Blood Titan (Class)

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Blood Titan (Class)
Class Name: Blood Titan
Level Required: 1
Upgrade Required: Yes/No
Reputation Required: N/A

Blood Titan Merge - Greenguardeast

AC Class Shop - Game Menu
  • 2,000 ACs (Non-Legend)



(If bought using ACs)

  • First 24 Hours: 1,800 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 500 AC

(If Merged)

  • 0 AC (Legend)
  • Auto Attack
  • Life Drinker
  • Blood Fury
  • Crimson Shield
  • Fortified Blood
  • Blood Volume
  • Blood Thief
  • Titanic Bloodline
Mana Regeneration Methods: Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)or are struck by an enemy in combat
Enhancement: Suggested enhancements for this class can be found here.

Blood Titan Class.JPG
There is power in blood. Coming from a long line of titans, your blood is especially potent. You have mastered the ability of calling on the power running through your veins to bring devastation to your foes.

Auto Attack
Attack Type: Magical
Description: A strong attack known only to disciplined fighters.
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 0 Mana
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Auto Attack.png

Life Drinker
Attack Type: Magical
Description: This attack causes light to moderate damage based on the difference between your MAX and CURRENT HP. The Weaker you are, the harder you hit. Also saps some of your foe's life and and heals you.
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 12 Mana
Cooldown: 3 Seconds

Blood Fury
Attack Type: Magical
Description: Consume some of your own life essence (HP) to do moderate damage to your foe as well as briefly increasing your damage and speed.
Rank Required: 2
Mana: 10% total HP
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Crimson Shield
Attack Type: Magical
Description: Consumes a fifth of your life to greatly increase your damage resistance for 8 seconds. If you have a monster targeted it will also force them to attack only you for 5 seconds.
Rank Required: 3
Mana: 20% total HP
Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Fortified Blood
Attack Type: Passive
Description: Damage resist Increased by 10%
Rank Required: 4
Passive Skill.png

Blood Volume
Attack Type: Passive
Description: Endurance increased by 10%
Rank Required: 4
Passive Skill.png

Blood Thief
Attack Type: Magical
Description: This high damage attack consumes a third of your life and greatly reduces your target's damage resistance and speed, while increasing your damage resistance and damage output for 10 seconds.
Rank Required: 5
Mana: 33% total HP
Cooldown: 16 Seconds
Crimson Shield (75% Damage Resist) + Blood Thief (35% Damage Resist) + Fortified Blood (10% Damage Resist) = 120% Damage resist.

Titanic Bloodline
Attack Type: Magical
Description: Once in a great while, you tap the full potential of your powerful blood and greatly increase your damage output, damage resistance and haste for a short time.
Rank Required: 10
The damage and haste is roughly doubled when this is active. Damage resistance increases by about 80%.
Passive Skill.png
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