Maximillian Lionfang

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This is the NPC type of Lionfang, for the monster, click here, for the Chaos Lord version of the monster, click here, for the Ultra version of the Chaos Lord monster, click here
Chaos Lord Maximillian Lionfang


Lionfang before becoming a Chaos Lord

Once a loyal knight in Alteon's Guard, he appears to hate Evil to the point of unreasonability, and wishes Evil to be destroyed forever, and seems to be confident that the Forces of Good alone can defeat both Chaos and Evil. He kidnapped Artix, J6, Cysero, Galanoth, Robina, King Alteon, Princess Ai No Miko, Warlic, Beleen, Llussion, Zhoom, Robina and Twilly for the purpose of forcing them to see his way of thinking.

He is also The 11th Lord of Chaos

Important Text

At Blackhorn Tomb

Before completing the "Really, VERY VERY TOXIC!" quest

Leader of the Golden Onslaught

Blackhorn is one of the oldest tombs that the Darkblood know of. They have not used it for hundreds of years so there might be some very dangerous monsters who claimed it as their home. Be on your guard. I'll stay here and drive off any intruders.

The Darkblood?

The Darkblood are very old race of beings who have worshiped evil longer than humans can remember. In the last few hundred years the warring clans united and built their city of Falguard. Since then, they have kept to themselves but make no mistake... they still worship the dark.

Blackhorn Tomb?

When a member of their clan dies, The Darkblood feast on their fallen brother then lay the bones to rest. Back in the days of tribal warfare, the different clans would use the tombs like this one but since building Falguard here in Thunderforge, they have had little use for tombs like this one. They simply use the catacombs beneath the city instead.

After completing the "Really, VERY VERY TOXIC! quest

We are done here. Run back to your king and tell him that I and only I will possess the weapon to battle Chaos. Let him know that I will come to him and offer him one last chance to re-join the cause of true Good! BEGONE!



Cutscene of Gravelyn's Announcement

Hero appears at ShadowFall, with other random adventurers.

  • Yulgar: ...and his axe was just sitting there. Why would Artix leave his...
  • Southwick: ...Alteon hasn't been seen in a week, they say he...
  • Sir Pent: ...the cave was just empty! It's not like Galanoth to leave dragon just..
  • Gravelyn: *ahem* Heroes of BattleOn, thank you all for coming on such short notice. I know that some of you serve me and others serve King Alteon...
  • Gravelyn: ...but we are all fighting toward one common goal. However, it seems that someone didn't get the memo.
  • Gravelyn: Our friends and allies have been captured.
  • Everyone: WHAT?!
  • Reens: The King has been kidnapped?
  • Yulgar: That explains why Cysero finally left the tub!
  • Gravelyn: Quiet, please!
  • Gravelyn: I was shocked as you are when I received this letter. Allow me to read it for you now, and it will answer most of your questions.

Gravelyn pulls out a letter. Words can faintly be seen on it.

  • Gravelyn, Reading: Greetings Gravelyn, I am Maximilian Lionfang, Archlord of the Golden Onslaught... and I have taken many of the supposedly "Good" heroes in my care...

The location changes to Lionfang's Tower. Most of the heroes are locked up. Cysero is inside a circle that says "Do Not Cross", Twilly is inside a cat carrier, and Warlic's arms have been magically bound to the wall.

