Yokai Graveyard

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Yokai Graveyard
A seacred resting ground for the souls lost on Yokai Island. Pay hommage and respect to the fallen, Yokai and human alike.
Location Info
Level Required:
Location: Yokai, /join yokaigrave
Exits to: *Yokai River
Shops and NPCs
NPCs: *Neko Mata NPC
Quests & Monsters
Quests: *The Purrrfect Crime
Monsters: none
Monster list *Skello Kitty

Notes: -The gravestones in the Yokai graveyard have the names of staff members in katakana. There's Beleen, J6, Zoom, Artix, Ai no Miko, Cysero, Robina, Reens, Miltonius & Zazul Category:Needs Editing