DoomKnight OverLord Class

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DoomKnight OverLord Class
Class Name: Doomknight Overlord
Level Required: Any.
Upgrade Required: No.
Reputation Required: No.
Location: Book of Lore - Toy Sepulchure Shop
Buy: 0 AC
Sell: 0 AC
Mana Regeneration Methods: Doomknight Ovelords gain mana when they strike an enemy in combat(more effective on crits). Are struck by an enemy in combat.
Enhancement: Suggested enhancements for this class can be found here.

The darkness has cut right to the center of your being. You are no mere DoomKnight who serves the dark. You are a DoomKnight OverLord and the darkness serves YOU.

Auto Attack
Attack Type: Melee
Description: A basic attack taught to all adventurers.
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 0 mana
Cooldown: 2.3 seconds
Auto Attack.png

Attack Type: Magic
Description: Magically torment your foe's mind, causing slight damage but also reducing their damage and crit. Damage increase with each additional party member.
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 10 mana
Cooldown: 3 seconds


Screaming Darkness
Attack Type: Melee
Description: Causes all foes within range to burst into flames, dealing moderate damage and causing them to burn for Damage over time. Effects increase with each additional party member.
Rank Required: 2
Mana: 25
Cooldown: 12 second

Dark Challenge
Attack Type: Melee
Description: Has a 50/50 chance of either stunning your foe a few seconds or giving you back some health. Healing effects increase with each additional party member.
Rank Required: 3
Mana: 25
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Raw Hate
Attack Type: Passive
Description: Damage +10%
Rank Required: 4
Mana: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Passive Skill.png

Black Blood
Attack Type: Passive
Description: Critical +12%
Rank Required: 4
Mana: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Passive Skill.png

Attack Type: Melee
Description: Deals massive damage and significantly lowers your target's ability to hit anything for a short while.
Rank Required: 5
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 8 seconds
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