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Location info
Level Required:
Location: Yokai River
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: fixed
Monster List: *Funa-Yurei
NPCs: Princess Ai No Miko
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: *1 Nori Recipe
  • 1 Cucumber Recipe
  • 1 Sumeshi Recipe
Total Experience: 300
Total Gold: 425
Total Reputation: 600 rep
Equipment Won: none
  • The name of the quest is a play on the word "sushi".
Have you ever had sushi, Hero? Well let me tell you... it's delicious! Kappa maki rolls are my favorite food, and it just so happes that the Yokai here have all the ingredients needed to make some. The oly problem is... I don't remember the recipe! Talk to the Kappa and Funa-Yurei near the river and see if they will help you out. They might not give the recipe up without a fight, so prepare yourself ahead of time!