh, ok. I was aiming for Vath when I threw his sword, but this works too.

Stalagbite rises from the ground, holding Vath by his cloak.

  • Vath: No! Don't let it take me! Let go of me you stupid lizard!
  • Stalagbite: I will remember you, hero. We will meet again.

Stalagbite flies off, away from Dwarfhold Mountain.

Vath, 3rd Lord of Chaos.

Stalagbite, Vath's Chaorrupted Dragon.

Lord of Order Vath (Undead Artix Defeated Cutscene)

Mirror Vath

The fight between the hero and Undead Artix continues. Undead Artix sends the hero sliding backwards with a swipe of his ShadowReaper of Doom. The hero dodges another swipe from him, leaps in the air, and knocks his helmet off with the handle of his/her weapon. The eyes in Undead Artix's helmet fade away. Mirror Drakath appears.

Mirror Drakath: Over there! Break the spell!

The hero and Mirror Drakath throw the ShadowReaper of Doom, the Crown of Blood, and the Platinum Feather at the cage holding the Lords of Order, destroying the cage itself.

Wolfwing: We're free!

Escherion: I told you Drakath would find a way to rescue us.

Vath: Looks like he recruited some help.

We go to Evil King Alteon the Imbalanced, watching over Skullcrusher Mountain from his balcony. King Alteon's eyes squint and then he walks to the right.

Hero of Balance King Vath

Hero of Balance King Vath

Third Hero of Balance

(character name)! Thank goodness you are here! We have been facing off against the Queen's force for too long. I fear that our hold on the region is slipping. With you here, we will have the power we need to halt their advances and take the offensive! The Dwarves here are under my protection and I refuse to see them suffer any longer! It will not be easy, however. Grou'luu the Calcifier, a Child of the Queen, stands between us and the Earth Orb.


The Queen has many monstrous beasts she calls Children. Extriki, who you just defeated, being one of them. Grou'luu the Calcifier is one such Child that has been terrorizing Dwarfold since the beginning of the Queen's reign. It is a mindless creature, turning any living thing that crosses its path into a statue by causing it's prey's bones to grow at an alarming rate. It must be stopped at all costs!

After completing the Lair Located quest

Grou'luu stands as the only obstacle between us and the Earth Orb. There is no telling what structural damage our fight will cause, so I have sent my Rock Roc and Stalagbite to evacuate the remaining Dwarves in the area. Let us fight without restraint and slay this beast.

After obtaining the Earth Orb

Grou'luu has been defeated.... It is almost too good to be true. That Child of the Queen has tormented the Drow and Dwarves since the beginning of the Queen's reign. Perhaps now our people will know peace. Thank you, (character name). Without you, we would have never been free of the beast. Now let's see to the defeat of the Queen and bring this peace to all of Lore!

After obtaining the Water Orb

Grou'luu has been defeated.... It is almost too good to be true. That Child of the Queen has tormented the Drow and Dwarves since the beginning of the Queen's reign. Perhaps now our people will know peace. Thank you, (character name). Without you, we would have never been free of the beast.


  • Although Vath is the Third Lord of Chaos, he revealed himself and was defeated before the Second Lords of Chaos were, due to the unpredictability of Chaos. In addition, he is trying to awaken the Second Beast of Chaos instead of the third one.
  • By forcibly uniting the Drow clans, he created peace among the Drow angering some Drow Assassins who had previously profited from the disunity.
  • He overwhelmed the dwarves of Dwarfhold with Drow Soldiers and Chaotic Draconians, and is using the Heart Forge (which is guarded by Geopetal) to create new chaos weapons for Drakath's minions to use.
  • Being a Dragonlord, Vath has a chaorrupted Dragon Amulet, (and a sword of dragon control given to him by Drakath) which he uses to enslave, chaorrupt, and control a huge purple dragon called Stalagbite.
  • He wields a powerful chaorrupted blade called The Legendary Sword of Dragon Control that can destroy an entire mountainside, as can be seen from the cutscene shown by the Memory Stone.
  • Vath wants Gemeralds, and has enslaved the dwarves to find them, even starving them to death if he doesn't get enough Gemeralds per day. He requires Gemeralds to awaken the Rock Roc, like Escherion required the Runix Cube for the Hydra.
  • Vath has almost all the powers that Tomix mentioned in the Forums.
  • Vath wears a chaorrupted version of the Evolved Dragonlord Armor (Which he drops-Members Only).
  • Before destroying the amulet and the sword, no one knew Stalagbite could talk, let alone think freely.
  • Vath was last seen being carried off by Stalagbite, who hinted that "I will remember you, Hero. We will meet again."
  • If you wear Legendary Sword of Dragon Control, Cloak of Vath, Vath's Hair and Vath's Chaotic Dragonlord Armor you will look exactly like him.
  • He is the first Chaos Lord to act like a monster like the fact that he enslaved not only the Dwarves, but also his dragon, not caring how much pain and suffering he's causing the Dwarves in the slightest, and not even caring if they starve to death as long as they produce enough Chaos Gemeralds to keep him happy. The Second Being Ledgermayne
  • His Lords of Order version in the Mirror Realm wears Tomix's non-chaorrupted Evolved Dragonlord Armor, a red cloak, and has blue eyes and he is a dark elf just like regular Vath. He is not seen with a sword or any other weapon nor with a Mirror version of Stalagbite.
  • He is nearly impossible to defeat without defeating Stalagbite first. If you attack him first Stalagbite will use stomp which will cause MASSIVE damage and can cause a 1-Hit K.O.
    • However, using the Vindicator of They Class, you may be able to kill him. You will get killed by Stalagbite afterward, but you would of killed Vath. (By using Petrify on Stalagbite, and then Sun on Vath, for level 45 enhancements (non-members enhancement works also)
  • The Throne of Darkness saga reveals that Vath is Xeven's father.