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Quibble Coinbiter is everyone’s favorite never-before-seen-used item salesmoglin who visits the town of Battleon. No one knows if Quibble’s items will show up later or if they will go permanently Rare, so your best bet is to buy everything from his shop in case it’s the latter! Quibble also has the uncanny knack of showing up right before the next Lord of Chaos strikes… and always seems to know an awful lot about the Chaos Lords, too.


Quibble on Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • He temporarily appears in Battleon, on top of a chest.
  • According to the design notes, he always arrives before a chaos lord appears.


  • The traveling sales moglin. He sells NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN USED WEAPONS from the future.
  • He gives info on the next Lord of Chaos.
  • His shop items change every time he appears.

Important Text

Wassat? How do I get never-before-seen used items? Well, that's a trade secret. But just between us, I have a deal with a time travel fairy who brings me these things... even though they have not been built yet!

Concept Image for Talk Like A Pirate Day 2010
Talk Like A Pirate Day 2012
Talk Like A Pirate Day 2013



Quibble Coinbiter's Shop


  • He always sells soon to be rare items.
  • Appeared before Vordred/Noxus bossfight, and on TLaPD, so he doesn't always appear only before Chaos Lords.