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Galanoth the Dragonslayer
Galanoth after getting his arm cut




Head of the Dragonslayers.

Galanoth's Message

Welcome, brave one. You have come to the lair of, Vasalkar, a Red Dragon of great infamy. I am Galanoth, Head of the Order of Dragonslayers and I am here to make sure Vasalkar and his Draconian Guards to pay for all of the pain they have inflicted on the countryside in their never-ending quest to build up their treasure hoard!

After completing quests

You are now a full-fledged Dragonslayer-one of the greatest warriors in the world who will help safeguard the innocent from those scaly fiends! As you gain skills, put them to good use against dragonkind.


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  • In a recent AQ April Fools event, we found that Galanoth has blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • Galanoth has a family with a unknown mistress.


  • In BattleOff within the Mirror Realm during the pre-event, Mirror Drakath stated that the Mirror Realm's Galanoth is an evil dragon.
  • Galanoth loses his arm in a fight with Desoloth the final in the Etherstorm storyline