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welcoming committee message!

On behalf of my self and The welcoming committee, Welcome to our community of aqworlds wiki!
We are delighted for you to join the wiki as a positive contributor.
If you need help on how to edit the wiki pages or anything please go to the following pages:

  • Help:Contents if you are not sure how to begin.
  • Template List when creating a page for help or advice.
  • Also do not forget to view our rules of the wiki simply click Rules.

It will tell you all the information you need for getting started and communicating on the wiki pages.

  • If you have a question about the wiki ask here

Do not forget to post your signature at the bottom of each comment so it is easier and we can reply faster.
you can do that by simply pressing the button at the top of the text box second to the right.

Yours Sincerely,
--Xliausx leader of vampireknight.jpg Xliausx // Leader of Vampire Knight // my talk Welcoming committee.png AQWORLDS WIKI USER.png 05:45, 5 March 2012 (EST)

Clan creation

The main points to creating a clan is this:

Go to: your clan name here* click create when n the page. include this in your page: [[Category:Clans|*yourclannamehere*]]

And then the rest is really up to your, for basic designs check out User:Drake/Clan Page Editing Help its pretty useful for basic designs.

follow all the clan rules and requirements:

Clan Requirements:

  • DO NOT require a password. Your clan will be disbanded on sight.
  • Must have 5 members (One week grace periods for new clans)
  • Must remain active (At least one productive edit by a normal user monthly)
  • Names must not promote violence, inappropriate behavior, etc.
  • Must not be made for the sake of having a clan. (Meaning no clan-group for friends, etc.)
  • Must include a member list. It is so much harder to determine whether a clan meets requirements when a SysOp has to go to a clan's forums.
  • Must have basic information: who we are, how to join, why join us, etc.
  • Clans cannot restrict possible members joining based on items that are no longer obtainable or on numbers of possible members
  • Cannot lead or be a leader of two separate clans. Anyone doing so will get their clan (or clans depending on the situation) an instant disband.
  • Clan will be disbanded if leader has more than two bans on their user record.
  • Clan leader or appointed member must make 10 edits to wiki (game) articles every month, or their clan will be removed due to inactivity. Clans on this wiki are a privilege for active contributors.
    • A convenient list of pages that need editing can be found here.

Clan Rules of Conduct:

  • Be Fair & Balanced - This is for the staff. A wiki staff member (SysOp or HoFO) may not use their privileges for the benefit of their clan. (HoFOs cannot give their clan achievements, and clan-leading SysOps cannot restore their own clan: You have the same rights as every clan leader, no more or less.) Breakers of this rule may be banned indefinitely, or at least until their privileged rights are revoked.
  • No flaming, harassing, or insulting other clans.
  • No calling Clan Wars unless there are valid reasons.
  • Clans will be held responsible for a clan member who breaks these rules. Clan will be disbanded if above rules are broken.
  • No whining to restore a clan. Please professionally ask the SysOp who disbanded your clan to restore it.
  • No flaming a SysOp if your Clan Restoration Request is turned down.
  • No advertising your clan on the wiki.
  • All alliances are to remain on clan pages only (no creation of separate pages for "group alliances")

and the rest is really up to you. --Isa My talk Grand Supreme Emperor of Accounting 07:46, 6 March 2012 (EST)