  • King Alteon: Lionfang, you were once a loyal knight in my guard. Why were we all tricked into coming here? I don't understand.
  • King Alteon: Explain your actions and release us!
  • Lionfang: Don't you know? Can't you understand, "Good" King Alteon? If you were truly Good then you would know... that there is NO PLACE for Evil in this world.
  • Robina: Lionfang, King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn have made a truce between Good and Evil, until Chaos... the real threat to Lore...can be eliminated.
  • Lionfang: Your foolishness shall not be tolerated! You will be taken to the hero stretching rack! (Hero-Stretching-Rack ™ - Makes heroes both taller and more agreeable)
  • Artix: Touch one hair on her head and I will...
  • Lionfang: Ah, the Paladin Artix, shining beacon of Good. Have you really fallen for this as well?
  • Lionfang: You are a HERO...
  • Lionfang: have defeated COUNTLESS undead, and you still believe that you can have a real truce with Evil?
  • Artix: The only way to win against Drakath and his Chaos Monsters is for everyone to work together!
  • Artix: It is not too late to undo this. Stand united with us against a common foe so that we have the

strength to save Lore From Chaos!

  • Lionfang: NO! You are WRONG!
  • Lionfang: LIGHT will burn bright against the darkness AND Chaos! This truce makes us WEAK. Good MUST

triumph over Evil!

  • Cysero: YAY!
  • Lionfang: I know that you are all Good-at-heart,which is why I have gathered you all together in my tower... to wake you up to the truth! And I plan on letting you all go free...
  • Cysero: YAY!
  • Lionfang: After I have tortured you until you can see that my way is correct!
  • Cysero: YAY!
  • J6: Cysero... You don't even know what's going on. Do you?
  • Cysero: YAY! I love parties!
  • Lionfang: My army will purge the world of Evil and EVERYONE who allies themselves with it.
  • Lionfang: Soon, my army will march across the world burning every corner of it that has been touched by Evil's wicked influence!
  • Lionfang: Nothing can stop the GOLDEN ONSLAUGHT!

Back at Shadowfall.

  • Gravelyn, Reading: Do not attempt to send the heroes of Battleon to rescue their comrades, as my tower has been surrounded by a Death Fog that will kill any living thing that it touches.
  • Gravelyn, Reading: Even though you are Evil, my honor demands that I warn you of your impending doom. Gravelyn, there is no place in this world for Evil like you and your minions.
  • Gravelyn, Reading: Prepare to be burned off the face of Lore by the searing light of TRUE Goodness!
  • Hero: Gravelyn! we have to save them!
  • Reens: But the letter said that any living thing that touches the Death Fog...
  • Gravelyn: The Death Fog kills any LIVING thing that enters it, that is true.
  • Gravelyn: But you cannot kill that which is already dead! An army of the undead cannot be harmed by the fog!
  • Rogue Shadowhand: .......

Zooms in on Gravelyn, whose eyes turn red and hand pulses with a red glow.

  • Gravelyn: We WILL save our allies and friends!
  • Gravelyn: During this month, each year, my Father's army of the undead has attacked your towns. It is a cruel twist of fate... but now... to save your friends...
  • Hero: Empress Gravelyn, you cant possibly mean...
  • Gravelyn: EACH ONE OF YOU must be transformed into undead!
  • Gravelyn: ...and as an unstoppable Undead Army we shall march through the Death Fog into Maximilian Lionfang's fortress and save your friends!
  • Gravelyn: I must ask you... good or evil... to BECOME my undead army.


Hero is given a choice.

If the Hero chose 'I am!':

  • Gravelyn: Welcome, heroes of BattleOn, to the Shadowscythe Army of Alliance! Friday at

sundown.. WE ATTACK!

If the Hero chose 'No way!':

  • Gravelyn: Hero, listen well! It is the only choice we have and those brave souls are counting on each of us.
  • Gravelyn: Artix himself would willing become an undead to save any of you. In fact, he'd be the

first to volunteer.

  • Gravelyn: Archlord Lionfang and his Golden Onslaught are a new threat, unlike anything we've seen or faced before... and we are going to face this new threat HEAD ON!
  • Gravelyn: For years, my fathers undead minions have attacked your villages and kingdoms, but tomorrow...
  • Gravelyn: will BECOME that unstoppable army of darkness, we WILL march though that Death Fog...
  • Gravelyn: ...we WILL lay siege to the Golden Onslaught's stronghold and WE WILL SAVE OUR FRIENDS!
  • Gravelyn: Welcome, heroes of BattleOn, to the Shadowscythe Army of Alliance! Friday at sundown.. WE ATTACK!

