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The 2nd Lords of Chaos
Good Xang
The Twins new art


  • The 2nd Chaos Lords (Ladies) are the Twins, who, when un-chaotic, one is pure evil and one is pure good, making well-balanced arguments to solve a important person's moral crossroad. When Xang was swapped over with her evil counterpart in the mirror realm, she and Xing became the 1st ladies of chaos. Xing and Xang may be based on yin ang yang( chinese mythology) later on The Hero and Mirror Drakath work on a trap to catch Xing and Xang with respectful Xangs switched back which later resulted in Xiang.
  • Later, sometime after Malgor's arrival, Drakath received word of Xiang's re-emergence. Aided by the players, he gains the Inverted Mirror and is able to use it to split her back into Xing and Xang. Both of the twins now currently work alongside him and the Chaos Militia in Crownsreach.

Imporant Text

Chaos Lords Xing & Xang

Xing (Crownsreach)

The Evil Twin

Don't think that just because I returned, I'm going to play nicely. That's XANG'S job. She wanted to come back, so she can be the one to help you with this mess. If it were up to me, Drakath would kick you to the curb and just take over already.


Don't thank me yet. Wait until AFTER you hear what Drakky-pants has in mind for my next quest.

Xang (Crownsreach)

The Good...ish Twin

It's so good to be home! Over there, in the Plane of Monsters, it was so BORING. But here... here we can have fun doing all of the things we used to.


You remember, right? We talked to so many people, and traveled all over helping Master Drakath. You weren't very nice to us but if we're on the same side now... /evilgrin Maybe WE can work together, too.


The Twins Cutscene
  • Hero: I can't decide.
  • Hero: Should I join King Alteon and the forces of Good?
  • Hero: I could use my sword to protect the world.
  • Hero: Or should I join Gravelyn and the forces of Evil?
  • Hero: I could gain unspeakable power and riches.

Xing appears

  • Xing: You are wasting time thinking about this.
  • Xing: CHOOSE EVIL!
  • Xing: By sitting here you are wasting precious time in which you could be gaining power!

Xang appears

  • Xang: NO! Join Good! You could become a true real hero of the Land.
  • Xang: Be a Champion of Justice and a role model for the children!
  • Xing:<sigh> Do not listen to her! Choose Evil and a better fashion sense!
  • Xang : I disagree!Good-guys look awesome! Choose Good and feel great about everything you do!
  • Hero : I know exactly what to do!

Hero leaves

  • Xing & Xang: Awwww...
  • Xing: Pfft... that was way too...
  • Xang: ... easy. Now we need to...
  • Xing: ... find someone else who is interested in...
  • Xang: ... our moral counseling!

Scene changes to Drakath

  • Drakath: Whom shall I choose for my next Lord of Chaos? So many willing candidates.

Twins appear

  • Xing & Xang: We came help you decide... to decide the next Lord of Chaos!
  • Xing: Choose someone wicked! Someone who will burn and destroy the land!
  • Xang : No. No. Choose someone good who will shower the world with random acts of kindness!
  • Xing: Pfft. Choose someone who will shower the world with plagues!
  • Xang : No! You should...

Drakath smiles evilly

  • Drakath : Do ALL the people of this land find certainty and order through your well balanced arguments?

Some time later...

  • Drakath: TWINS! I shall accept your counseling on the following matter ...
  • Drakath: Should I flood Battleon or burn it?
  • Xing: Burning is too slow!
  • Xing: You should hurl a meteor at it!
  • Xang: No!
  • Xang: You should hurl two meteors at it!
  • Drakath: HAHAHAHA!
  • Xang & Xing: HAHAHAHA!
Meeting of the Mages Cutscene

After the mages of Battleon have had their discussion over teleporting Battleon, Drakath is shown sitting in his throne.

  • Drakath: Hmmm... How interesting.

The Twins appear.

  • Xing: *giggles* Speed up the asteroids! Crash it into them in the middle of their spell!
  • Xang: NO! *giggles* Speed up the asteroids and give them a bonus surprise!
  • Drakath: When forced to choose between two evils... I prefer the one I have not done before.

