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This is the NPC type of Wolfwing, for the monster, click here
Wolfwing, the Fifth Lord of Chaos
Human Wolfwing.
Chaorrupted Wolfwing.


The fifth Chaos Lord. He was bitten by a werewolf, but before he became one, Safiria the vampire queen bit him , turning Wolfwing into a werepyre. Neither the vampire kingdom nor the werewolf nation would have anything to do with him, so he was left to fend for himself in the dark for centuries until he allied himself with Drakath and became the fifth Lord of Chaos, chaorrupting Safiria's Vampire Knights and the Werewolf King's Lycan Knights and sending them on their opposing factions as a distraction from his plans to have his newly-created Werepyres capture a dragon (the red dragon) to bite during the Mystic Wolf Moon and make into a Dracowerepyre.

Important text

Chaos Lord Wolfwing

Cutscene before the Dracowerepyre Fight

  • Hero: Wolfwing!
  • Wolfwing: You're too late, hero. The hatred that the Vampires and Werewolves have for each other bought me all the time I needed.
  • Wolfwing: The Mystic Wolf Moon is here. My Werepyres cannot be stopped now.

The Mystic Wolf Moon shines through the hole in the ceiling on the dragon. Wolfwing bites the dragon, turning it into a Dracowerepyre. The seal to the right of the first seal on Drakath's throne lights up.

  • Drakath: ...Well done, Wolfwing.

Cutscene Before the Fight against Wolfwing

Wolfwing is shown covering himself with his wings.

  • Wolfwing: You can step out of the shadows, hero. I can smell you.
  • Hero: So much for my awesome surprise attack.
  • Wolfwing: Why attack me at all? What have I done to you?
  • Hero: You're turning the residents of Darkovia into MONSTERS!
  • Wolfwing: I'm turning monsters into DIFFERENT monsters. Better ones.
  • Hero: But why? You have been here on your own for centuries! Why start trouble now?

Wolfwing reveals himself and paces back and forth around the hero.

  • Wolfwing: Because I was ALONE FOR CENTURIES! The Lycans and Vampires fought their endless war and I watched.
  • Wolfwing: I couldn't even pick a side if I wanted to. I was an outcast.
  • Wolfwing: I was feared and hated... for hundreds of years... by both of my clans.
  • Wolfwing: Then Drakath gave me the power to end the fighting forever.
  • Wolfwing: As a Chaos Lord I could change Vampire and Werewolves into Werepyres like me! I would build my OWN clan...
  • Wolfwing: ...and when Safiria and the Werewolf King finally become Werepyres, there will be no more fighting ever again!
  • Hero: But what then? You rule Darkovia alone forever?
  • Wolfwing: NO! Not alone. Never alone again! I will have my clan with me.
  • Hero: And what about the elves? The dwarves? Humans? Eventually they will come to Darkovia... or you will be forced to leave...
  • Wolfwing: Yes! Yes, you are right! The fighting will never end! Never... unless.

Wolfwing zooms in on the hero.

  • Wolfwing: That's it! All of Lore must become members of my clan. A world full of Werepyres! Starting with YOU!

Cutscene After the Fight against Wolfwing

  • Wolfwing: Finish me, hero.

The hero is given a choice. If the hero chooses to destroy Wolfwing...

  • Hero: I can't let you cover the world with Werepyres. Chaos MUST fall!
  • Hero: Stand up. I won't slay you while you're on your knees.

If the hero chooses to convince Wolfwing to join him/her...

  • Hero: No.
  • Wolfwing: I... I don't understand.
  • Hero: I came here to defeat Chaos, not to destroy you.
  • Hero: I know what it means to be an outcast, but you have a choice.
  • Hero: You could use the power that Drakath gave you to fight Chaos with me, King Alteon and Gravelyn!
  • Hero: Make the world accept you as you are... don't try to make the whole world like you.
  • Wolfwing: ...I don't know. The Chaorruption makes it hard to focus.
  • Wolfwing: Maybe I could. It's been so long since someone has accepted me. I think...