Cutscene after Lionfang's Defeat

The hero is shown pulling a lever, accidentally breaking it in the process, and freeing most of the admins. They free Twilly from his cat carrier, erase the circle that Cysero is in, and free Warlic's hands. A Golden Knight and a Golden Caster are then shown tied up. Gravelyn is on the staircase in the dungeon.

  • Golden Knight: Wow, Gravelyn and her undead really came to rescue the good heroes!
  • Golden Caster: M...maybe the Great Truce between Good and Evil is real!
  • Lionfang: NO! This is all a trick meant to lure us into a false sense of security. Evil cannot be trusted!

Lionfang frees the tied up Golden Knight and Golden Caster.

  • Lionfang': What are you waiting for? Attack! Finish Gravelyn and her filthy undead hero off!
  • Golden Knight: No, Archlord. You were wrong about the Great Truce.
  • Golden Caster: The undead hero didn't even kill us! We were just knocked out and tied up! We can see that these people are all working together to defeat Chaos.
  • Golden Knight: Hero, we are with you!
  • Gravelyn: I'm glad you have seen the light....or darkness in this case. You are all welcome to join King Alteon's army or mine, as you wish.
  • Hero: As for you Archlord Maximilian will be taken to Swordhaven and tried for crimes against the King and the Great Truce! You're finished!
  • Lionfang: You DARE come into my tower and corrupt MY soldiers with your lies?! I will SHOW YOU the fate that awaits all EVIL!

Lionfang attempts to attack Gravelyn, but King Alteon stops him.

  • King Alteon: I'm disappointed in you, Maximilian. This truce really is the only hope that Lore has against the forces of Chaos. I wish you could see that as clearly as your soldiers can now. This hero has shown us true courage time and time again...But no one person can defeat Drakath alone. The battle ahead of us will only get more difficult. We could really join a mighty warrior like you with us. Please...join us.
  • Lionfang: NO! I will NOT be taken in! I will never bend! Good is the only way! ...And I would face ANY fate before I would join forces with EVIL!

Lionfang crashes through his tower and jumps into the tower moat.

  • Artix: Could he have survived a fall like that?
  • Hero: He was very strong and his will was even stronger, and remember...I survived that fall down the mountain at the beginning of the game.
  • Artix: Hmmm. That is true!
  • King Alteon: Hero, once again we find ourselves in debt to you.
  • Gravelyn: You fought bravely. You faced death without fear and you have come out the other side.
  • Twilly: Thanks for saving us! You deserve three cheers!
  • Artix: Hip hip Hooray!
  • Other Admins: Hip hip Hooray!

At the castle moat...

  • Lionfang: Hmmm. Could I have been wrong about the truce? Maybe there is room for Good and Evil to work together.

Xing and Xang appear.

  • Xing: No...GOOD is the ONLY way, Evil must be punished!
  • Xang: No, nonono! Not punished...DESTROYED! You can't give up now...

Lionfang becomes Chaorrupted. A purple "The End?" message appears.

Spirit Arrives Cutscene

  • Hero: Hey Blizzy, what's going on?
  • Blizzy: 'Frostval is almost here!
  • Hero: I know you Frost Moglins make gifts for everyone all over Lore every Frostval, but you guys seem more hectic than usual.
  • Blizzy: No, I mean the SPIRIT of Frostval is almost here!

The hero is given a choice of whether to say "Uh oh. Has anyone told Artix?" or "A ghost? *grin* I'll go get my weapon."

Upon choosing the Evil choice of "A ghost? *grin* I'll go get my weapon."...

