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Cysero chat window.
Cysero at the Club House.
Cysero at his Wedding.
Catacombs Dialogue


Cysero is a mad weaponsmith. Supposed creator of all left socks and cakes in the AE games... a great many puns as well. He has recently taken over the members Clubhouse and changed it into a Cysero paradise. He is somewhat dimwitted, as shown during the "Golden Onslaught" plot, where he never realized he was kidnapped and all it took to keep him from escaping was a circle with an arrow pointing to it saying "Do Not Cross" (he was trapped by his sense of humor). He was eventually freed by the hero.


Important text

At the Clubhouse

Hiya! I'm Cysero, and this is my Clubhouse! I think it was someone else's a while ago but no one complained when I redecorated so I guess it's mine now. You are welcome to poke around, play with things, push buttons, break stuff... whatever. Just have fun... or else.


Talk Dialogue

I've made a lot of changes to the clubhouse! What do you want to know about?

(Riddles) (Yogurt) (Potions) (Portal) (Secret)

Riddles Dialogue

I've moved the statue of the Riddlelord Golem into one of the rooms on the bottom floor. I think it makes a nice centerpiece... kinda brings the room together and he's also a great guard to my Surplus Weapon Vault. If you happen to find your way in there... and survive, help yourself to whatever you can find.

Yogurt Dialogue

A while ago I accidentally opened up a portal to the Demi-elemental Plane of Yogurt. I started cleaning it up but then I found that it has some... unique properties. I'm keeping it there until I can take a closer look at it. Be aware that it has some weird effects on people. Also, it's very slippery. I wouldn't wear nice clothes in there.

Potions Dialogue:

I've got a small alchemy lab set up on the second floor to help with some of my experiments. If you push the big button that says "Do Not Push" you can toss a potion at your friends. It might change their color for a while but it won't have any lasting effects on them. I think.

Portal Dialogue:

I have no clue what that thing is about... it was there when I got here. It seems to lead to some creepy spot (on Lore... I think) that is filled with giant, bloodthirsty spiders. As mystery portal's go, I've been through worse.

Secret Dialogue:

Oh yeah! I added a secret room door in the house somewhere! I should probably try and remember where it is because I left a ring of summoning stones in the secret room. Who knows what kind of monsters might be pouring out of that thing by now. If you happen to find, it let me know where I left it. K?

Catacombs Dialogue

Before finishing the quest:

Hiya! You found me but lost Kimberly. I don't really know what these cultists are after but it's probably not her autographs. You've got to find and free Kimberly from these cultists before it's too late!

After finishing the quest:


Quest: Rubber Ducky



He sells Lucky Enhancements.


  • He is mentioned in the Blacksmith Apprentice armor description.
  • Click here to see his character page.
  • The effects in the Yogurt Dialogue does have 3 f's in game one of many spelling mistakes in the game.
  • He was captured by Lionfang along with many other heroes. He was replaced by a Guy in the tub.
  • As of 12/27/09 he in real life has had a son named Jack.
  • He has chosen the side of the Lycans
  • His Lycan name is: Cyserwolf
  • Cysero in Mechquest is actually a ship as you find out in Dragonfable.... he changed into a human mage during an event called 'The Reset' and has stayed in that form since. If You Tried To Aproach Him His Damage Is 1090909090909089898989! Thats A Secret Place!
  • His mirror counterpart lives in Battleoff, and (while still good-natured) is serious instead of funny.
  • One of his many custom weapons is Cysero's SUPER Hammer
  • He forged Noxus's Skull into Noxus Head Staff for Gravelyn to use.
  • The Book of Arcangrove also tell us about Cysero.
  • His name is pronounced "Sis-uh-roh"