Drakath speeds up the asteroids and causes one to change course.

Cutscene after defeating Lionfang

As the admins are celebrating the hero's rescue of them, Lionfang is seen in his tower's moat pondering.

  • Lionfang: Hmmm. Could I have been wrong about the truce? Maybe there is room for good and evil to work together.

Xing and Xang appear.

  • Xing: No...GOOD is the only way, Evil must be punished!
  • Xang: No, nonono! Not punished...DESTROYED! You can't give up now...

Lionfang becomes chaorrupted. A purple "The End?" message appears.

Cutscene after defeating Aisha's Drake

After Nythera defeats Aisha and destroys her throne room, tossing the hero out, the hero rushes over to her.

  • Hero: That was amazing! The way you faced her and how you were all like-
  • Nythera: Leave me alone.
  • Hero: Huh? Are you okay?
  • Nythera: I need to be left alone for a bit. Please. Just go. Go back to Guwio and let Adak know that he has nothing else to worry about... for now...
  • Hero: Nyth-
  • Nythera: Go!

The hero leaves. Nythera holds out a sample of Chaos energy.

  • Nythera: This... power... it is amazing... but no... no... it's Chaos... it is beyond evil...

Xing & Xang appear.

  • Nythera: Who are you two?
  • Xing: We are your friends...
  • Xang: ...and we are here to guide you on the right path.
  • Nythera: Hmph. Really how? And which path would that be?
  • Xing & Xang: You already know.

Nythera becomes chaorrupted.

Eclipse Cutscene

The hero watches as the eclipse occurs. A mirror showing Xing & Xang appears and knocks the hero down. The hero gets up.

  • Hero: The Chaos Twins.
  • Xing: We have to admit...
  • Xang: ...We did not expect to see that it was YOU...
  • Xing: ...who summoned us. Do you need some bad advice?
  • Xang: Or some REALLY bad advice?
  • Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!
  • Hero: Since I used this ritual to summon you, you have to answer five of my questions completely honestly, right?
  • Xing: Right!
  • Xang: That's one!
  • Hero: Wait... I haven't started yet! Can I get a do-over?
  • Xing: No!
  • Xang: That's two!
  • Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!
  • Hero: Fine, you want to play it that way... I know that it's your job to come to people who have a decision to make. But lately it seems like your guidance has been a little less helpful than usual. I thought you were supposed to be about Balance, not Chaos. What happened to you?
  • Xing: We sided with Drakath.
  • Xang: My sister and I have been around since the first decision was made on Lore, constantly trying to get people to make this choice or that choice...
  • Xing: ...To side with Good or Evil... but we were always on the opposite sides of the argument...
  • Xang: It gets really trying. Imagine spending your immortal life with your exact opposite.
  • Xing: When Drakath was trying to decide who to make his next Chaos Lord, we came to him...
  • Xang: ...He saw that our purpose was to help people put their thoughts in order...
  • Xing: ...and Order was NOT what he is interested in.
  • Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!
  • Hero: That doesn't answer my question. I asked "What happened to you?"

Scene shifts to Battleoff. A Chaos portal appears and Drakath's hand comes out of it.

  • Xang: Drakath ripped open a hole in reality and opened a portal to the Mirror World!
  • Hero: I've been there. That's where Drakath and his Lords of Order fight against the spread of Chaos.
  • Xing: Yes. There are Twins in that world too. A Xing and Xang, much like this world except our roles are reversed. Xing tries to get people to do the right or noble thing...
  • Xang: ...and Xang tries to get them to do the evil or selfish thing.

Scene shifts back to Xing & Xang.

