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Zorbak, consumed with delusions of grander and dreams of world conquest, Zorbak is a pure Ebil Moglin. All that stands between him and his wicked goal is... a way to actually do it. So if you encounter Zorbak on your travels, be careful what you give him! If there is mischief, expect to hear Zorbak's signature "Meh heh heh" in the distance!


  • Newbie
  • In Battleon, he is now outside the class trainer's building, providing quests.

In Newbie, he is standing on a tree stump after the intro. He's now found in the Chopping Maul and gives quests there as Zomboda and later pretends to have never heard of Zomboda (himself) as Zorbak.


Zorbak, CEO of EbilCorp and Ebil Moglin Necromancer.

Important text

Awesome, Ebil, bratty, and mean. His biggest role in the AQ Worlds story is when he crashed Bello and Merca's wedding and tried to object when asked. He was quickly zapped by Warlic. (In Battleon)

Meh...have a nice trip? See you next fall! Meh heh heh.Oh yeah, some Red Dragon ia attacking the town of Battleon up the road. I heard it has the Princess too! Any hero dumb enough to go on that quest is going to gett a HUGE reward from the King! (In Newbie)


  • Quests



He is the CEO of EbilCorp

AQW is the place where he has the least big role in a game where he is in.

Might have given the youngest daughtor of king alteon the ring of dragon control

In his Doomwood Ending he is seen with two sword that are almost similar looking to Vordred's Sword