  • Blizzy: NO! It's bad enough that Artix exorcised the ghosts of Frostval Past Present and Future a few Frostvals ago. Please don't... um... help. She is the living embodiment of Frostval itself. She doesn't appear very often but she has decided to come HERE TONIGHT! We just wanted to make sure everything is ready before she...

Upon choosing the Good choice of "Uh oh. Has anyone told Artix?"...

  • Blizzy: After he exorcised the ghosts of Frostval Past Present and Future a few Frostvals ago, we thought it would be better if he stayed at home. She is the living embodiment of Frostval itself. She doesn't appear very often but she has decided to come HERE TONIGHT! We just wanted to make sure everything is ready before she...

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows. The Frostval Spirit appears.

  • Frostval Spirit: Hello everyone! Happy holidays! I see you've been hard at work on your gifts.
  • Blizzy: Happy Frostval, Spirit! We're so happy that you could visit!
  • Frostval Spirit: I can only visit the real world every so often, but every trip is worth it. Greetings, Hero! I see that you've come to take part in the celebrations! Happy Frostval!

The hero bows.

  • Hero: To you as well, Spirit.
  • Frostval Spirit: Tell me, what is your favorite thing about Frostval?

The hero chooses between "Giving presents, of course!" and "Getting presents, obviously."

Upon choosing "Getting presents, obviously."...

  • Hero: This is the best time of the year because of all the FREE STUFF! I get presents from every direction, even thought some of them are dumb... ...But I can just re-gift that stuff to people I don't like very much and save some gold. It's win-win!

Upon choosing "Giving presents, of course!"...

  • Hero: I like to put a lot of thought into the gifts that I give, and I LOVE seeing the faces of my friends when they open their gifts! It's the best feeling!

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Frostval Spirit: HA HA! Yes, gifts are a wonderful part of the holiday but there's SO MUCH to like. I ask everyone that question because I can never pick a favorite part myself.
  • Blizzy: Happy Frostval, everyone!
  • ?????: ...And very a Happy Frostval to you too. Ha ha ha ha ha!

A white shadowed figure appears and reveals himself to be none other than an old foe, Archlord Maximilian Lionfang!

  • Hero: Maximilian Lionfang! But... How? We all saw you jump out of the Golden Onslaught Tower after I defeated you and freed all the heroes of Battleon!

The hero chooses between "Why are you here?" and "You should have stayed dead!"

Upon choosing "You should have stayed dead!"...

  • Hero: But it's great that you've come to the party, and you even brought me a present. I get to beat you into the ground just like I did last time. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Upon choosing "Why are you here?"...

  • Hero: It's kind of a Frostval miracle that you survived. I'm not too happy to see you but if you're really here to celebrate... it's the time of year to forgive. Just know this, if you have come to harm any of my friends I'll stop you again.

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Lionfang: HA! You actually think that you defeated me? You only made me stronger. My Golden Onslaught soldiers are fewer in number than before. After our last encounter the weak tried to flee... ...but nobody leaves the Golden Onslaught. After we hunted the deserters down, It left only the strongest, fiercest and most loyal soldiers in my army. Each of them is willing to do ANYTHING to ensure that good defeats evil.

The hero chooses between "You still think that you're good?!" and "Good will never defeat evil!"

Upon choosing "Good will never defeat evil!"...

  • Hero: You really don't get this "truce" thing, do you? Drakath is the real threat now. King Alteon and Gravelyn have JOINED FORCES to defeat Chaos. We have to put aside our differences... for now... or there will be no world left to rule. You're no "Champion of Good"...You're just a blind fool.

Upon choosing "You still think that you're good?!"..."

  • Hero: ...After all that you've done? Worst of all, you're still blinded by your hatred. Drakath is the real threat now. King Alteon and Gravelyn have JOINED FORCES to defeat Chaos. If we don't work together, all hope is lost for Lore! Hope is what we need now, more than anything.

