10/10/10 Birthday Event Cutscenes

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AQWorld's Birthday Live, Musical Event Weekend (10/10/10)

Battleon (Cutscene), Twig eating the cake.
Battleoff (Cutscene)
Get the List! Quest (Cutscene)
Get the List! Quest (Turn-in Cutscene)
The Good Lords of Order
Follow Paul and Storm to the Mirror Realm

To the Mirror Realm

George Lowe: Whew... what a year. 4 Chaos Lords... Stats... PvP.... New classes... live events. Today we join our heroes as AQWorlds is preparing to celebrate its second birthday. Heh heh - What could possibly go wrong?

Twig: This is wooking GWEAT! Twig can’t wait for cake!

Hero: First we decorate, THEN we eat cake.

Twig: We could do both at the same time…

Hero: I suppose we could. Besides, we did all this hard work, we deserve a treat.

Interdimentional bards Paul & Storm appear with a burst of energy.



Paul: Hey, cake!

Storm: No time for cake, Dr. Jones. We’re on a mission!

Paul: Right.

Storm: HERO! We need you to come with us!

Paul: …and we need you to bring the cake!

Hero: Okay, sure. So who are you guys?

Paul & Storm laugh.

Paul: Oh, you’re serious?

Storm: We’re Paul and Storm. He’s Paul…

Paul: He’s Storm. We’re… Paul and Storm .


Paul: THE Paul and Storm…?

Hero gives them a *Blank Stare*

Storm: Oh come ON. Paul and Storm, Inter-dimensional Bards! We’ve opened for some of the biggest bands in the multiverse! Anything??!

Hero: Nope. Never heard of ya.

Paul: You clearly don’t travel in musical or inter-dimensional circles.

Storm: We’re getting way off topic. HERO! We need you to come with us!

Hero: OK, where?

Paul: To the Mirror Realm. The greatest hero of that reality has sent us here to find the greatest hero of THIS reality.

Storm: …Which, apparently, is you!

Hero: You got THAT right! LET’S GO!

Paul: The fate of BOTH of your worlds rests on…

Hero: I already said “yes”.

Storm: AWAY! To the Mirror Realm!

Paul: Yeah! WAIT! The caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….

Hero, Paul, & Storm are sucked into a inter-dimensional hole, and Twig precedes to eat the cake.

Enter Battleoff

Welcome To The Mirror Realm!
(Just in case you missed that)

Hero, Paul, & Storm are spit out of a inter-dimensional hole, into what seems to be Battleoff.

Paul: …aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! Rats.

Hero: So this is the Mirror Realm? That makes sense. Battleon is backwards here.

Storm: Actually this is…

An unknown voice speaks off to stage-left.

Welcome to BATTLEOFF , hero.


Mirror Drakath: Wait! Let me…

Hero: Saul and Corn, get behind me! I’ll hand this villain!

Storm: Actually, it’s Paul and…

Paul: FREEZE! Everyone just slow your respective roles. We told you that we were sent by this world’s greatest hero to find you. This is him.

Mirror Drakath waves with a friendly smile.

Hero: This is going to take some getting used to.

Storm: Drakath, maybe you should explain.

Mirror Drakath: In your world I’m sure King Alteon is a kind and wise ruler, but on this side… He’s an insane tyrant who threatens to destroy the world. The Evil King Alteon the Imbalanced seized the throne from my father when I was just a boy, and ever since then my friends and I have been fighting to free the land from this rule. A few months ago his undead army marched into Gravelyn the Good’s fortress of Shadowhaven and imprisoned her.

Hero: This is so backwards…

Mirror Drakath: A few days ago, he managed to capture my friends…the Lords of Order. I barely managed to escape. They are held captive in some sort of shadow prison. I need you to free them!

Hero: Why me?

Mirror Drakath: Two reasons. First, With the Lords of Order gone, I am the only person standing between Alteon’s Undead Army and the free lands. I can’t be in two places at once.

Hero: And the second reason?

Paul: In the entire multiverse, you are the only you.

Storm: It’s the reason you are able to come to the Mirror Realm. If there was a mirror version of you, you’d have to switch places with them.

Mirror Drakath: Because there is no version of you in this world, Alteon will never see you coming.

Hero: Wait, how are Paul and Storm able to cross over without switching with their alternates?

Paul: We’re not from the multiverse.

Storm: We grew up in a small suburb just outside of the multiverse.