  • Xing: Drakath reached into that Mirror World and switched their Evil Xang with our worlds Good Xang.
  • Xang: Now my sister and I have everything in common...
  • Xing: ...and he other pair of goodie-goodie Twins are stuck in the Mirror World!
  • Xang: Now we work for Drakath.
  • Xing: ...and try to get everyone to make the most Chaotic decisions we can!
  • Hero: That explains so much of what's been going on recently in this world! Alright, my next question... When will Drakath decide which of the Trolls or Horcs he will make into his next Chaos Lord?
  • Xang: The decision has already been made.
  • Hero: WHAT?
  • Xing: Oh yes. Drakath already knows who he wants to make into his next servant of Chaos.
  • Xang: Now, we're just having fun making them jump through hoops for us.
  • Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!
  • Hero: I'll never let you get away with this! I'll tell them all.
  • Xing: Go right ahead.
  • Xang: Tell them whatever you like.
  • Xing: They'll never listen to you and even if they did...
  • Xang: ...they can't risk displeasing us.
  • Xing: The Trolls are scared of the Horcs gaining the power of a Chaos Lord on their side...
  • Xang: The Horcs dislike magic but they refuse to let one of the Trolls become a Chaos Lord and gain the upper hand...
  • Xing: Their fear and distrust of each other will keep them dancing around and spreading Chaos for us for WEEKS...
  • Xang: ...Each side will do exactly what we ask to gain the power of Chaos, before we finally reveal the real Chaos Lord to them.
  • Hero: Then I've chosen my final question... How do I defeat Drakath?!
  • Xing: Oh, sorry hero. You've asked five questions...
  • Xang: ...and gotten five answers in return.
  • Hero: Hey, I only asked FOUR! Don't try and short-change me!
  • Xing: No, you asked five.
  • Xang: Number one: You asked if you could ask five questions...
  • Xing: I said yes.
  • Xang: Number two: You asked for a mulligan.
  • Xing: I said no.
  • Xang: Number three: You asked what happened to us.
  • Xing: We told you, directly and honestly.
  • Xang: Number four: You asked when Drakath would decide upon either a Troll or a Horc to make into a Chaos Lord.
  • Xing: We told you he had already decided.
  • Xang: Number five: You asked "WHAT?" in disbelief when we told you the decision had already been made.
  • Xing: We repeated our previous answer and clarified.
  • Hero: That doesn't count!
  • Xang: Of course it does.
  • Xing: "What?" is a perfectly reasonable question.
  • Xang: It ends in a question mark and everything.
  • Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!
  • Hero: Xing, Xang... listen to reason. This game you're playing might start a WAR!

The eclipse ends.

  • Xing: Awwww. Looks like our time is up.
  • Xang: Looks like we'll be seeing you around Bloodtusk Ravine, hero.
  • Xing & Xang: Good-Bye! Teeheeheehee!

The mirror disappears.

  • Hero: I can't believe this. I have the chance to stop a Chaos Lord from being created and nobody will believe me! I've got to find a way to make the Trolls and Horcs listen.
River Runs Red Cutscene

Cutscene opens with the Twins with their mirror. The mirror shows the Troll side of Bloodtusk Ravine.

  • Xing: Tee hee! If only they really knew -
  • Xang: Who to trust! The Hero should try to figure it out.
  • Xing: Such a seasoned adventurer should surely -
  • Xang: Be a good judge of character. And speaking of character... With this cast of characters, I think we're about to see-
  • Xing: The start of an epic tragedy! The request has been made. Bloodtusk's peace will be shattered -
  • Xang: And its river will run red once more! If the Hero does what we expect -

The mirror switches views to K'thurr, the Horc side.

  • Xing: The Chaos they'll cause will be exquisite! Everything they do -
  • Xang: IF they do what our new friend says they will -
  • Xing: Should make things VERY interesting. Drakath chose this one to further Chaos -
  • Xang: So we'll trust in their plans. He must see SOMETHING inside them.

The mirror fades and starts flipping between reflections of the Horcs and Trolls of Bloodtusk.

  • Xang: The Trolls don't know what's coming -
  • Xing: And the Horcs can't see the mountain for the stones -

The mirror then shows the hero as Xang steps forward.

  • Xang: And neither will listen to the Hero!

Xing steps forward as well. They both begin to laugh.

  • Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!
Twin-terference Cutscene

Cutscene once again opens with the Twins with their mirror. This time the mirror shows Sokrakiis, Krellenos and Khasaanda mourning Antiphuus.

  • Xing: Aaaah, such sorrow! So sad, for the young one!
  • Xang: And his brother and sister! They look almost insane with grief.
  • Xing: That wretched girl looked insane even BEFORE it happened, hehehe! They rely on family so much, those trolls! I wonder if they will ever again be the same.
  • Xang: Teeheehee! Oh, so rich, how the Chaos Lord has exploited the Trolls -
  • Xing: Using their familial devotion... against them!

Scene zooms in on the mirror and switches to the same scene the mirror showed.

  • Khasaanda: Little brother, he never knew what was in store for him! The life he could have lived... destroyed! He will never learn to hunt, to dance, to sing!
  • Sokrakiis: I will never teach him the rich History of his people. He will never hear of the noble warriors who sacrificed their lives to keep us safe. Never know of the inventors who made life better for ALL in the Ravine.

Khasaanda puts her hands to her eyes and starts sobbing more.

  • Khasaanda: My heart... it HURTS! I don't know how... *sob*
  • Sokrakiis: We all hurt, my child. Every troll feels your loss, your pain. All Trolls will sing of his life and his sacrifice. I promise you, he will never be forgotten.

Scene fades back to the mirror, which then shows the dead Antiphuus in Druuz's arms. Scene zooms back out to inclued Xing and Xang.

  • Xing: Little Troll, corrupted whole.
  • Xang: Completely used, savage abuse.
  • Xing: Brought down by those who -
  • Xang: He didn't know but knew.
  • Xing: Shouldn't have believed their words of peace!
  • Xang: And now the war will never cease!

The mirror switches views to Swordhaven Castle.

  • Xang: Teeheehee! We should perform on stage!
  • Xing: We could tour Lore spreading songs of Chaos and Chaorruption! We'd be famous!
  • Xang: Silly Xing. We already ARE! You can be sure that little King is aware of us. Oh yes!
  • Xing: Hehehe, and the cocky little Shadow-Queen! It would reassure them to know -
  • Xang: That their minions are doing EXACTLY what they should to stop the Horcs and Trolls -
  • Xing: From ever making peace!
  • Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

The mirror shows Cynari and Tibias.

  • Xing: Little do they know that it was OUR whispers -
  • Xang: Which caused their masters to send them to the Ravine!
  • Xing: They will try to do Good -
  • Xang: And Evil -
  • Xing: To stop the rise of a Chaos Lord.
  • Xang: But they are too late too late! Teeheeheehee!
  • Xing: Even now our new best friend sits and watches and waits -
  • Xang: And plots and plans. The Hero did what they said.
  • Xing: And the Trolls reacted as anticipated. Heeheehee!
  • Xang: And now they are ALL worried about that silly Ore!
  • Xing: Forgetting what is really important! The CHAOS!
  • Xang: Foolish Hero. If only they knew what WE do!
  • Xing: They will find out soon. But perhaps not soon enough for -

Lightning crashes down as the mirror then shows Drakath.

  • Drakath: Come. Bring the Chosen One. We must all... talk.
Drakath is Pleased Cutscene
  • Drakath: All I can say after your detailed explanation is - your plan is... intriguiging.
  • Xing: Teehee! Oh, we will have such FUN!
  • Xang: I cannot wait! Let's get started NOW!

Scene zooms out to show Krellenos' shadowed arm holding an ore from the Accord of the Dark Sun.

  • Xing & Xang: Ooooooh! Is that -
  • Drakath: ...MOST interesting. I have a feeling the Accord of the Dark Sun is irrevocably broken. The "living" ore... Chaorrupted. Neither the Trolls nor the Horcs will be happy about THIS. You surprise me, and I do not like surprises. But this once, I think, I approve.

Krellenos starts tossing the ore up and down.

  • Drakath: You have done well... Chaos Lord. I am pleased. Especially with your scheme of hiding in plain sight. It is proving most Chaotic. Continue. For now.

