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Champion of Order


In the Mirror Realm, Drakath (Mirror Drakath to be exact) is the Champion of Order who stands for everything righteous and good. His father was the good King Slugwrath who was the good Mirror-Realm counterpart of the evil Slugwrath in Battleon's reality. The Evil King Alteon the Imbalanced seized the throne from the good King Slugwrath when Drakath was a boy, and ever since then he and his friends, the Lords of Order, had been fighting to free the land from his rule. When Alteon the Imbalanced kidnapped and imprisoned the Lords of Order, Mirror Drakath sent the inter-dimensional bards Paul & Storm to find a hero that could help combat Alteon's undead army, rescue the Lords of Order, and save the Mirror Realm.

Important Text

Both of our worlds are in great trouble, hero! If this world is destroyed, your reality will soon start to unravel. And there is NO respawn option for the multiverse. So please, great hero, won't you help save our worlds?

After completing Skullcrusher Mountain quests

I really don't know how to thank you. Evil King Alteon is on the run, but with the Lords of Order free again, nothing can stop us!



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  • The Order version of Drakath.
  • Has a chaotic version - Drakath
  • Wears the Mirror Drakath Armor and also seems to wear a white version of the Doom Cloak
  • It is hinted that both he and his Chaotic counterpart have some special power that we have yet to see, although he would not elaborate what this power is.