Faceless Threat

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Location info
Level Required:
Location: Akiba en Hachiko
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation:
Monster List: Samurai Nopperabo
NPCs: Princess Ai No Miko
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: Note from DT
Total Experience: 200
Total Gold: 250
Total Reputation: 150 Yokai Reputation
Equipment Won: none
  • DT stands for Dai Tengu
  • at the first few days no Yokai rep was given.
  • There are two types of Samurai: Nopperabo, and Nopprabo, but both look the same. Trying to farm the Nopprabo for the Note from DT is useless, as it won't drop it. It seems that is was a typo and was corrected later.
  • It takes a long time to get the quest item
You have to defeat that faceless Nopperabo yokai, and find out what they have done with the soldiers that they have replaced! Search Hachiko Tower and find the Samurai Nopperabo for clues. Return to me when you find something.