Scene switch to Alliance Headquarters, where Cynari is discussing and Tibias is watching the alliance soldiers train.

  • Tibias: Position 1! Repeat the Tainted Lotus sequence until I say otherwise!
  • Cynari: If the Horcs move against the Trolls, it looks like they wil... *mutter* But then... that would annihilate the Horcs. The Trolls couldn't ever do THAT...

Xing & Xang appear as holograms to convince the Horcs, Trolls, and Alliance to move against one another.

  • Xang: The time is now. Talk, but ready the blades. This day will see blood in the ravine!
  • Kagg: I will be our emissary. The rest of you stay ready to charge. We are Horcs. Battle is in our blood. And we will spill it if need be.
  • Xing: Even now the Horcs are readying their offense. You can hear the chants of their war-songs carried on the wind. They feel threatened. But do you know by who? The Trolls are preparing defensive battle-magics. Mystical surveillance has warned them that the Horcs are about to move. The Trolls feel threatened. But are you prepared to stop them?
  • Xang: Blades are no match for your magics. Your strategies are sound. Victory will be yours. Chaos will not take you, nor will the alliance!
  • Sokrakiis: I will go. I am the oldest, and wise in the way of humans. Focus, ready yourselves. Be prepared if I cry out.

Scene switches over to Kagg & Sokrakiis at the doors of the Alliance Headquarters.

  • Kagg: I see you recognize the threat.
  • Sokrakiis: It is as great. Chaos will destroy the Trolls, or the Alliance.
  • Kagg: The Horcs are ready to do battle on both fronts. We will not be destroyed. Not by you or the Alliance.
  • Sokrakiis: Then we must meet with those... representatives of peace. After that, we will face each other.
  • Kagg: It is agreed.

Enter the hero.

  • Hero: Kagg! Sokrakiis! Please... Let me... *huff* be present for this meeting. I can... *gasp* HELP!
  • Kagg: We see you, Hero. We will accept your help.
  • Sokrakiis: A mediator in this life-or-death debate. Yes. I accept.
  • Hero: We need to talk to Cynari and Tibias. I will MAKE them understand!
Alliance Attack Cutscene
  • Xing: Go back to your homes! You may not make war, it is forbidden!
  • Cynari: Go back to your homes! You may not make war, it is forbidden! If you do not leave now, we will be forced to make you obey.
  • Tibias: By any means necessary. Any means.
  • Xang: We will no longer listen to you. You do not control the Horcs!
  • Kagg: We will no longer listen to you. You do not control us! The Trolls are a threat we must face! But you are just as great a danger!
  • Xing: The Trolls will not lie down and accept annihilation!
  • Sokrakiis: The Trolls will not lie down and accept annihilation! Our magic is strong, and we are wise! Do not cross us, Kagg! Nor you... Peacemakers.
  • Hero: No! Stop! All of you! This is NOT the way to resolve this. Let me expla -
  • Xing: You have betrayed us, Hero.
  • Cynari: You have betrayed us, Hero! You choose to stand with THEM. You are not welcome here.
  • Xang: Peacemaker, you cannot order us around.
  • Kagg: Peacemaker, you cannot order us around! The Horcs will take back our land and our lives!
  • Xing: You wish to separate us so that you can conquer us more easily.
  • Sokrakiis: You wish to separate the Trolls and Horc so that you can conquer us more easily! You shall see what you have wrought!
  • Tibias: Guards! To me! The Trolls and Horcs attaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
  • Kagg: Hero! Help us! We will shield you while you wield your blade in our defense! Horcs! For K'Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur!
  • Cynari: Guards! We are under attack!
  • Sokrakiis: Hero! Aid us and we will keep you safe from harm! We need your blade! For the honor of Arashtii!
  • Cynari: Move out! Take them DOWN! Leave NO ONE!
Alliance Overtaken Cutscene
  • Tibias: Undead, with me! We march... for SHADOWFALL!

Xing & Xang appear.