No matter which choice you made, the same scene follows. An arrow homes in on and strikes Wolfwing. Who does the firer of the arrow turn out to be but Shadowslayer Z. Wolfwing explodes and turns into a pile of dust.

  • Shadowslayer Z: So long, Wolfwing.
  • Shadowslayer Z: Well done, Hero. The Lycans and Vampires kept the Werepyre army busy enough for us to get in undetected.
  • Hero: All he wanted was to not feel so alone.
  • Shadowslayer Z: It was a monster, and now it's gone. The world is a little safer for everyone.
  • Hero: Everyone... except him.

Shadowslayer Z walks away. Unknown to both her and the hero, the Mystic Wolf Moon appears again, this time shining on the dust, and a pair of eyes appears within the dust.

Lord of Order Wolfwing (Undead Artix Defeated Cutscene)

The fight between the hero and Undead Artix continues. Undead Artix sends the hero sliding backwards with a swipe of his ShadowReaper of Doom. The hero dodges another swipe from him, leaps in the air, and knocks his helmet off with the handle of his/her weapon. The eyes in Undead Artix's helmet fade away. Mirror Drakath appears.

Mirror Drakath: Over there! Break the spell!

The hero and Mirror Drakath throw the ShadowReaper of Doom, the Crown of Blood, and the Platinum Feather at the cage holding the Lords of Order, destroying the cage itself.

Wolfwing: We're free!

Escherion: I told you Drakath would find a way to rescue us.

Vath: Looks like he recruited some help.

We go to Evil King Alteon the Imbalanced, watching over Skullcrusher Mountain from his balcony. King Alteon's eyes squint and then he walks to the right.

Hero of Balance Wolfwing

Hero of Balance Wolfwing

Fifth Hero of Balance

Thank you for arriving as soon as you could. I know you have been quite busy helping the others. Xang and I have been spread thin, I'm afraid - between facing Kolyaban's forces and trying to stop infighting between the Vampires and the Lycans. But now that you are here, we will be able to focus our efforts on Kolyaban!


Kolyaban is planning something... Up ahead, she has sealed herself in a stone circle, planning on casting a ritual. I fear what type of ritual "the Reshaper" has planned for Darkovia... Especially one involving the Darkness Orb. We must stop her at all costs.

After completing the Ritual Disruption quest

The time has come to face Kolyaban. She will not be happy that we disrupted her ritual. But do not worry. My Dracowerepyre and I will be at your side. We will not fall here!

After obtaining the Darkness Orb

Thank you, (character name). You have put an end to Kolyaban's reign of terror she has held over Darkovia. The Vampires and Lycans can rest easy tonight thanks to you. We only have one more Orb to collect. The Ice Orb. Though, I fear that it will be the hardest one yet...

After obtaining the Ice Orb

With Quetzal defeated, the Queen has lost some of her most powerful players. And with the Orbs on our side, she is at an even greater disadvantage. I feel like fate is finally turning in our favor.


  • He was originally an NPC and fightable monster in the original AdventureQuest. You can obtain the Werepyre sub-race.
  • He bit the dragon he captured during the Mystic Wolf Moon, turning it into a Dracowerepyre that looks like Nightbane.
  • His real name is Erimus.
  • He is the father of Nightbane and the grandfather of Cenara and Vampire Slayer E.
  • In AdventureQuest, he is on the side of the Unity against the Network, hunting Nightbane and The'Galin.
  • It has been noted that Wolfwing has the highest Damage and Hp and of all the Chaos lords for now.
  • Wolfwing's Lords of Order counterpart in the Mirror Realm is a black non-chaorrupted version of himself with green eyes and a lack of extra eyes on his forehead. His maw is not gaping and he looks more like his Chaos Lord self before Chaorruption with a non-chaorrupted version of his armor. If you look closely, you can see a black Chaos tentacle on his back.
  • Many people actually believe that using class abilities on Wolfwing heals him, which, in fact, is not true. What is true, however, is that Wolfwing does use an attack that lets him heal himself.