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Lionfang: You still think good can ever truly find a truce with evil, and I am the blind one? I think not, Hero. It's the rest of Lore that is blinded by it's fear. Frostval is supposed to be a time of peace. I say there will be NO peace until the last shred of evil is burned out of ever heart in the land. I've made a list. I've checked it twice. I've found ALL OF YOU naughty!

Lionfang holds out a snow globe and throws it at the Frostval Spirit and the gifts, trapping them all within it.

  • Blizzy: The presents! The Spirit! He's taken them all!
  • Hero: Lionfang, you just made the worst choice of your life...
  • Lionfang: Easy, Hero. If I smash this snow globe, the Spirit of Frostval will be destroyed along with it. ...Not to mention all those gifts. They are all property of the Golden Onslaught now! Happy Frostval! HAHAHA!

Lionfang teleports away via snowstorm.

  • Blizzy: We've got to save them.

The hero chooses between "We've got to save the Spirit!" and "Nobody steals my presents!" No matter which decision he/she makes, the same scene follows.

  • Hero: Somehow I'll find a way to stop Lionfang with him smashing the snow globe... ...but I won't be able to track Lionfang through that snow.
  • Blizzy: Only one person I know of in the frozen northlands could have crafted that magic snow globe...
  • Hero: Lead the way. Lionfang will NOT ruin Frostval!

Gifts Burn Cutscene

  • Blizzy: There he is!
  • Hero: Lionfang, you're done.
  • Lionfang: You made a mistake following me, hero. I warned you that I would destroy the snow globe. That wasn't an empty threat.

The hero chooses between "You have a chance to do the right thing." and "You're nothing but a coward!"

Upon choosing "You're nothing but a coward!"...

  • Hero: You know that if you smash that snow globe then there's nothing stopping me from ending you. You're so scared to face me that you're cowering behind your prisoner as a shield. It's sad, really. Stop hiding. Face me, one on one if you think you're up to it.

Upon choosing "You have a chance to do the right thing."...

  • Hero: The Spirit of Frostval is still in the snow globe. There must be a way to get her out safely. Consider what you're doing. Is it really the "good" thing? A good person doesn't take hostages. This is between you and me. Leave the Spirit out of it.

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Lionfang: Hmmmm. You make a good point.

Lionfang jumps down off the pile of gifts and holds out his whip.

  • Lionfang: This fight is just between you and me. No more hostages. However... the world must still suffer for bending its will to evil.

Lionfang whips and burns the pile of gifts with his whip.

  • Lionfang: HA HA HA HA HA!
  • Hero: You'll pay for that!

Frostval Lives Cutscene

The hero defeats Lionfang and knocks him down, and recovers the snow globe holding the Frostval Spirit.

  • Hero: Keep the change, you filthy animal.

Scene switches over to the town of Frostvale where the hero and Blizzy have brought Lionfang in chains to King Alteon and Gravelyn.

  • Gravelyn: Well done. You captured that madman, Lionfang and recovered the magic snow globe.
  • Alteon: I've sent word to Warlic, Cysero and Garaja. One of them will know how to free the Spirit without destroying her.
  • Hero: I just wish I could have stopped him before he burned all the gifts. Sorry, Blizzy.
  • Blizzy: It's OK. It was a lot of work but they were only things. The Spirit is safe and that is what counts. There will be presents to look forward to next year, I guess *sigh*

Lionfang's eyes glow Chaos purple as his chaotic side kicks in. He moves forward and kicks the snow globe out of the hero's hands to everyone's horror. The hero and Blizzy attempt to catch the snow globe, but they are too late to prevent it from smashing into a nearby rock.

  • Blizzy: She... She's gone. Frostval is gone.
  • Hero: I can't believe it.
  • Lionfang: This is the price you pay for your pathetic truce! There! Queen Gravelyn, King Alteon... Frostval is DEAD!

Blizzy is shown crying.

  • Blizzy: Noooo. *cries*
  • Oh come now, Blizzy. There's no need for tears during Frostval!
  • Lionfang: WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE! I destroyed you!