  • Xing: Going home so soon? Tsk. You'll be in disgrace!
  • Xang: You CAN'T let sweet lil' Gravelyn and that stodgy ol' Alteon know of your failure, now can you? Why, Old Alt would court-marshal you!
  • Xing: And just think what that upstart of an Empress would do to YOU, Tibias! She said not to fail. At any cost.
  • Xang: We just CAN'T let that happen! Not when it's OUR fault that your efforts in Bloodtusk failed!
  • Xing & Xang: Tee hee!

Xing & Xang hold Cynari & Tibias in place with their Chaos magic. They Chaorrupt the alliance soldiers.

  • Cynari: You will let. Us. LOOSE! I have an entire army to command to -
  • Xing: Obey us? Heeheehee! You're quite right! I'm sure Krellenos will be SO happy to see them!
  • Xang: Oh, just THINK what he can do with Alliance soldiers! Attack villages, assassinate Kings...
  • Xing: And Empresses! Tee-hee!
  • Tibias: And us? Do you think we'll just stand here and LET you do that?
  • Xing & Xang: Oh noooo!
  • Xang: Krellenos is just the thing to keep you suitably tied up for the near future.
  • Xing: *giggle* You WERE willing to sacrifice everything you had for your Alliance, weren't you?

Scene switches to Khasaanda at the Troll side of Bloodtusk.

  • Khasaanda: All my life, I have been disdained, ignored, LAUGHED at. Krell was the only one who believed me, and now even HE has abandoned me! I could FEEL through my link to him that something was wrong, but... HAH! I bet no one ever thought HE would be the one to do this!

Khasaanda's eyes glow Chaos purple.

  • Khasaanda: They were so blind, all of them! And after all, I was the only one who could See.
Alteon's Banquet Cutscene 1
  • King Alteon: Ah, (character name)! Be seated, be seated! I think you have not met all of my daughters. Brittany, the eldest. And Tara, the youngest, whom you've met. And Victoria, the middle child. You should see her work with a bow. Not quite the most suitable weapon for a princess, but she argued so hard to learn it.
  • Hero: It is my pleasure, Your Highness! And an honor to be invited to share your Harvest Feast!

Xing appears to whisper into the ears of some of King Alteon's Knights.

  • Xing: Smell the food... so delicious! You are never invited to feasts! And you're SO hungry, aren't you? Look at your King, sitting there so happy and fat! Surrounded by food... not sharing any! YOU would like a bite of turdraken or moglinberry juice! And I know your fellow soldiers would. I think it's time you asked the King if you might... share the meal.

The knights become Chaorrupted. One of them runs over to King Alteon.

  • Guard: Sire! I have come to ask - that is, we think it's only fair you -

The knight hallucinates King Alteon as a Turdraken.

  • Guard: *licks lips* - Look... DELICIOUS! Guards! To the FEAST!
Artix's Home Cutscene 1

The hero arrives at Artix's home.

  • Hero: Um... Artix? ... Anyone? And un-undead around? I'm supposed to be here for... a Feast? With Artix and family? ... Right?

Artix and his zombie parents appear to greet the hero.

  • Hero: Artix! Behind you! ZOMBIES!
  • Artix: Haha! Greetings and salutations, (character name)! These are not just ANY zombies ...they are my parents! My mother spent days preparing our feast, and my father knows just where to hunt for the best -
  • Hero: But... don't you kill zombies on sight? You're an UNDEAD SLAYER!
  • Mom: Paaaaaains! Paaaaaains! *cough* I mean, my son takes great pains to overlook our altered state.
  • Dad: He has been a great help to us in regaining a semblance of our humanity.
  • Artix: The next stop is introducing healthy protein alternatives. Tofu instead of brains!
  • Mom: BRAAAAAI -
  • Artix: Mother! *cough* Hero, please. Come into our home.

Scene switches to the inside of Artix's home.

  • Artix: We have prepared a delicious dinner to show off our thanks to your efforts to help save the spirits of the undead.
  • Dad: Our... life-challenged friends have already eaten their share of the feast, so help yourselves!

Mr. & Mrs. Krieger start eating their food. Soon they gain chaorrupted eyes as Xang appears.

