Gravelyn the Good

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Brightfall (/join brightfall)


Mirror version of Gravelyn

Leader of the Lightscythe

Important Text

Before completing Mirror Drakath's Quests:

Leader of the Lightscythe

I don't know who you are but I'm pretty busy trying to stop King Alteon's army from sacking my castle. Maybe you can find work in Battleoff!

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After completing Mirror Drakath's Quests:

Leader of the Lightscythe

Welcome, hero. Drakath said that you would be coming but you've chosen a bad time. The undead army of King Alteon the Imbalanced have breached our defenses and invaded my city. If you can help me reclaim my city then I will help you find what you seek.


I have ruled Brightfall since my father, the Doomlight Sepulchure, sacrificed himself to save Drakath in a battle with King Alteon. It's hard living up to his legacy but I want to honor his memory.

After completing Gravelyn The Good's Quests:

Leader of the Lightscythe

Thank you for helping me save my castle and my people, hero. I wish I could have done something to stop those wicked versions of Xing and Xang from taking the egg but I sweat to help you get it back!




The quests disappear after the player has done them.