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Current projects

1. Remake old badges. progress: Onhold
2. Post welcoming messages. Progress: up to date
3. add info on updates. Progress: Incomplete
4. update clan page's. Progress: Complete
5. Add missing achievements. Progress: Complete
6. Add all Heromart reward shops and reward items. Progress:Incomplete
7. Make a new Book of lore. Progress: Complete, waiting approval.

Rules and archive

Hey everyone there are a few basic rules and expectations for this page,
If you do not feel that you can follow them please refrain from using this page.
Also please don't forget to leave a link to your talk page so I know who you are (use your signature)!

The rules follow:
1. Follow all wiki rules
2. Always post your signature, i can find out who posted but it takes more time.
3. Please do not Spam this page.
4. Please refrain from inappropriate language.
That all my rules ^^ but every now and again I archive my talk page.


[[Click here for archive 1]]
[[Click here for archive 2]]

Post below here

example ~ xliausx