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Renn the Rune Warrior




A Rune Warrior

His and Zio's hairstyles are now available in both hair shops.

Important text

Before all quests:

Welcome to Mobius! I am Renn, a loyal follower of King Alteon and a warrior of Good. I would never have belived that one day I would be allied with one such as she... but the Truce has made for stranger things. I see you are another such as I... your help is greatly needed here.

The town of Mobius has become overrun with agents of Chaos. Sp-eyes, Imps, and Cyclops Warriors have taken over the town, and taken the townspeople prisioner! As a loyal follower of King Alteon and the side of Good, will you help me free this town?

After all quests:

You have proven yourself more than worthy to be called a Hero of Good. There is one more place you need to visit. The ruins of Cornelis, where my friend Anise the Moglin has been studying, has also been invaded by these agents of Chaos. Do you have the strength and will to go to her aid?


  • Quests


  • None


After Faerie Quests


  • According to Cysero, some form of Renn's armor WILL be available at him in the future when he is a trainer (in the trainer area possibly) and it WILL be a class (probably called rune warrior,good players only)
  • His sword is the Rune Sword (now available to good players.For evil players, you get a Dark Rune Sword)
  • It is said that there will be a good and evil rune warrior class because there is a Rune Sword and Dark Rune Sword
  • Evil players will get Illusionist from Zio
  • There might be a good illustionist and a evil rune warrior