The Frostval Spirit reappears.

  • Blizzy: Spirit?! But how...?
  • Spirit: The Spirit of Frostval is an IDEA. I am the kindness, charity, generosity, peace, and love that exist in every heart. Even Lionfang's. Ideas, especially those born of the best that the world has to offer, can never die.

The Frostval Spirit magically restores the Frostval gifts and presents.

  • Blizzy: The presents! They're back!

Lionfang kneels defeated.

  • Alteon: That's great, Blizzy. But it's so late... can you frost moglins get the gifts to everyone on time?
  • Blizzy: I...uh... NO! There's no way!
  • Hero: Don't admit defeat so quickly. There's always a way! I have an idea...

The hero chooses between "King Alteon has the numbers we need." and "Queen Gravelyn has an army of unmatched power."

Upon choosing "Queen Gravelyn has an army of unmatched power."...

  • Hero: She can command her undead minions to spread the gifts far and wide. It will be an show of military power like Lore has never seen... a demonstration of how far your reach truly extends, my queen. Everyone will get their presents and nobody will ever doubt the might of pure EVIL ever again. With those numbers the presents should make it everything just in time for Frostval!
  • Gravelyn: Excellent thinking, hero! I'll summon my undead legion at once.

Upon choosing "King Alteon has the numbers we need."...

  • Hero: He can send his riders out, far and wide with the gifts. It will show the world that, even in a time of peace between good and evil, there is nothing that GOOD cannot overcome! With those numbers the presents should make it everything just in time for Frostval!
  • Alteon: A perfect solution, hero! I'll summon my soldiers at once!

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Blizzy: WOW! We might just pull this off!
  • Hero: We WILL!
  • Spirit: I salute you, hero. Your actions inspired hope in those around you which gave me the power to restore the gifts. Thanks to your courage and quick thinking, you have saved Frostval for everyone. You have my gratitude! Happy Frostval!
  • Hero, Blizzy, Alteon, & Gravelyn: Happy Frostval!

Happy Frostval to one and all!


Chaos Lord Maximillian Lionfang and his Chaos Manticore
  • He is the ArchLord of the Golden Onslaught.
  • He is very irrational when it comes to Evil.
  • His tower once belonged to a necromancer, and has been shrouded by a mortal fog that will kill any living thing it touches. However, since you cannot kill what is already dead, undead can pass the fog without a problem. The Golden Onslaught Knights use amulets that can protect them from the death fog
  • He was willingly chaorrupted by Xing and Xang, and became the 11th Lord of Chaos
  • A Chaorrupted Lionfang later appeared during the 2010 Frostval event where he abducted the Frostval Spirit along with the Frostval presents with a snow globe he took from Garaja's castle in his giant snow globe. With Garaja's help, the players and Blizzy found his new hideout in the Golden Ruins where he was revealed to be a hermit now because he doesn't trust anyone anymore. Lionfang burned the gifts and the players made him pay for it by defeating him. He was later arrested and brought to King Alteon and Gravelyn at Frostvale. Lionfang kicked the snow globe out of the player's hand and was sure that the Frostval Spirit would be destroyed when the snow globe smashed into a nearby rock, but ended up being surprised when he realized that she survived, and when she brought all the presents burned by him back, he kneeled in defeat. A good assumption was that after the event he was taken to Swordhaven and tried for crimes against the Great Truce just like the players said he would and afterwards thrown in the Swordhaven Castle Prison.
  • Maximillian Lionfang has a brother named Xavier Lionfang.
  • His Chaos Lord Appearance is similar to some depictions of Heracles with The Nemean Lion's Head serving as his headgear
  • He is the second Chaos Lord to not use a weapon given as a gift from Drakath with the first being Kitsune.
  • He originally rides a lion when he is part of the Golden Onslaught but when he is a chaos lord he rides a Chaos Manticore