Hero: That doesn’t make any sense! Doesn’t the multiverse contain everything in creation?

Paul: Heh, listen to the big meta-physics expert over here.

Storm: That’s exactly what they used to say about the universe.

Mirror Drakath: Alteon the Imbalanced plans on using the combined power of the Lords of Order to blow a hole in the fabric of reality and let raw CHAOS flood into the world.

Hero: That rings a bell.

Mirror Drakath: That threatens BOTH of our worlds. If this world is destroyed, it will unbalance your world. Your reality will start to unravel. You are unique in all the multiverse. You are the only person in any reality who can save our worlds.

Hero: Alright, where do we start?

Follow Paul and Storm to the Mirror Realm Complete!

Warlic's Science Shop

We meet the hero in Warlic's Science Shoppe, joined by Paul & Storm, Mirror Warlic & Mirror Cysero.

Hero: So weird.

Warlic: GREETINGS hero, Drakath said to expect you.

Cysero: Good Day.

Hero: So, what ideas do you guys have to free the Lords of Order?

Warlic: It was a pretty interesting challenge, actually. The vibrations of Alteon’s shadow magic is…

Cysero: Get to the point, Warlic.

Warlic: RIGHT! Right. Well, we did some research. We found a spell in Cysero’s library that might do the trick.

Cysero: The reagents for the spell will be difficult to obtain.

Hero: Do you have some kind of crazy invention that will help me?

A question mark appears over Mirror Cysero’s head.

Cysero: Crazy invention?

Hero: Yeah, like a gooseberry jelly of invisibility? Or some kind of lunar powered barrel that does… something. Why are you looking at me like that?

Cysero: That is silly. Can we focus on the task at hand, please?

Hero: Yeah, sure. Sorry.

Warlic: So…right. So, check it out. You’re going to need three powerful magic items, right?

Cysero: Here is the list. Get them and return quickly. We don’t have time to waste.

To Lightovia

The scene opens to a close-up of Drakath holding the list from Get the List!.

Drakath: This will not be easy, but I have faith in you.

The scene zooms out to include Hero, Paul, and Storm.

Drakath: Paul, Storm, please help this hero however you can.

Paul: Looks like out first stop is Lightovia to get the Crown of Blood from Safiria, Queen of the Werewolves! Ready?

Queen of the Werewolves

We meet Safiria, Queen of the Lycans, in her cave.

Safiria: Ah, you must be the hero who is trying so hard to impress me.

Hero: This is so weird... you are the Vampire Queen where I come from.

Safiria: VAMPIRES! How dare you speak such cruel words! I would never side with a vampire!

Hero: Safiria, Queen of the… uh… Werewolves. I have come to ask you for the Crown of Blood.

Safiria: Many have come seeking my greatest treasure, but none have… asked for it before.

Hero: It’s a matter of great importance. IF you give me the crown I might be able to stop King Alteon from destroying the world.

Safiria: I took that crown right off Vampire King Constantin’s Head when I defeated him. If you want it, you will have to earn it.

Hero: In battle?

Safiria: In battle!

Hero: Why can’t you people ever want to have, like, a Scrabble tournament or something?

Nugget Man

We meet our hero, Paul, and Storm in Battleoff.

Hero: Where’s Drakath?

Paul: He’s busy on the battle front. He said he would try and meet us if he could.

Storm: He also said to go on without him if we couldn’t.

Hero: Never though I’d say this, but I wish we could do more to help Drakath. What is the next spell component?

Paul: The list says that you need to get the Platinum Feather from The Nugget Man.

Hero: Who is that?

Storm: You mean you don’t have an… I dunno… ANTI-Nugget Man on your side?

Hero: Not that I’m aware of.

Paul: On this side, he was a farmer who discovered a way to infect his chickens with CHAOS.

Storm: Yeah. He uses the Platinum Feather to control his Chaotic Chicken Army.

Hero: Chaos…. Chickens.

Paul: That’s not even the half of it… We’ll explain the rest when we get there.

Storm: Through the art of song!

Alteon's Champion

We go back to our hero, Paul and Storm back in Battleoff.

Paul: Two down, two to go!

Storm: Way to live up to the hype, hero!

Mirror Drakath appears, now with a battered face.

Hero: Drakath! You look terrible!

Mirror Drakath does a friendly smile.

Mirror Drakath: Thanks.

Mirror Drakath: Great work! All you need is the last spell component.

