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General Information


The Book of Lore is a travel book that will record your path through the main story line in AQWorlds. You get it after you rescue Maya who is part of the intro quests.

It also has information on badge's you have earned, in which some unlock shops located in the book of lore.


Location & Exits

  • Amongst your belongings
  • Newbie


  • Please click the book of lore home tab for further information, it is a interactive system.

Book of Lore Home

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TutorialPortal UndeadChiral ValleyDwarfholdYokai IslandsDarkovia GraveMythsong CityArcangroveSandseaBloodtusk RavineThe SpanFalguardBook of Lore#Book of Lore HomeBook of LoreStory2.png
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Story Walk Through

This is just a short story over view of the story lines within aqworlds, please click expand for further information.


In the time of chaos, the world of Lore is in need of a hero. New:



The kingdom of Swordhaven is ruled by the good and nobel King Alteon, but his arch nemesis, the DoomKnight Sepulchure has launched an attack against Swordhaven...

Chiral Valley
  • Meet Ren and Zio (/join mobius)
  • Slugfest (Boss)
  • Rescue survivors
  • Save the faeries (/join faerie)
  • One eye bruiser (Boss)
  • Exploring the ruins (/join cornelis)
  • One arm giant (Boss)
  • Infiltrate the tower (/join mobius) -after quests- (/join relativity)
  • Meet Escherion Part 1
  • Battle the hydra (/join hydra)
  • Hydra's demise
  • Meet Escherion Part 2 (/join escherion)
  • Chaos BattleEscherion (/join escherion)
  • Escherion backfires
The Sandsea
BloodTusk Ravine

This story line has two sides, Horc or troll.

Troll Story Line:

Horc Story Line:

The Span
SwordHaven (Cont.)
Mirror Realm


This ancient book is ever changing, ever expanding and filled to the brim with typos, grammatical errors and the occasional food stain. It will aid you in adventures and grow in power with you.

Notes and Other Information


The quests can get 100% unlocked if you complete all the quests of that mini-story/event line.

  • Click on the selected quest (ingame) and the book of lore will transport you to the location.

Notes and other info

  • The book of lore is also known as the Lore Grimoire.
  • When you click badges at the bottom appears "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"- it is reference to Mel Brooks' movie "Blazing Saddles".
  • While loading all the badges state "Save Chuckles!", which is a reference to the Chuckles.
  • To obtain almost all the badges an upgrade is required, as some of the quests are upgrade-only.
    • It is possible to obtain both Good and Evil badges, if your good or evil just buy the other contract of the other side there you have both badges.
  • The Book of Lore has a similar appearance to H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon.
  • The word "Lore" was actually an acronym for the original name that the AE team had for Adventure Quest. It was to be called "Land Of Rising Evil", but the idea was scrapped.