Big Bad Yokai

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Location info
Level Required:
Location: Junkyard
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation:
Monster List: Dai Tengu


NPCs: Princess Ai No Miko
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: *Dai Tengu Talisman
  • Wanyudo Talisman
  • Onibaba Talisman
Total Experience: 400
Total Gold: 300
Total Reputation: 1000 Yokai rep
Equipment Won: Retribution of the Fallen
  • It's best to do this quest as a party (two players is fine), and move from boss to boss with a healer.
Are you up for a challenge, Hero? The only way to ensure a safe haven for the friendly Yokai--and the entire population of Akiba--is to hunt down the 3 toughest Yokai on the Island: the Dai Tengu, SoulTaker, and Onibaba. Bring back a Talisman from each battle, proving your success, and I shall award you royally. This mission is only suitable for a few select Members. I wish you the best of luck.