  • Xang: Hehehe! Zombies eating brains is SO predictable. Why not try a healthier snack? A healthy unlife is a long unlife! Teehee!
Grams Cutscene 1
  • Yulgar: Welcome (character name)! Friends! we've shared many evenings together in my Inn swapping tales of adventure and dreams of the future. But I have never invited you to share an evening with my family, Hero! Come, celebrate the Harvest festival with my mother and daughter. Together we'll feast and we can show how grateful we are that you've chosen to defend Lore and battle the Chaorruption preying on us.
  • Aria: Grams should be inside now, finishing the baking for the feast! You haven't really lived until you've tried her BurntApple ButterTarts!

Scene switches to inside of Grams' House. The Hero, Yulgar, Aria, Artix, Cysero, Beleen, Alina, J6, Dage the Evil, Yorumi and Samba notice that Grams is missing.

  • Aria: D-Daddy...? Where's Grams?
  • Yulgar: Ma? You here? ...HEY MA!
  • Hero: I don't smell anything cooking.

The hero rubs Grams' food with his/her weapon.

  • Hero: And that's ice cold. Are you... SURE Grams has been baking and cooking all day?
  • Yulgar: Where could she have gone?!

Aria's Harvest Dragon brings a chaorrupted note at Aria's feet.

  • Dragon: Grrrrr!

Aria picks up the note.

  • Hero: What does it say?
  • Retirement's horrid. Can only bake so many BurntApple ButterTarts before going crazy! Nice young girls showed me there's still life out there for me. Giggle a lot, they do. A little annoying. Gone to live in the forest and get up to trouble. Maybe find some pets to train again. -Grams
  • Xing: Teehee! She's a fiery old bird!
  • Xang: MUCH better suited to causing Chaos than knitting and baking!
  • Xing: From Pet Trainer to a most Chao-pable Rabble-rouser! Teeheehee!

Heroes of Balance Xing & Xang


Hero of Balance Xing

Half of the Second Hero of Balance

There you are, (character name)! Iadoa told us you were coming! You haven't run into my other half yet have you? No? Darn! Well at least I got to meet you first! We have to deal with this nasty Pharaoh guy. I tried to convince him to do the right thing but he seems pretty determined to give up that Orb to the Queen. Guess we'll just have to stop him!

Other Half?

Just recently, my other half, Xang, and I split up. Why? It wasn't a very… positive event that happened, that's for sure. We thought it was best to get some space for a little while. That's why Xang is helping Wolfwing in Darkovia at the moment.

After completing the Gone With the Djinn quest

Despite all his tricks, Sek Duat didn't stand a chance between Tibicenas and me! We are too clever! Sek Duat is a powerful mage, but not more powerful than me! Let's teach him a lesson, shall we?

After completing the "The Light Orb" quest

Horothotep is here?! Nonononono! I didn't sign up for this! I'm too good to be eaten! You have to help us beat him!

After obtaining the Light Orb

Wow this thing is bright! Way to go, Hero! You really showed Horothotep who's boss, huh? Now I got this shiny new toy! Man! I can't wait to show it to Xang!

After obtaining the Ice Orb

We are doing it! I knew we could! I can't wait to see the look on the Queen of Monster's face when we use the Orbs to beat her! It will be epic!


Hero of Balance Xang

Half of the Second Hero of Balance

You met Xing before me?! Figures! That goody two shoes would want to meet you first anyway! Oh well, you're here now! And it's a good thing too! I heard that Kolyaban was here and we have some unfinished business together and you are going to help us finish it!


Xing didn't tell you? Of course she didn't, she only likes to think of positive things... You see, not too long ago, we were one person, living a normal life with our children. That was until Kolyaban showed up... She... well, let's just say she's the reason our children are gone... That grief, that anguish... It tore us apart. I don't care what happens to me. I only care that we get revenge for what Kolyaban did to our family. For what the *Queen* did to our family!

After completing the Ritual Disruption quest

You have cleared the way to Kolyaban? Good. I have summoned the Harpy that Xing and I created together. It is only fitting that a part of her is with me when we kill that monster.

