Gravelyn the Good

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Gravelyn the Good


She is the daughter of the Doomlight Sepulchure (Mirror version of Sepulchure). She have ruled Brightfall (Mirror version of Shadowfall) since her father, sacrificed himself to save Mirror Drakath in a battle with King Alteon the Imbalanced. She says that it's hard to live up to his legacy, but she wants to honor his memory.

Important Text

At Brightfall

Before completing the 'Mirror Drakath' quests

Leader of the Lightscythe

I don't know who you are but I'm pretty busy trying to stop King Alteon's army from sacking my castle. Maybe you can find work in Battleoff!

After completing the 'Mirror Drakath' quests

Leader of the Lightscythe

Welcome, hero. Drakath said that you would be coming but you've chosen a bad time. The undead army of King Alteon the Imbalanced have breached our defenses and invaded my city. If you can help me reclaim my city then I will help you find what you seek.


I have ruled Brightfall since my father, the Doomlight Sepulchure, sacrificed himself to save Drakath in a battle with King Alteon. It's hard living up to his legacy but I want to honor his memory.

After completing the 'Gravelyn the Good' quests

Leader of the Lightscythe Thank you for helping me save my castle and my people, hero. I wish I could have done something to stop those wicked versions of Xing and Xang from taking the egg but I sweat to help you get it back!

At Dark Dungeon

Empress of the Lightscythe The Egg is here; I can sense it. But we already know that much. I cannot tell you any more.