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This is a Special Offer item.
This item is unlocked by either purchasing an out-of-game item or completing a special offer.

Male and Female Guardian Class


  • Level: 1
  • Upgrade Required: No
  • Description: Since the dawning of Lore, the Guardians of AdventureQuest have been stoic, loyal fighters, proving their undying dedication on the battlefield. These ancient warriors harness a power unlike any other.
  • Location: Guardian Shop - Guardian Tower
  • NPC: Wyrm
  • Buy: 5,000 gold
  • Sell: 1,250 gold

Class Overview

Guardians are awe inspiring fighters, demonstrating

physical and magical prowess. They harness their strength

from the ancient Guardian Dragons.

Mana Regeneration: Guardians gain mana from all hits in combat, and

even more on critical hits. The amount depends on damage

relative to "their own" HP total

Favorable Stats:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Endurance


Guardian Skills
Auto Attack.png

Auto Attack

Description:Awefully strong attack, trained by all Guardians.

Mana cost: 0

Cooldown: 2 second

Guardian Rage.png

Guardian Rage

Description:Furiously bombard your opponent with strikes. Damages and cripples your target, reducing outgoing damage by 5% for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

Use: Makes your opponent weaker. And also deals some damage.

Mana Cost: 20

Unlocks at rank: 1

Recharge Time: 4 seconds



Description:Use the pointy end of your weapon for stunningly sharp attacks. Applies Keen, increasing critical chance by 15% and has a chance to Stun the target briefly.

Use: Makes you stronger for a few seconds.

Mana Cost: 15

Unlocks at rank: 2

Recharge Time: 8 seconds


Guardian Light

Description:Empower yourself! Releases blinding damage if your weapon is Keen, otherwise increases your resistance to incoming blows.

Use: Deals heavy damage if Keen is applied, if not, applies Guardian Shield, making you slightly more resistant to attacks, for a few seconds.

Mana Cost: 25

Unlocks at rank: 3

Recharge Time: 15 seconds


Guardian Blast

Calls forth mighty dragon flames to scorch your opponents.

Use: Shoots fire at three targets in the room.

Mana Cost: 35

Unlocks at rank: 5

Recharge Time: 15 seconds

Passive Skills

Unlocks at rank: 4

Passive Skill.png

Red Shift

Passive Ability: Haste increased 10%

Passive Skill.png

Dragon’s Might

Passive Ability: Strength and Intellect increased 10%


  • Guardian Shield reduces damage taken by exactly 50%.
  • Auto attack deals 103% weapon damage.
  • High haste due to passives.
  • Considered the weakest of the AE Verification Classes, due to the lack of heal, long cooldowns, and the need to compromise between defense and offense.
  • Guardian Rage deals 135% weapon damage (after rank 4 passive has been unlocked)
  • Because of the skill keen, a guardian can be a formidable enemy in pvp with luck enhancements.
  • Used to have the skills of Defender.
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