Aria of Great Significance

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Location info
Level Required: 1
Location: Earth Storm
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: -
Monster List:
NPCs: Dr' Rader
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In:
  • G Tone x2
  • B Tone x2
  • D Tone x2
  • E Tone x2
  • Greenglass Bells x8
  • Crystal Striker x8
  • Tone Sounded x1
Total Experience: 1200
Total Gold: 1200
Total Reputation: 1200 Rep : Etherstorm
Equipment Won: Secrets of Air
This quest can only be done once and has a minigame.
Air has secrets but they are locked away to all but those know the proper song. I saw the need to hide them after Air and Earth fought. If you want to hear Air's song, you have to reproduce the tones the crystals play. Kill Shard Spinners, 8 Emerald Golems and gather 8 Crystal Strikers and I will teach you the aria of Air.

'When Completed: My heart sighs, listening to the songs. Come, let us learn the music of Air and learn all that the secrets have to teach us.