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Earth Storm (/join earthstorm)

You Need to complete the other quests


High Priest of the Prime Earth Dragon

Important Text

I see you, Hero, and stones keep you strong! You have found my home, the realm of Earth ruled by Arradia now. These crystals you see, they are a portal to the hidden, inner Earth Realm that is our TRUE home. I would not like to see it fall to crazed elements. Wield your skill in our defense!


The lattice-like structure of the crystals makes them perfect to act as containers of our magic, history, and fledgling dragons! Of our secrets and those we have learned of the other elements. We are shepherds of them all. You will travel to the heart of the Earth Realm, sent there by my magic.

After Completing Quests

After completing 'Call from Deep Within' quest'

I think you are ready, Hero, to enter the Crystal Core which contains the secrets only we Earth Priests have known. The elemental dissonance Desoloth has been encouraging penetrated even into it's center, so our beautiful crystal caverns have seen earth-shaking battles already. Much will be required to gain the secrets you need. Close your eyes; journey into Earth's heart can disrupt equilibrium.

After completing 'Chrysalis of Flames' quest

Water and Earth have long lived together, but Desoloth's arrival turned a mostly peaceful, sometimes turbulent relationship into all out war. To contain the raging Waters, we Earth Priests were forced to solidify it, restricting the free-flowing water into a crystalline matrix for our own safety.

After completing 'Glittering Secrets of Old' quest

Air is all around, everywhere there is Earth, there is Air. And that omniprescence led Air to invade the very core of Earth. Earth won, of course, but to contain the secrets it learned about Air, we have channeled into a beautiful prison - enchanted arias. If you can play the song they sing, perhaps the music will share its secrets with you.

After completing 'Aria of Great Significance' quest

Earth against Earth - I never thought I'd see the day! But when we battle ourselves, only tragedy can come about. The battle was harsh, but the Earth always heals. The Radia Terrix - the root of the Earth - has survived, though its fruit has not yet grown. They contain the secrets you seek.

After completing 'Rekindling A Pomegranate' quest

You have acquired the secrets, but not even I can speak them. My tongue is not crystal, though my heart is hard as stone. Hah! A dirt-y joke. I jest, Hero. You will need crystal skulls to give voice to the secrets of the Earth.

After completing 'Legendary Crystal Skulls' quest

I have kept the hardest truth from you, Hero. We know the location of our kidnapped Prime. She was returned to us, placed in the very heart of the core. Desoloth mocks the Earth, mocks us all! Please, free Arradia fro her crystalline prison! To turn the Earth against the Earth Prime is an abomination of nature!

After completing Return of the Crystal Beauty quest.

I have spoken with the DragonSlayer and with the ArchMage. Both are in agreement that the war Desoloth desires can no longer be delayed. If you are in agreement… You are? Ah, I see. Then we are all of one mind. We must meet with the Primes, give them the final lessons, and prepare our strategies for the final battles between the dragons and the elements!


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