Princess Ai No Miko

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Princess Ai No Miko

Princess Ai No Miko is the daughter of Emperor Daisho. As of 2011, there's a new version of Ai No Miko in her different outfit (which is exactly based from MechQuest) during Chinese New Year 2011.



Important text


I sent you the secret message in the invite because I fear he might be under Chaos Shogun Kitsune's control somehow. We have no way to track Kitsune, so my fathers odd behaviour might be the only lead that we have. I need you to do some investigation for me.

After fullfilling the quests: So my father is under some evil Yokai influence! I knew it! We have to free him but we can't let him know that we're looking for a cure for him. Some of the Yokai are still friendly and helpful(l). You're going to go to the Yokai Shrines around Yokai Isle and ask the Yokai there for help. Maybe they know a way to break the spell.

Bamboo Forest

Thank you for coming. The bamboo forest is the home to many Yokai big and small, including adorable Tanuki and the legendary Jinmenju Tree. I hope nothing bad has happened to them, for I cannot imagine a life without our Yokai neighbors. They are the spirit of the Island, after all.

After fullfilling the quests: Ya-ta! Great work Hero! You recovered all the Jinmenju Fruit, and just in time too! With the return of it fruits, the Jinmenju tree will flourish once more. Arigatou Gozaimasu! Please let us continue our journey through the shrinesand venture into the Tsukumo-Gami Shrine.


After fullfilling the quests: The Tsukomo-Gami will be able to live in peace once more. Thank you Hero! This is great news for Akiba, I only hope we can keep helping other Yokai.

Yokai River

have to be added

Hachiko, before tournament

You have not completed the tournament yet. Please talk to Mitsu Bishi at the town entrance for directions.

Junkyard, before...

Before you continue your quest in junkyard, I need you to talk to Mitsu Bishi at the Akiba town entrance.

Other information

You may have noticed a dog outside of the Aikiba Tower. His name is Hachiko, and has become a symbol for the loyality here on Yokai Isle. Hachiko was once owned by a wise teacher, who stayed in the tower. Every day Hachiko would greet his master of the door of the hotel until, one day, his master did not return from teaching. Sadly Hachiko's master had passed away while at work. But every day, at the same time Hachiko comes oput to see if his master will return.Eventually the people of the town began bringing him food and treats. Hachiko still waits for his master's returns but now knows that every citizen of Akiba is his friend, and is always happy to greet more friends. He became such loved and respected symbol for loyality that my father, Emperor Daisho, changed the hotel into a barracks for his most loyal ninja and samurai warriors and changed the name to Hachiko Tower.




Bamboo Forest


Yokai River


  • She is based on one of the moderators in the Artix Entertainment team, Ai no Miko
  • She personally sent the hero a DragonKoi Tournament Invitation.
  • In the Dragon Koi invitation, if you read all of the letters down the right side it reads, "Help Me"
  • She has been captured by Lionfang along with many other admins.