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Beleen in her new outfit
Beleen in her pink attire
Beleen in her pink attire (close up)



Important Text

In Battleon

Hi there! My name's Beleen and today is my favorite day to go shopping! Everyone buys sooo much stuff during this time of the year, so I've decided to help out the cause! Hehe! with Cysero's help, the two of us have made a very special Black Friday Shop featuring half-off Weapons... literally!

Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and everyone is out buying Frostvale gifts for their friends and family. Cysero overheard me talking about the half-off sales and wanted to have one himself! But my idea of a 50% Off weapon was A LOT different to Cysero's... at least he finished in half the time!


Pink IS the new black! Didn't you know? (Pffft.... Artix totally disagrees with me!) Show your Pink is the new Black Friday spirit with some mega pink items specially made by yours truly!

Queen of Derp?

OHAI friend! Happy Derpils Fool's Day! Do you like what I done to the place? Yeah, I know… It's awesomely a derp-able isn't it? Tehehe! But don't worry, Battleon will return to normal after a few days. OH and this is your ONLY chance to get your derpy durrrp items in my shop. So get on your erp now!