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Yokai Reputation

Yokai Reputation

You can gain reputation on Yokai Island. When Yokai opened dec 2009 it was very hard to gain Yokai rep.

Get Yokai Reputation

Quests to gain reputation


Announcer Guy


Mitsu Bishi



Princess Ai No Miko


All quests member and only once

After storyline next quest is mem only available

Bamboo Forest

Princess Ai No Miko


Princess Ai No Miko

Yokai River

Princess Ai No Miko

Yokai Graveyard

Neko Mata



Farming for reputation

After the opening of the Bamboo Forrest and Junkyard areas (first week jan 2010) farming goes a faster. First proceed doing all quests.

The fastest gain is doing the daily quests On the daily Fearsome Forest Fabrics in Akiba you can gain a more easy 1800 daily. On Shadow Embargo you will gain 2500 daily. For 3000 rep gain you take Three Water Chestnuts daily. If you want more gain in one day: Keep doing The Hunt for the Hag it will give 800 rep gain if you make it to level 4 proceed to doing the Who is the greatest?. It gives 2000 rep. gain. Be sure to be with several people to defeat the monster.

Special items for this reputation

Dragonkoiz, Announcer Guy

Hashi Hime's Shop in Yokai War, Yokai River and in Chaotic Odokuro Skull House and Mitsu Bishi in Akiba

Tercessuinotlim, Nulgath formerly known as Miltonius' AC shop


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