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Twilly, cuddlier than any fabric softener bear and more puntable than a football, Twilly is a true friend to all. His helpful heals in the town of Battleon have made him one of the most liked and famous Moglins in the world of Lore. No one is quite sure how he got that chunk taken out of his right ear... erm... left ear... erm... well, I guess it depends on which way he is facing (2D world dynamics are so weird)! Any way you look at it, Twilly is a good Moglin that you can count on!


Battleon (/join battleon)

Twilly! He was captured by Lionfang during the Golden Onslaught plot, imprisoned in a cat carrier, but he was freed by the hero (Thats you in your shinning armor), he then hugged you and looked really cute.

Hiyas! I'm a healing Moglin.Did you know you can heal in between battles by pressing the heart shaped Rest button at the bottom of the screen?

Quests are FREE again!