Mirror Drakath: The situation is more dire than I thought. If I had chosen anyone else to help me...

Paul: Well, your options were pretty much limited to the ONE PERSON who didn't have an alternate so... OOF!

Storm hits Paul in the stomach with his elbow.

Mirror Drakath: With your help, both of our worlds might see another day.

Hero: So what is last on the list?

Storm: Let's see. Crown of Blood, check. Platinum Feather, check... the only thing left 'now is the... uh oh...

Hero: What is it?

Paul: It's the Shadowreaper of DOOM! The most evil weapon ever!

Hero: Why is that so bad?

Mirror Drakath: Because it's currently in the hands of Alteon the Imbalanced's greatest champion...

Mirror Drakath: Undead Artix!

Hero: WHAT?!?!

Mirror Drakath: Yes. In your world Artix battles the undead... but here, Artix is THE GREATEST UNDEAD.

Hero: Artix is a DoomKnight?

Mirror Drakath: No... he is an Undead DoomPaladin and he leads Alteon's undead army.

Paul: You are going to have to go to Alteon's secret lair on Skullcrusher Mountain.

Hero: Don't you mean "we" are going to have to go?

Storm: Yeeeaaah. About that. Ya Know what? We're kind of beat. All this hopping around realities...

Paul: Yeah, and we've got... chores. You know. To do.

Storm: OH, and a gig tonight!

Paul: Yeah! Good one! What... What he said!

Hero: So that's it? I'm on my own?

Storm: Oh, no way! We wouldn't do that to you!

Paul: Our friend Jonathan Coulton will meet you there! He'll help you.

Hero: Great! What can he do?

Paul: Sing.

Storm: Good luck!

Undead Artix Defeated

The fight between the hero and Undead Artix continues. Undead Artix sends the hero sliding backwards with a swipe of his ShadowReaper of Doom. The hero dodges another swipe from him, leaps in the air, and knocks his helmet off with the handle of his/her weapon. The eyes in Undead Artix's helmet fade away. Mirror Drakath appears.

Mirror Drakath: Over there! Break the spell!

The hero and Mirror Drakath throw the ShadowReaper of Doom, the Crown of Blood, and the Platinum Feather at the cage holding the Lords of Order, destroying the cage itself.

Wolfwing: We're free!

Escherion: I told you Drakath would find a way to rescue us.

Vath: Looks like he recruited some help.

We go to Evil King Alteon the Imbalanced, watching over Skullcrusher Mountain from his balcony. King Alteon's eyes squint and then he walks to the right.

Birthday Finale

We meet our hero, Mirror Drakath, Paul and Storm, and the Lords of Order back in Battleoff.

Mirror Drakath: I can't thank you enough hero.

Hero: Glad to help, Drakath.

Hero: I had better get back soon. I have my own world to save.

Hero: From you, as a matter of fact...

Mirror Drakath: Good luck! Does the version of me in your world also have the ability to... never mind.

Hero: Wait.. what...?

Storm: We're ready to send you back whenever you're ready to go, hero.

Paul: Listen, it's not much but anytime we're playing your dimension, you've got a ticket to the show.

Hero: I save two worlds, and I get free concert tickets.

Storm: We could probably get you a free t-shirt too. What's your size?

Hero: HA! That's OK. But whenever you guys need help, just call.

Paul: You got it, hero!

Storm: So long!

A portal appears above the hero's head, sucking him/her in and teleporting him/her back to the Birthday area of Battleon. The hero finds Twig has already eaten most of the cake since the hero left to save the Mirror Realm.

Hero: I hope you saved me a slice...

The screen zooms in to Twig.

George Lowe: ...and everyone in the mirror universe lived happily ever after. Except Undead Artix. He was sort of dead to begin with. *sniff sniff sniff* That would account for the smell.

The screen zooms out to include Artix.

Artix: Greetings and saluUUWHAT!... Un. Dead. Artix?

Artix: And you did not take me to fight him?

Artix: I want to fight Undead Artix!!!!!

Artix kneels down in a defeated, unhappy manner.

Artix: I am so jealous of you!!!!!!!!!

The screen fades out.

George Lowe: Thanks for another great year of adventuring... and questing. Happy Birthday AdventureQuest Worlds!

George Lowe: What's next? Mogloween? What is that... sounds like some kind of glow in the dark window cleaner.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thanks for making AQWorlds the best game on the web!

Here's to another GREAT year!

-Artix, Cysero, Beleen and the AE team!