After obtaining the Darkness Orb

Kolyaban is dead... Good. Her death won't bring back our children, but it is nice knowing that will never happen to anyone else's children ever again... I should tell Xing what happened.

After obtaining the Ice Orb

Can't say I was hopeful but you actually did it! You got all eight Orbs! I guess you know what they say: "Don't look a gift dragon in the snout." Maybe we actually have a shot at this whole "beat the Queen" business!


  • Xing is The First Chaos Lord that is an actual demon the second being Kitsune who is a Yokai and Tibicenas who is a Ghul
  • The Twins are more powerful than Escherion from what Quibble said.
  • It appears that the twins are Drakath's recruiters, picking up and chaorrupting allies for Drakath.
  • They appeared at the end of the Golden Onslaught War, chaorrupting Maximillian Lionfang.
  • They also appeared shortly after the half-dragon sorceress Nythera defeated the Ice Queen Aisha with chaos magic. They promised to guide her to the right path. They were later seen checking out the portal to The Void while the players, Nythera, Adak Amaroq, and the other townspeople of Guwio Village are rebuilding the village itself. The twins became interested in the portal.
  • They are nearly the same as Gothy Girl (Yin Yang Girls), and Girly Girl (Yin Yang Girls) except for they are Xing and Xang, not Ying and Yang, also, they look slightly different.
  • They are the first girl Chaos Lords, the second being Kimberly.
  • Technically they were never released. Whilst they appear in numerous cutscenes they have yet to be given an area to destroy in Lore. The last time, they tried to destroy Battleon, but they failed. That was the only main event that they had any hand in.
  • There colors are similar to The Masagami from Kurokami since they are also twins of red and white with some black
  • Their Lords of Order versions in the Mirror Realm have skirts with stars on their belts and different-colored arms and faces. Xing's Order version has Gothy's face and wears lavender tights and sandals while Xang's Order version has Girly's face and wears beads around her wrists, just like Girly.
  • So far, they are one (two if you count them both separately) of the only Chaos Lords that can't be fought, the other being Krellenos, who was killed by Khasaanda.
  • As revealed in the Bloodtusk Ravine saga, Drakath tore open a portal and replaced the good Xang with the evil Mirror Xang. The Twins are planning to start a war between the Horcs and the Trolls while preparing the Ninth Lord of Chaos, which was soon revealed to be Krellenos (who was later usurped and killed by Khasaanda).
  • The twins were later assigned to capture the celestial dragon egg which is said to balance the players from within the Mirror Realm. They failed and returned to Drakath, but he recognized their efforts and made them both a true Chaos Lord altogether. While they were working to unlock the Chaos Harpy, they were interrupted by the good Mirror Xing and the good Xang, but the minds of both Xangs switched from their original bodies to one another before the evil Mirror Xang could be completely switched back into the Mirror Realm. The evil Xing then fused with Xang to become Xiang just as the Chaos Harpy was released.


The Taoist Symbol Ying Yang
  • Xing and Xang are reference to the Ying Yang symbol. Ying represents the small amount evil in good, and Yang represents the small amount of good in evil. Together they make perfect a balance.
  • The Twins are also a clear reference to the devilish and angelic representations of your conscience that are said to appear on one's shoulder when he or she is in doubt about what to do shown in cartoons and fiction. They have appeared to both the player and to Drakath in a similar manner.
  • Due to the unpredictability of Chaos, The Third Lord of Chaos, Vath, the Fourth Lord of Chaos, Kitsune, the Fifth Lord of Chaos, Wolfwing, the Sixth Lords of Chaos, Kimberly, the Seventh Lord of Chaos, Ledgermayne, the Eighth Lord of Chaos, Tibicenas, the Ninth Lord of Chaos, Khasaanda, the Tenth Lord of Chaos, Iadoa, the Eleventh Lord of Chaos, Maximillian Lionfang, the Twelfth Lord of Chaos King Alteon were released to be battled before Xing and Xang themselves.